Bob Bell: Biden’s 2021 was a train wreck


2021 had a lot significant events. Most of them bad. The big headline for 2021 was the Covid virus. There are so many negative aspects to this issue it is difficult to know where to start.

Let’s start with President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, one of the few bright spots, even if was in the year prior. President Trump got a vaccine through the development and approval process in less than a year when it historically takes three to five years. That was quite an accomplishment. He then handed the vaccine and a plan to distribute it over to Joe Biden, who promptly screwed it up.

That is how we started 2021. Good ole Biden had said earlier that having 200,000 people die on a president’s watch should result in that president resigning.

Well, today, over 400,000 people have died on Biden’s watch, and that is with 60 percent of the population vaccinated, considerable experience in treating the virus, and a well-established distribution system for testing and vaccines. According to Joe’s own statement as a candidate, he is the one who should resign. The problem is if he did, we get Kamala Harris, which would be a dubious improvement.

Biden recently said “There is no federal solution” to the Covid disaster. Therefore, the states are on their own as to how to deal with Covid. The pProblem is, the federal government is in control of the vaccines, test kits, and virus treatments. This allows Biden to use the crisis for political gain.

Republican governors, such as Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, get less vaccines etc. so they look bad. Politicizing a life and death situation has to be the lowest thing a president could do. 

Masks and other virus protocols are to prevent the spread of the virus unless, of course, you are out protesting and burning down cities or sneaking across the southern border. Apparently, the virus doesn’t attack left-wing protesters or illegal aliens. I should point out, Republicans are also not allowed to attack them. 

Next, we have the Christopher Steele Russian “dossier.” This was nothing more than a bunch of lies and distorted fantasies concocted by a Trump hater on the take for FBI and Hillary Clinton campaign money. Nobody could or would check his sources. They just forwarded it to various people who could get it integrated into the government agencies. This spawned the Mueller sham investigation with the drive-by media reporting on every non-proven element of the politically driven exercise in political assassination.

Today, no one wants to acknowledge any association with what appears to be a flimsy hoax. This all played into a concentrated effort to discredit and drive from office a duly elected president.

Now that Igor Danchenko (Steele’s source) and others have been indicted, some of the truth may float to the surface of the Washington D.C. swamp.

Then we have the trusty “woke”, let’s fire-the-cops campaign. The “legalize marijuana” group must have been significantly involved in formulating this plan, while partaking of their product. The results were huge cuts in police budgets in mostly blue cities.

To nobody’s surprise, the crime rate went through the roof. On top of that, BLM and Antifa were occupying and burning down various neighborhoods, federal courthouses, and police stations. The government response was “Move along. Nothing to see here.”

Apparently, there were no laws broken while perpetrating this destruction. Also, those who got killed or injured, it was considered just an accident. The Jan. 6 “riot” was different because they were mostly Republicans, so the Feds arrested and jailed 750 people so far. 

All the woke people who sing the praises of BLM and Antifa but keep a 45 pistol in the house seem to be a bit conflicted. It is OK to burn down a neighborhood, but not mine. If you come here, I will shoot you because there are no cops to protect me. 

Those people who supported BLM and Antifa and then voted for Biden are sitting in their burned-out neighborhoods watching inflation go through the roof, the virus spreading like crazy, “free” test kits unavailable, vandals running around stealing what they want, supply chain shortages, our foreign policy in the tank (Afghanistan, Ukraine) and public confidence in our government at an all-time low. It could be they may be revisiting their choices. Let’s hope so.

There are several other events I could include, such as blatant media bias. An African American drove a car into a Christmas parade and killed six people, including a kid, was in the headlines for a couple of days. A white guy, probably a Republican, drove a car into a bunch of protesters and killed one person , and those were headlines for two months.

Joe Bidens gaffs are too numerous to cover here.

A million people a year crossing our southern border (very few of them college graduates or skilled labor) putting a huge burden on our welfare system.

This just gets too depressing to go on so, I will close with wishing you a happy new year, hopefully.

Bob Bell is a civil engineer who ran for House in 2012 and is the author of Oh No! We’re Gonna Die Too: More Humorous Tales of Close Calls in Alaska’s Wilderness


  1. Trump denied the significance of covid until it was too late to get ahead of it. As a result many died. He even suggested ridiculous remedies once covid couldn’t be ignored. We’ve been behind in the fight ever since especially bc of stupid Trumpist antivaccers.

    • Well..
      I guess $5 a gallon gas, inflation approaching 10%, massive numbers of people out of work, hundreds of thousands of unvetted people crossing the border illegally, the military focusing on transgender rights to the point it is not capable of fighting any more, etc… etc… etc… are all OK.
      Thank god we got rid of Trump.

      • Gas isn’t any higher now that it was at times from 2010-2020. Inflation Can be attributed to several factors, including supply chain breakdowns, labor shortages and a burst of spending after widespread lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. Massive numbers of people aren’t out of work, in fact, employment rose by 199,000 in December, and the unemployment rate
        declined to 3.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. Hundreds of thousands have been detained at the southern border and not allowed to enter. The stats you’re looking at are for all encounters, not just entries. The military has always had transgender soldiers. The orange menace called them out and tried to make an example of them. The military is more than capable of fighting, etc, etc, etc. Quit watching OAN and Fox News. Gain some perspective.

