Bill Walker raising campaign funds on human suffering, promises 10% of campaign fundraiser to Western Alaska


Running for governor, former Alaska Gov. Bill Walker did the unthinkable this week: He asked people to donate to his campaign with the promise that he would forward a whole $1 out of every $10 donated to relief efforts for Western Alaska, through the Alaska Community Foundation.

It’s as though he had not discovered people could donate directly to the American Red Cross, the community foundation, or other disaster relief providers who are already helping the people impacted by the Sept. 17 storm.

Walker, whose net worth is said to be millions of dollars, could easily write a $100,00 check himself to a relief fund, and could at least take the charitable deduction on his taxes. Those who donate to the Walker-Drygas campaign will not be able to take such a write off.

Walker’s strategy of mocking the governor for missing debates during the emergency response appears to have backfired. Walker’s emissary Scott Kendall bashed the governor for not declaring a disaster before the storm hit. He’s running behind in the polls, and now he’s using human suffering as a reason to donate to his campaign. There’s no handbook that tells candidates not to do this, because evidently no campaign advisor has ever thought any campaign would be so tacky.

Robert Maguire, research director at the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, told CNBNC that people need to do their diligence.

“Some of these campaigns and committees have gotten really good at making emotional appeals that apply to donors’ preexisting political beliefs,” Maguire was quoted as saying on “American Greed.” “Sometimes that can sort of short circuit the part of your brain that says, ‘Wait, I should be doing a little research before I give this money’.


  1. I bet a full dividend would have come in handy for victims of the storm. They would have received it when it was needed most.

  2. It doesn’t matter, Walker is a Democrat in waiting and cares little about public opinion. He won’t donate his own money to relief efforts, he doesn’t really care. RCV, mail in ballots, and Dominion are his ticket to success.

  3. He’ll gut the PFD, he willingly hid the unlawful, immoral and unethical practices of his running mate Byron Mallot and he’ll no doubt sodomize Alaska if he ever gets elected again but other than that he’s ok.

  4. If elected Walker will line the pockets of his cronies by appropriation of contracts and well-paying do-nothing SOA jobs. That’s what he did last time, and then, after he departs office he’ll receive his payoff…oops, meant payback.

    He has a firm grasp of what’s legal, and doesn’t give a rat’s a** about what’s ethical.

  5. What a crock ! Like the telephone solicitations where they only give a small portion of your contribution to the worthy cause. The rest goes to the Chinese and some to India based telephone solicitation outfit. Probably the exact program Walker is using. The Alaska Guard is currently providing a lot of support to Western Alaska, as is many legitimate organizations. Not to mention the Feds and FEMA. Bottom line, many people will get a new house and all of their immediate needs will be met. Without Walker trying to turn it into a political windfall. Ten percent, what an donkey behind.

  6. I think it’s a stretch to believe anybody gave to the Walker campaign as a means to provide for those on our western shores. Seems partisans will find a reason to be upset at anything the “opposition” does these days, warranted or not. As for bashing the Gov for missing debates during this crisis, I must of missed something because the debate I saw recently his opponents both stated the Gov was right to be where he was. I have heard them bash him in other debates for not showing up, but realistically it’s the best approach for the Governor at this point. I had the chance to watch a few of the debates last go around and it was apparent that Dunleavy was not the intellectual equal of either of his opponents, nor did he know the issues as you would expect someone running for that position should, as a result he lost my vote. Silence is definitely in Dunleavy’s benefit.

  7. Well. Walker is trying to learn how he can be generous in his old age. It’s not easy for millionaires to give. Be more appropriate if he
    gave his own money.

  8. I thought that there could be no more serious outrages than Walker and “friends” interfering with Dunleavy’s first term and thus branding themselves as thinking more of themselves than Alaskans, but I was wrong. This so-called pledge is the lowest yet.

    People who do this donation will have wasted $9.00 out of the $10.00 they could have donated to a legitimate site for Western Alaska relief, and also allowed Walker a sizable tax write-off for fed purposes. Can this guy get any lower?

    Alaskans, do not vote for or rank this jerk, or his co-conspirator Gara. Reminder – Walker’s legal firm donated sizable funds to both. Rank the red – Dunleavy first. He is out there doing his job.

  9. Walker, the governor who stole everybody’s statutory PFD? Now promising a 10% payback to victims of the storm? LOL. Who would actually believe a word this old codger said?

  10. Suzanne, it would be fun to have a clever caption contest for the picture you provided . I’m sure we could come up with some good ones.

  11. Well, sounds good, doesn’t it?
    Of course it does.
    But, he is figuring he will look really good, and this move will increase donations to his campaign.

    Funny, I wasn’t aware that you could spend these campaign donations on anything you wanted to…

  12. How nice of Bill to think of the people, and with such generosity! I’m sure he’d like to pocket 95% and pass on a pittance of 5. Why bet on Bill: he’s the same old Walker! This philanthropic gig of his is just a variation of the “Walker-Mallott” shuffle. To boot, he’d gladly wink and have you take it in the shorts.

    But, then again, why not go for “Big Bill” and 10%? Certainly, he won’t give more when he thinks you’d be happy with less!

    • Why bet on Bill? He’s the same old Walker!

      But, then again, why not go for “Big Bill” and 10%? Certainly, he won’t give more when he thinks you’d take less!

  13. If that thief becomes governor again then the election process is definitely rigged and a total farce, China Walker is a thief, plain and simple, we need the Constutional convention, to undue this RCVoting, please vote yes on #1

  14. About the pipe dream candidacy:

    “If you fool me once, shame on YOU”
    “If you fool me twice, shame on ME”

    If you elect Walker you can thank only yourself when he again deprives you and your family of their legitimate PFD.

    • The ONLY way Bill Walker becomes governor is if his lapdog Scott Kendall feeds the Dominion computers with about 30,000 votes. Even Gara knows this to be true.

  15. From the looks of the photo above,
    Drygas is living up to her name. And Walker, bottom dweller that he is, seems to be enjoying it.
    Must have been another chili feed fundraiser.

      • Hard to tell if Walker is actually suffering, or enjoying it. After the stench Walker left behind from his four years in the governor’s office, maybe Drygas is giving him a taste of his own medicine. After all, Walker hasn’t had the best of luck with his running mates.?

        • If you take the dry out of gas and make it wet, it’s still gas. The Red Chinese need gas.
          Wet or dry. Bill likes the Commie Chinese and hope they come to America and take the gas. Bill has a new marketing angle. Make the gas dry and shove it in the pipe. Then make it wet again and ship it out.
          Pay the Commies to build the pipe, using the PFDs. Give the pipe to the Commies and sell dry gas. Buy lithium from the Commies and store energy with solar panels placed in the Arctic. Invite the Commies to Alaska for chili feed. Produce more dry gas. Build another pipeline. ………

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