Bizarre Biden video during Super Bowl stuns internet, causing a question: ‘Is it real?’


President Joe Biden avoided news reporters during the Super Bowl on Sunday, but he had a message for the American people: America’s producers of junk food are terrible, because they keep shrinking the quantities of chips in a bag and scoops of his favorite treat in a bin of ice cream.

People viewing the spectacle wondered if this was just another case of artificial intelligence. These days, one cannot be too sure.

But no — Must Read Alaska tracked it down to the White House official Twitter account. It’s real.

In the video, Biden is sitting in front of what appears to be the plush White House movie theater. The video producer may have well touched up the appearance of the aging president to take care of what his facelifts have not concealed.

But the entire production, which singles out the makers of Doritos, Oreos, Gatorade, Breyer’s Ice Cream and more, is all Bidenomics 2.0 — blaming companies for putting less product out during his watch, which has brought crushing inflation. Biden pitted Americans against the private sector.

“While you were Super Bowl shopping, did you notice smaller-than-usual products where the price stays the same? Folks are calling it Shrinkflation and it means companies are giving you less for every dollar you spend. I’m calling on the big consumer brands to put a stop to it,” the president says, reading from a screen in front of him but not seen by the camera.

The ad was broadcast at a time when Biden’s cognitive abilities have been questioned after a series of baffling incidents, including his confusing the names of the presidents of Mexico and Egypt during a rare press conference, in which the White House was attempting to allay concerns about Biden’s evident senility.


  1. For once, I can agree with Biden. This stupid, STUPID game of shrinkflation that manufacturers engage in is simply insulting to the consumer. Do they REALLY think that everyone cannot clearly see what they are doing? I would like to punch in the face every single corporate bean-counter who is responsible for such senseless and idiotic decisions.

    • You can always spend your few cents on something else besides junk food, Jefferson, and reduce the size your belly at the same time. (Hell, you might live a little longer!) Maybe you and Chairman Biden can get us on a Stalinesque five-year plan to control the economy. You apparently have some affinity for old man Biden, so the next time you slip him a note let him know that we at Lucifer’s would like to control the bakeries: I’d like to snitch a cookie here and take a little “dough” there–of course, for the benefit of the country! As for yourself, think about taking controlling of the joint shops here on the frontier and make yourself hilariously mad!

      • Dear LRH,

        I can see from your incoherent babbling here that you set out to make a personal attack against me, with absolutely logic or reason behind it.
        Well, congratulations: you succeeded admirably.

    • I don’t like it, but I get it. As Grandpa Bloodstains further wrecks the economy-and the supply chain-costs for everything go up. Manufacturing, packaging, transportation, all of it. Producers face the quandary of how much they can absorb vs the risks of falling behind/ dating in the market. With a hefty side of when does it become impractical to stay in business.

      It’s an economic Sophie’s Choice. Despite what government thinks, money doesn’t grow on trees in the private sector.

      There is a sad truth in the fact once businesses figure out how much they can abuse us, they’ll happily do it.
      We can respond with voting via our wallets and choosing other things.

      I love Tillamook ice cream. It’s nearly $8 a pop here, depending where you shop. As few as 3 years ago it was $6 for a gallon. Now it’s nearly $8 and a good 1/3 smaller. So I switched to a different brand and ate less ice cream.

      • It’s a communist tradition to blame “kulaks” hoarders” and “wreckers” for the failures THEY cause!!. Meaning anyone trying to survive despite the great leader’s efforts to crush them underfoot

    • Jefferson, resorting to violence over a bag of artificial GMO corn chips! Really? I thought you were better informed than that. The Corporations in question are merely trying to move their product without taking a financial bloodbath.
      Say, what do you do for a living? Produce anything? Do you have a modicum of Economic understanding? I wonder dear boy, you usually seem so rational, Pity that you fell for the crooked old senile Bolschevik argument coming from a demented pervert.

      • Robert, yes, (rhetorical) violence against such predatory and insulting corporate practices is completely justified. Although in my case it is not about junk food, as I do not consume such products.

        And in fact yes, I DO have a modicum of economic understanding, and I DO in fact own my own business, and I DO manufacture and sell products. Perhaps it is for those reasons that this stupid, cynical and insulting ‘shrinkflation’ game bothers me even more than it would most others, as it is a practice that I would never, ever stoop to inflict on my customers, out of respect for their intelligence and their dignity.

        Now, do you have any other specious arguments to offer?

        • If you didn’t notice, Jefferson, Biden’s statement was nicely choreographed: he never took his eyes off the teleprompter. We know that he usually loses his thoughts midway through even the simplest sentences; this time though his puppeteers got him to recite his lines as if he were really concerned for the wellbeing of the little man–at least concerned enough to snag you.

          I’m sure were you to suggest that he read Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom,” that he would give you a blank stare. That being the case, Jefferson, you might want to refresh your own thoughts on economics and socialism by rereading the book yourself had you read it before.

    • Jefferson, its our government that devalues our currency. Food suppliers cannot deliver the same quantities for de-valued dollars. Either the price must go up or the package quantity must go down. The only one insulting consumers is government…. by printing more and more fiat currency to devalue every dollar in circulation. Source: Economics 101.

