Anchorage man credited with saving a woman’s life in ’23 is accused of gunning down a man in ’24

Dylan Moss, in July, as he receives recognition for heroically saving a woman's life in Anchorage.

Last year, Dylan Moss was a Good Samaritan who joined a team of strangers to help save a bicyclist’s life, after she had been run over by a vehicle and had the car’s tire sitting on her chest in an Airport Heights neighborhood. While some men helped lift the vehicle, Moss brought a vehicle jack to lift the car off the woman. The men worked quickly and the woman, who was a mother of a young child, lived through the ordeal, although she had severe injuries that required hospitalization.

Moss was a hero that day.

On Saturday, however, Moss was arrested for murder, after he allegedly shot and killed a man in the 7300 block of Huntsmen Circle, off of Foxridge Way near C Street in the early hours of the morning.

Police responded at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday to reports of a shooting; the man with gunshot wounds to his upper body died after being taken to the hospital by medics, and Moss, 24, was arrested and charged with second degree murder. It was Moss who had placed the call to 911 and Moss remained cooperative with police when they arrived, police said. Moss apparently knew the victim.

After he was taken to the Anchorage Police Department for questioning, Moss was charged with second-degree murder and fourth-degree misconduct involving a weapon. He was booked in the Anchorage Correctional Complex.

“The dynamics of the incident, to include the motive, are still under investigation,” police said in an update on the report.

Moss, now in custody, had been lauded for his heroic efforts last May. The Anchorage Assembly passed a resolution in July honoring him for his selfless actions.

Resolution No. AR 2023-201, was given to Moss during a July Assembly meeting, said, in part,

  1. WHEREAS, Dylan Moss, a mechanic at the nearby Chevron station, realized an accident occurred across the street and sprung to action; and
  1. WHEREAS, Moss recognized that specialty equipment would be needed to extract the pinned cyclist and grabbed a 2.5-ton floor jack from the station before sprinting to the scene of the accident with the heavy piece of equipment; and
  1. WHEREAS, Dylan expertly placed the jack under the rear of the vehicle and immediately worked to lift the car off the cyclist; and
  1. WHEREAS, Dylan’s quick response allowed the Anchorage Fire Department crews arriving at the scene to prioritize the injured cyclist rather than wait for extraction equipment to be brought out; and

WHEREAS, Moss worked in conjunction with Anchorage Fire Department crews to extract the pinned cyclist prior to the arrival of the ambulance; and

WHEREAS, the Anchorage Fire Department crews involved in the call stated that Dylan’s actions were nothing short of heroic and likely saved the cyclist’s life; and

 NOW, THEREFORE, the Anchorage Assembly recognizes and honors Dylan Moss for his heroic and lifesaving actions.

After receiving his accolades from the Assembly, Moss turned and pointed to the back of the Assembly chambers, where the other rescuers of the woman stood watching the ceremony, and he gave them credit for their efforts in the rescue.


  1. I wonder what Moss friend did? It takes two to make a conflict. I was always told that by my mother all my growing up cause it not easy for a single mother cause often her children will argue with her cause it’s easier for child to test a mother than a father. Takes two people to argue she always said her attempt trying to humble me and get me to quiet myself. So overtime I learned when the argument gets a little heated then you go quiet if you want everyone to shut up. Cause the other person can’t argue when you go quiet. Even They may keep arguing, criticizing, yelling at you but eventually they’ll stop because you are quiet and not feeding the argument.

    I noticed when two single men start fighting its hard for them stop fighting. If one of the men has a woman he lives around the right woman around him helps him from getting carried away if he finds himself in a fight. I observed. God did say “it’s not good for man to be alone” voila! Eve was born! Hahaha

    • So in your eyes, depending on what Moss’s friend did, Moss was justified in murdering the friend?

      Way to blame the victim. Do you also shame women who have been sexually assaulted or raped because they were wearing clothing you deem too revealing?

      So where do you draw the line on murder? What actions or conduct could Moss’s friend have done that justifies them losing their life?

        • So were resulting to homophobic personal attacks now fire? FYI Suzanne, maricon means the f slur in Spanish.

          Jen is trying to justify the murder because of something the victim possibly did. We don’t know the facts in this case, so she is just speculating and victim blaming at this point. I will be one of the first to apologize to Jen if her speculation is correct, but I would rather wait until the facts are out there before I blame the dead person over the man who allegedly murdered that person.

    • You know absolutely nothing of the victim. If you did you’d recognize just how despicable you sound trying to justify the murderers actions.

      And hope to your god you never say the things you said here to the peoples face who knew the victim, like his family or close friends. That would make you a villain.


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