President Whipps of Palau fondly remembers Rep. Don Young, talks about rising oceans, disappearing jellyfish, and more topics on the Must Read Alaska Show


The President of the Republic of Palau said on the Must Read Alaska Show that he was a great admirer of Congressman Don Young of Alaska. Young died on March 18, and the two had spent time together in October of 2021.

President Surangel S. Whipps Jr., speaking with Must Read Alaska Show host John Quick, said he loves America, appreciates having a U.S. military base in his country, worries about young people leaving Palau for college and never returning to the island nation. He said that rising ocean levels are a big concern, as was the disappearance of jellyfish at the world-famous Jellyfish Lake, which appears to be a cyclical occurrence.

President Whipps joined the show on Thursday, saying that he recognizes the Must Read Alaska Show has fans across the world and his staff decided it would be a worthwhile use of his time.

He met Congressman Young on other occasions, but last year on Oct. 21, President Whipps had meetings with Young and the Pacific Islands Caucus, which Congressman Young chaired until his death. “It was my great honor to welcome Surangel Whipps, Jr, President of Palau, to the Capitol. In the years ahead, I look forward to working w/ him & my Caucus colleagues on issues ranging from trade to national security and econ growth,” Young wrote of the meeting.”

Located in the Western Pacific Ocean, Palau is an archipelago of islands that form a nation to the east of the Philippines. It shares maritime borders with the Philippines, Indonesia, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

The episode with President Whipps can be found at several podcast providers, including Amazon, iTunes, Pandora, GooglePlay, and YouTube.

Must Read Alaska Show is in the top .5% and in the top 200 on iTunes in three countries. John Quick predicted that Palau will likely join that list.


  1. Of course President Whipps is going to play the climate change card. With the US back into the Paris Climate Accord he can get lots of “green energy” funding from us, perhaps billions with no oversight. Barack Obama, upon leaving the presidency, bought not one but two multi-million dollar oceanfront luxury homes on two different oceans. He knows they aren’t rising.

    • Yes, we need to stop polluting. Think about this when you buy stuff packaged in plastic, such as water. But every time we have any weather event, global warming comes up. They are finding dinosaur fossils in the Arctic. Even man, as great as we think he is, can’t have much effect on global weather patterns, no matter how filthy he is. We are the filthiest animals this planet has ever had, and now we think that we can control the natural shift of the earth’s orbit and rotation and the moon’s as well enough to effect weather change? Unfortunately, what should be a movement to clean up after ourselves has turned into a money making political movement instead. Look at Anchorage, where almost all of the efforts to separate trash for recycling ends up in the general land fill. I have seen this firsthand. Very little gets recycled. Enjoy your feel good but face the facts. And the poor third world countries that have mountains of plastic because they were paid well to receive it. I say, that if the oceans are rising, it’s just to displace the mountains of garbage that is being dumped into them daily. Global political hypocrites is what we should fear.

  2. The Maldives also loves the cash cow that climate change is, yet the locals will tell you sea erosion has always been an issue, long before climate change was invented and if the sea level was actually rising there would be far bigger issues than they have seen. If you look up scientific recordings of sea level changes, it is no more than 5-20mm of rise over 10 years with even a recent downward trend in places. But you wouldn’t know that by the politicians being extra dramatic by having meetings under the water with scuba gear on.

  3. Rising sea levels has something to do with rapid melting glaciers and the ice caps, the rapid melting ice has something to do with the dams we built for our electricity. Maybe we should break the dams. Then the electric car dream goes away. Hahaha. Evaporates like water.

  4. Rising sea levels ain’t gonna happen in our lifetimes. Just ask Obama, Bill Gates & Al Gore all of whom have a fondness for ocean front real estate!

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