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Friday, January 21, 2022
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Biden says he will transition nation from oil, Trump raises eyebrow in response

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Joe Biden said during Thursday’s debate that as president he would transition the nation away from the oil industry, which is currently the bedrock of the national economy.

America’s oil and natural gas industry generates 10.3 million jobs in the United States and is responsible for 8 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. 

President Donald Trump responded by quipping: “Oh. There’s a big statement.”

Biden said he would move the nation to zero-emission energy by the year 2035 and bring solar and wind energy into greater usage.

Trump responded that Biden was antagonizing the oil industry, which forms crucial parts of the economies of several red states.

“Will you remember that, Texas? Will you remember that, Pennsylvania? Will you remember that, Oklahoma?” Trump said during his time at the mic.

Trump gave a strong performance in the Thursday debate, but Biden voters were relieved that their candidate did not botch too many opportunities. Biden, who has taken four days off from campaigning to prepare for the debate, appeared to run out of steam by the end of the debate and was caught checking his watch at one point, about 10 minutes before the debate ended.

Power the Future issued a press release after the debate, saying “Joe Biden endangered Alaska’s economy and the industry responsible over a quarter of our private-sector employment.  By reiterating his opposition to fracking on federal lands and in federal waters, he threatened short- and long-term economic growth.  Then, he went one step further and clearly stated that he would “transition from” oil.  Alaskans were demeaned and dumped on by the Vice President tonight. Every Alaskan should be asking how this radical agenda benefits our state.”

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Love this New Yorker. He was born for this fight. And I believe, truly, that he was destined for this troubled time in America’s history. God love him and keep him. I am buying my champagne — Nov 3rd is gonna be a good day indeed.

  • I think Biden said he would achieve zero-emissions by 2025, not 2035. That caught our attention, because that’s only four+ years away. We could possibly have misheard him, since we were eating dinner.

    Biden also said he would enter the US into the Paris Climate Accord despite what President Trump had said about the huge economic burden it would place on taxpayers and businesses.

  • I love this New Yorker. He was born for this fight! I truly believe God has given us this man for this troubled time in America’s history. I am buying my champagne, Alaskans! Don’t scrimp. Buy the good stuff. November 3rd will go down in history. Trump 2020.

    • I agree. I thank God for President Trump. King crab for me Nov. 3rd.

    • He’s from Florida, at this point.
      The President will take Alaska’s three electoral college votes. No doubt about that.
      Might not win the national electoral college sweepstakes, even if he takes Florida, Ohio and even Pennsylvania.
      Time will tell.

  • Agreed. My favorite line of the night was when Biden used one of his predictable disrespectful filler phrases, “Where’s this guy from?” Pres. Trump didn’t miss a beat and responded, “Queens.” I love that New Yorker! I love our president for a million more important reasons, but his New York quick wit and honesty are high on the list. He’s not the “kitchen table” politician.

    Another one of my favorite witty one-liners: “I ran because of you, Joe.” And we are so grateful you did! Pres. Trump will win by a landslide. Even Joe sees that.

    • “You have to talk them into it, Joe”. LMAO

  • If only the media saw the same debate we saw.

  • if you desire less freedom, higher taxes and bigger government
    watching your every move, telling you how to think ,then vote Biden

  • A number of people have maintained for some time that if Biden won the Trans-Alaska Pipeline would be the easiest and quickest bone to throw to the Green New Deal, and that would pay off bankers backing Biden at the same time!

  • Meanwhile, China, Russia, and many third world countries are accelerating coal and petroleum use for power production.
    Biden is a globalist, and their goal isn’t to promote American interests, but rather to “occupy” America like conquerors. Their dream is a world caliphate which controls America.
    Turning America “green” will suck up so much of our budget that our military would have to be dramatically cut back.
    Without our strong military, we will be at the mercy of our enemies. I consider Biden and his ilk as borderline traitors.

    • Meanwhile, China, Russia, and many third world countries are accelerating coal and petroleum use for power production.
      The US is far ahead of every one of those countries. By what logic do you intellectually process that the US can pollute at >2x China and >3x Russia?

      • The key word is “accelerating” which means to do more of whatever.
        Learn to read!

        • Not accelerating but following normal growth which is linked to GDP. They happen to not have an economic failure for leader and administration. Perhaps you need to intellectually learn to process data. So why can an American pollute more than people in China, Russia, and third world countries? Is an American entitled to destroy the planet at a greater rate?