  2. The real question concerning Biden ‘Is it real?’ should be directed at the American public and our congress for pretending that Biden is actually a president. Aside from the lack of legitimacy in the last election which installed him as paper weight in the White House, congress pretends he is able to function and carries out policies which are destroying our nation. The one upside is no way he can remember the codes to unleash the nuclear arsenal under his authority.

    • Brian , Mary Peltola said that “Biden was the smartest man in Washington DC last week “ Doesn’t say much for the rest of the crew in his administration . Let alone Congress and the Senate . The folks that they say win these elections and go to DC for the benefit of themselves and their family’s and don’t forget , big donors . Getting exposed and even the idiots are starting to question the UniParty .

  3. Irony- I thought he was actually mimicking his pathetic actions he’s done in the White House. Raising inflation on Americans and shrinking our incomes. I say we reduce him and get America back!

  4. The “food” he’s whining about is garbage, anyway. He might as well have said, “Let them eat cake.” And he deserves the same treatment as the cake commenter………

  5. I’m going to look forward to hearing some of the comments about this one. I hope my favorite commenters will comment their response on this one. Make sure it’s smart. Cause I’m interested in thoughtful criticism about what has been happening Why is there so muchcriticism against these unhealthy food brands these days while promoting at the end of the criticism another business deemed healthier? I’m like what’s going on here. It sounds like they are trying to shrink the private sector by eliminating one business in favor of another.

  6. The consolidation of food sellers is a huge problem in America today . This was supposed to lower prices . Instead increased prices because of gouging and record profits for grocery chains . In Fairbanks the FredMeyer near airport used to be one of the largest in sales of the entire Kroger company . Today the shelves are stocking 40% of what they used to prior to Covid . Food prices in Fbks have doubled since 2019 . The top shelves are bare and everything is condensed .

  7. If shoppers haven’t noticed that this has been going on for years and years and years, they must be blind! When was the last time Biden actually went shopping to discover this fact? And the show goes on!!

  8. The real question is why MRAK is not reporting about Traitor Trump telling he “would encourage” Russia “to do whatever the hell they want” to a NATO-member country that didn’t meet its defense spending guidelines?

  9. This is a great example of why our government is universally laughed at by everyone around the world. This is what’s important? Our country is literally being invaded from the south, and what is our army doing? Blowing up illiterate goatherders? Defending “transgender” rights? Anywhere but where they should be, on our southern border. During Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin the other day, did we hear Putin blathering about chips and ice cream? (Is anyone at MRAK even aware of this interview?) Extremely sad.

  10. This is all meant to discredit the US by putting this kind of nonsense from our “leaders”…’s the same as putting transvestites in charge, choosing a vice president based on skin color and gender, telling us our elections are safe and secure, injections are safe and effective….the list goes on. The more we focus on this kind of fluff story and not on the senate vote this weekend from BOTH “our” senators, the more they win in destroying this country and currency. Why isn’t MRAK writing a story about this funding bill? Why aren’t we demanding the resignation of both of the state’s senators? Why aren’t we demanding an audit of all the money going to Ukraine? Instead we’re marveling a some traitor’s inane ramblings. We are not a serious people.

  11. This last summer I noticed a pound bag of Simple Truth organic walnuts was 14 ounces, but had a ‘personalized coupon for $2.00 off’ so told myself “Oh well” and purchased one less bag that week. Now, it’s been about two or three weekly shopping trips ago that the personalized two dollar off Kroger coupon for what seemed the filled bag:bag size ratio is now ‘on sale with a coupon’ at 12 ounces.

    I’ve still plenty of tuna fish cans in the pantry, but I’ve been eyeing the bottom shelf in the store for the brand name and no- name products and the price isn’t decreasing enough to purchase enough to refill dwindling pantry supply. I may have to take seriously the issue with mercury and eat it less than the 2-3 times week that is recommended, and stock up on tofu bean coagulation supplies.

    Chickens are a bit messy. But, maybe.

    (I only purchase ‘snack’ packs when it’s my turn to bring refreshments for kids’ band practice –they didn’t seem to go too crazy for the French horn-, and alto sax-shaped blue Jell-O Jigglers that one time. And, with pandemic, well, no home-baked chocolate chip cookies. So there’s that, when it comes to game-time snacks.)

  12. Bidens not missing out on one single bit of his ice cream, just the groundlings….we have to do more with less. “From the middle out and the bottom up” that’s “bidenomics”. It could also describe an atomic detonation mushroom cloud.

  13. Oreos and Fig Newtons hadn’t decreased its quantity since I was a girl. Their packaging works for them to protect their cookies being crumbled. I remember i elementary school when Frito-Lay used to stuff the chip bags until they must had got enough customer-complaints from disappointed complaining customers 1/4 chips were crushed during the packaging. Then oneday I noticed every bag of chips had 1/4 air to give the chips space for movement hoping that packaging and shopping less chips will be broken. I do remember in my small town of Juneau my neighbors around me always were complaining. I assume they weren’t the only ones complding. Frito-lay they been leaving 1/4 air space since 1993. So it’s not new. I doubt it has anything to do with what president Biden is accusing.

    Remember ALL good things in moderation is best including not good foods that I call are Treats to eat sparingly.

  14. Hey Mr. Magoo (aka sleepy joe)
    Do you think that it has anything to do with the fact that 2.50 only gets you 5/8ths of a gallon of Gogo juice.
    Is the gallon more expensive or is it that the gallon is smaller.


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