    • Gregory Schrand, Trump denied the existence of Covid, like when he banned travel from China to the USA? I recall the leftist howling about that move calling Trump xenophobic. Trump pushed the Clot Shot full speed ahead calling it “Operation Warp Speed”… in fact Trump has always pushed that total failure m-RNA shot, much to the dismay of many informed people like myself, who would take a safe and EFFECTIVE vaccine for the Covid.
      Given the above, how again is it Trumps fault? I think that you are either ill informed or perhaps suffer from some other malady.
      As for Trumps handling of the Fauci/Chi-Com Bioweapon scamdemic, it may interest you to know that us Stupid “‘anti-clotshotters” are not all big fans of President Trump. However , given the disaster that your man China Joe is, I would welcome even Trump back.

  2. Interesting take. Is this a hit piece on Biden, or is this a fluff piece for Trump? I mean, if we’re going to go out of our way to discuss accomplishments of 2020 in a “2021 year in summary” I have to ask, what is the intent? I guess if 2021 is marked by the COVID virus, does that mean we forgot all about 2020? I guess so. Right off the bat, I see selective memory with the fact that Pfizer BioNTech’s vaccine was the first to be FDA authorized, and it was entirely funded by Germany. So how do we attribute its development to Operation Warp Speed? And if Operation Warp Speed is not the reason the first vaccine was developed so quickly, do we really need to waste time trying attribute it to the others?

    Anyway, the author has a strong selective memory bias, and trips up in the facts department. But at least we have a cheerleader for Trump. It’s all that matters. Harumph harumph harumph

    • A quick google finds that 14,000 people were arrested during the 2020 summer riots. 14,000 is a long cry from the author’s claim of none. It’s hard to pin down the claims from an article that is almost entirely rhetoric, but the few that I can, turns our Bob is completely mistaken.

      Hopefully with the new year comes a stronger respect for the truth. But I won’t hold my breath for Bob….

      • Did your quick google search say how many where charged, tried, or sentenced?
        Read the intent of the sentence. Nitpicking a single word, and declaring the entire piece is meaningless is disingenuous at best.

  3. It IS depressing but the tide will turn again. The rival factions are dug in deep in their positions in the war between Socialism and Capitalism (or as I prefer to call it the Free Enterprise System). The pitfalls of Socialism are well known but the worst pitfall is the creation of “perverse incentives” which pervert the natural economy with “unintended consequences”. Alas, there is not much we can do against the tide of propaganda we are exposed to everyday.
    We have plenty of problems that are more in our direct control right here at home. Whether it is the oil tax system, the size of our government, or the amount of the Dividend, it can be resolved by simple ethical fiduciary jurisprudence. We are the luckiest State in the union to have a nest egg producing 60-70 percent of our State budget – it could be a lot worse.

  4. “A train wreck”?
    The comparison would be more valid if one wanted to compare Pretendent PotatoHead’s first year to the near-simultaneous derailment of every train in the country.

  5. Well written, hit the nail on the head. Give ol’ Joe a break though. It’s very safe to assume he remembers little of all his gaffes, draconian executive orders, and all the havoc and mayhem he’s created. We are being run by committee and much of the travesty place upon us are planned and intentional. I don’t think even sleepy Joe can be this inept. They got the absolute worst VP they could get as an insurance policy against impeachment.

    • To be fair, it is probably exceedingly difficult to (pretend to) act as president when one is constantly having to have one’s man-diapers changed. Come on, man!

  6. In the meantime: “Oil Prices Hit 7-year High”.
    We are the luckiest people in the world.
    Please try to not crap it away again.

  7. Poor poor biden! He has wanted to be president for a long time. Like all of us our president desired a dream and grabbed hold of something not meant for him.

  8. All this, as the left continues to push for ever more relaxed voting “requirements”, and the Conservative response is…………………..
    Crickets? Anything? Any pushback to be had? Hello???

  9. I would like to blame the whole train wreck on Biden but he is a sick old man and I do not think he has much of a clue what goes on around him from day to day….but his Old Obama handlers sure do. WE are weak and wounded and now have become much easier prey for those who seek to seek us brought to our knee’s…..we have been down before but are certainly fast falling to a new low!!!

  10. It is not President Biden that is the problem. He was elected as the prince of fools. The nation has, and will, survive a fool in the highest office of the land.
    The problem are the fools that elected him their Prince.
    The problem are the morons who think 2021 was a good year because their pet cause was put front and center. (Seriously, I am supposed to believe nominating Cabinet members because of who they sleep with, and not on their credentials is somehow making the nation a better place?)
    2021 was an absolutely fantastic year for those that think what you are is more important that what you do, or who you are. These are the mental midgets that want to “honor” a man whose most honorable action in his life was dying from an opioid overdose while being arrest.
    This was the year when all the HOA president wanna-bes were in their full glory. It was their year to impose their beliefs of what is healthy upon you. And, if you did not comply with their visions of a virus free future, they called for the government to punish you for your heinous crime of not conforming.
    This last year was fantastic for those that think science can be settled. And, it was a year to start censoring voices that had the audacity to question “scientific” conclusions. Following the science means the political science, not the medical science.
    For anyone who values freedom, knows an unfettered economy thrives, and is always questioning, 2021 was a train wreck. For the idiots who get all their information from social media posts, it was great.

    • For the idiots who get all their information from OAN, fux news, q, and far right wing news rags, 2021 was terrible. Cry more.

      • Ah, another radical leftist extremist projecting again.
        When will you pro-establishment conformists realize that those who do not share your radical leftist opinions do NOT formulate their political opinions in the mindlessly conformist and irrational, emotion-based manner that you do?

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