      • Says the escaped mental patient

          China 7.6 mt⋅capita⁻¹ (46.3% cf USA)
          India 1.6 mt⋅capita⁻¹ (9.75% cf USA)
          Germany 9.4 mt⋅capita⁻¹ (57.31% cf USA
          Russia 6.7 mt⋅capita⁻¹ (40.53% cf USA)
          Australia 16.3 mt⋅capita⁻¹ (99.39% cf USA)

          USA 16.4 mt⋅capita⁻¹

          • China has over 4 times the population of America, so that 7.6 mt is actually 30.4 mt.
            Using per capita is deceptive. Would only work if both populations were equal.

  • I would like to know how wind and solar are going to work in Alaska? The wind doesn’t always blow and as we all know, Alaska winters are quite dark.

  • Ummm….. Yeah, that will work well.

    I wonder. Does your shiny new Tesla use any plastics or lubricants? Does the factory where they are built use any adhesives? Do your solar panels have any wiring (which requires insulation) in them? What are the PV cells mounted on? A soy based product?

    What will the yoga industry do without spandex?

    Sure. Put the petroleum business out of business. See how well that works.

  • Trump kicked his a$$. Biden is ready for retirement………NOW!

    • Not one post-debate poll supports your sycophantic silliness. It wasn’t even close.

      • Our votes will determine if those polls are even close.

  • YEP

  • Biden also said “We had a good relationship with Hitler before he, in fact, invaded Europe, the rest of Europe” maybe Joe was buddies with Hitler, but “We” in the USA did not.

  • With that comment, it’s game over for Biden. Not only is he the biggest do nothing politician and liar in Washington (one of many), he’s also a racist but the MSM will cover for him as they always do but it won’t matter, Trump is going to smoke him on Nov 3rd.

  • “Trump gave a strong performance in the Thursday debate …”

    Since when was continual lying considered a strong performance other than in the mind of the obsequious, sycophantic silly author of this post? Biden of course schooled the pathological liar who decided brown tinge and hue make-up was better to hide its pallid and insipid skin. Biden was completely correct about fossil fuel usage which is not in Alaska’s future, ANWAR is not going to be developed over the resistance of the indigenous people and climate scientists. Fortunately, the obese impeached coward and turd will be removed in a tsunami inless than two weeks to end the reign of the worst president in America’s history as shown in all the economic and social matrixes and indexes.

    • Wow, you don’t get out much, do you? Clearly, the kool-aid is not doing the trick, you should try something stronger. Stress is unhealthy.

      • As far as losers go, you win.

    • Incredible, you democrats had a first rate candidate, an honest candidate, and you smeared the crap out of her when she obliterated Cruella di Harass in the debates. So what do you do, you install Cruella as VP, set up the 25th amendment crap so you can bin Basement Joe and implement the fab fours green assault on the private sectors pocket book, genius, meep-meep……..

      • Do you mean Tulsi Gabbard? I really liked her. I’m a Trump supporter, and I think Gabbard has a lot of potential. She was honest, courageous, and understood issues much better than Harris did. She also didn’t sneer and mock her opponents.

      • First, I am not a democrat they are too conservative and beholden to corporate issues for me. However, in our binary politics, one has only the choice to pick the lesser of the two evils. Second, I am pleased to note you are smart enough to know that the worst president in US history and our first dictator wannabe is going to be ejected and evicted this November. Third, I see a lovely prison stint in his future along with his insipid SIL and daughter-wife. Perhaps Don jr can get cocaine rehab in prison too. Hopefully, Barron’s future stepdad will be a better role model for the young man.

    • Even if he loses, it’s not over. We just move underground.

    • You sound like one of them environmentalists, that are supported by our enemies to obstruct and delay our mineral and energy dependence..

  • Just saw the Trump train at the villages in Florida today. It was awesome.

  • I’m going to remember the moderator asking Joe: “Why Would You Do That”?

  • Don’t care

  • Still don’t care

  • It’s democrat code-speak for- We’re going to make you buy insanely expensive “green energy” and sell oil to the Chinese at a sweet heart price because Hunter and I are up to our eyeballs in debt to the communist party.

  • Texas can still be an energy leader, but not with oil. Rather, it’s with hydrogen that can be made from natural gas using carbon capture. This requires new thinking, while President Trump is stuck on oil. But Texas doesn’t have to be stuck there with him. Instead, it should take a page from Canada’s playbook — as well as from Europe’s and Russia’s — to turn its abundant gas reserves into blue hydrogen. This will not only revitalize the Texas economy, but it will also set it on the right path for exponential growth in the near future.

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