Sen. Sullivan on Fox News: Senate will conduct fair trial


Sen. Dan Sullivan spoke to Fox News analyst Dana Perino today, using the televised platform to reiterate that, unlike what occurred in the House of Representatives, the Senate will conduct a fair process in looking at the charges being brought by House Democrats through impeachment of the president.

“The confounding delay of the Speaker (Nancy Pelosi) is finally over. The Senate is going to do its constitutional responsibility, I’m very confident of that, a fair trial, we’re going to take it seriously,” he said.

“The framers made sure, setting up not only our government but impeachment procedures, that the Senate is the place where partisan passions will cool. We’re going to do our job in a fair and honest way. This is going to be in direct contrast to what [Rep.] Adam Schiff and others did where they ran the most partisan, rushed and most unfair impeachment proceedings in the House that we’ve seen in modern history.

That we’ve seen in modern history.

Sullivan said the Senate has agreed to using the same rules that were in effect for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998.

“Phase one, where we will be able to ask questions, and at the end, see if we need witnesses and additional information. Right now it’s premature. it would have been viewed as premature during the Clinton trial,” he said.


  1. I really appreciate Senator Sullivan’s clear thinking and honesty. His voice is sorely needed in the circus that is DC. Please help us re-elect Dan!

  2. Actually, this is a pathetic case of spineless sycophancy by our carpetbagging non-entity of a senator. And no, I’m not talking about Murkowski, although she’s not much better. She panders to Alaskans, Sullivan panders to Trump.

    What was unfair about the impeachment proceedings? Was Trump railroaded? I think, perhaps not. He refused to honor subpoenas and directed those who would, not to testify. A couple did. It did not look good for the President. He withheld evidence subpoenaed by congress. He appointed an Attorney General who said Trump could not be prosecuted for ANY crime while he was the sitting President, thereby holding him unaccountable to the law. He submitted a somewhat doctored transcript of a phone conversation in which he admitted to extorting a foreign leader in order to obtain information that would benefit HIM PERSONALLY, not the United States of America,…but you’ve heard this all before and much more and it still hasn’t sunk in. You still don’t see this as a rampant power grab by a narcissist who wants to run the county his way without having to deal with things like congress and laws and ethics and alliances and the courts and all that messy stuff that might stop him. And if we get to that point whjere he succeeds, then we are one step away from becoming the next third world, tinpot dictatorship.

    So, if you think the President of the United States should have the powers of a king, Sullivan is your man. If you think the President should not be held to the rule of law, Sullivan’s your man. If you think obfuscation and gaslighting are good ways to run a trial and a nation, Sullivan’s your man. And if you think four more years of Trump is a good thing, then I am willing to bet one silver dollar (if I can still find one) that during those four years our Esteemed Leader will figure out a way to become President for Life or will have succeeded in robbing the nation blind with the help of his corrupt supporters.

    ‘Course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong. Sullivan could be clear thinking and honest. But I’m sure not getting that feeling when he starts spouting the GOP screed.

    Think of it this way. Find some accusation that has been made against Trump, something that can be documented, unlike the witch hunt the GOP has been waging against Hillary, something where there is actual evidence. Then go find more, even if you don’t think the evidence is all that solid or convincing. Then go back and evaluate it with Obama’s name substituted for Trump’s. Then tell me if you still think Sullivan is being fair and honest.

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