Alaska leftists demand bizarre oath from candidates


Lawsuits or unrest may be in Alaska’s future after the 2020 General Election is over, if a recent demand letter from Alaska Democrats is any indication. At the very least, the demand letter indicates the level of deep conspiracy-level distrust that leftists have for the election system and their intent to discredit the results.

The Alaska Public Interest Research Group is among other Democratic front organizations flexing their muscles with the demand that candidates sign an oath supporting election demands — demands for conditions that are already met by the checks and balances established in the election process.

It’s another attempt in a long list of attempts by Democrats to change how elections are conducted in Alaska and the U.S.A. and indicate they are queuing up lawsuits they intend to file after the election is certified, if they don’t like the results.

The signers of the demand letter want Republican candidates to outline their personal plan to ensure elections will be fair. This plan must be in writing or social media or by press release by Oct. 26, the group says. There is no “or else” included.

The demands include putting prohibitions on the press.

“We are now asking that you publicly commit to uphold democracy this year, ensuring that regardless of the winners, we swear in a government elected by the people in a free and fair election,” the letter says.

The demands are mostly a restatement of what is already accepted and produced by all elections in America in the present era, and is a partial list of what election workers are paid to do. The demands include:

We ask you to publicly reassure Alaskans of the following: 

  • Every eligible Alaskan voter will have the opportunity to cast their vote on or before November 3rd, without interference or intimidation.
  • Every eligible vote will be counted, including vote-by-mail ballots, a safe and secure voting option. Efforts to stop ballot counting before all votes are counted will be recognized as a threat to the democratic process and will not be tolerated.
  • Voter intimidation by individuals or groups at polling places and ballot dropbox locations will not be tolerated.
  • Unless an opponent concedes after a substantial portion of ALL ballots have been counted, winners will not be declared by candidates, news outlets, or elected officials until the Division of Elections certifies the 2020 General Election (Target date 11/25/20); allowing time for all mail-in ballots to be counted and any reported election irregularities to be investigated and remedied.
  • An outline of your plan to ensure that election results will be respected and a peaceful transfer of power will occur will be shared publicly in advance of November 3, 2020.
  • The voice of the Alaska people will be heard and accurately represented during the national joint congressional session to confirm election results.

According to the groups, government officials must prohibit the free press from declaring a winner, and must muzzle the free speech of candidates or their supporters until the government says the election is called.

The group’s letter was signed by hardline Democrats:

  • Besse Odom, a registered Democrat from the Poor People’s Campaign
  • Evan Anderson, a registered Democrat from the Alaska Center for the Environment Education Fund
  • Pamela Miller, a registered Democrat with Alaska Community Action on Toxics
  • Alexandra Veri Di Suvero, a registered Democrat and executive director of the Alaska Public Interest Research Group
  • Jessica Girard, a registered Democrat, Director Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition
  • Theresa Lyons, a registered Democrat, director of YMCA in Anchorage.
  • Kendra Kloster, a registered Democrat, Native People’s Action Community Fund
  • Siqiniq Maupin, Director for Sovereign Inupiaq for a Living Arctic
  • Enei Begaye, Executive Director, Native Movement
  • Charlene Apok, registered Democrat, Director of Data for Indigenous Justice
  • Reverend Matthew Schultz, registered Democrat, Pastor of Anchorage First Presbyterian Church

Candidate David Nees threw the red flag on the demand:

 “I have observed the Division of elections doing a fine job of enforcing points 1 and 2 in my 40 years of voting in Alaska. Point three is a Federal crime please feel free to use your voice to report violations or get Division of Elections to allow observers at polling places. Good luck with point  four the press always try to declare a winner, But, that said  the current state law about counting absentee is to be followed, especially the postmarked date must be followed, and the state needs to toss out the case for correcting ballots. ‘Peaceful transfer of power’ I toss the B.S. flag. Electoral college process satisfies the verification process,” Nees wrote.


  1. It’s true, most of this is already in place. This sounds to me like political posturing of the worst kind. Make people bow to some demand, even if the reason for the demand does not exist. It’s the bowing itself that is the goal…which is why my response to these demands would be like that military commander at the battle of the bulge…”NUTS”

    My other concern is these people want to set up a situation where reasonable requests to contest an election’s results would be discounted. These situations are not against the orderly transfer of power, they are usually simply requests to clarify results & vote counts which are ok. Ballot measure 2 would require computers do all vote counts. No hand counts. Hand counts would be just about impossible. Imagine sitting in a room with maybe 250,000 ballots trying to sort out 1st, 2nd, 3rd choices etc etc. So we depend 100% on computers & algorithms outside of the human eye. Computers we already know can & will be hacked even at the highest levels of government & private industry. Election result confidence will be ZERO. Maybe thats another reason why these people are making these demands

  2. Is Besse Odom’s “Poor Peoples Campaign” anyway associated with Joe Biden’s “Poor Boys” group that he spoke so negatively about in last nights debate?

  3. Dear Millennials ~ We, the people, who formed the USA and the Constitution, will never be quelled by your stupid, uninformed, racist “logic”. We will win ~ and you will lose. That’s it~! Go back to your parents’ basements, put on your masks, and play your video games. You will be much happier, there. Let the adults in the room deal with politics.

  4. When are Alaskans going to wake up? Over 74 percent of Anchorage is working for some form of government. 1/3 of the population. Most of the bush community is on welfare. None of them have been hurt by this “pandemic “. Except for inconvenience. Do you really think that they are going to vote in favor of the private sector? The bush communities banish their problem people with a ticket to Anchorage, with no record of what they did to be banished. They become our problem. Why can’t the cheap villagers buy them a ticket to someplace warm? Oh, I heard that more internet will solve the problems. And solar and windmills. But what will they produce to bring in revenue? Given a chance, most native Alaskans can contribute well to our economy. It goes with resource development.

  5. These idiotic dipsticks are rioting about issues they haven’t researched, and demanding rights they already have. Reminds me of the Sesame Street character that was always inventing things that already existed, like the chair.

    • You beat me to it…you are absolutely right. I just have to laugh at these adults who have the mind of a child, so they speak childishly on politics they really don’t understand. You have to sit them down and explain to them – very slowly – in words that are easy to understand.

  6. Well I demand all newly elected official swear this oath (From the Wizard of Oz)

    We represent the Lolly pop Guild,

    The Lolly pop Guild,

    The Lolly pop Guild And in the name of the Lolly pop Guild,

    We wish to welcome you to Muchkinland.

    We welcome you to Munchkinland, Tra la la la la la la

    Then we drop a house on their opponent.

    If we are going to get silly, we need to go even farther.

  7. We conservatives already know that these are all talking points from the Democrats’ playbook, not conservatives. So once again, you idiots have proven you are corrupt to your very core. No one in their right mind would ever be a Democrat. You have all gone stark raving mad with your TDS.

    • Any person running as a Democrat or voting for a Democrat is agreeing with that party’s platform: anti-God, anti-Life, anti-Constitution, anti-America.
      One of the 45 declared goals for a communist takeover of a nation is to capture at least one of the political parties. The Democrat Party has been completely infiltrated by those with leftist communist ideologies. Most of the other goals for a national takeover have been realized, as well. This election is America’s last chance to save our nation from the socialist, communist dems.

  8. Are they actually suggesting stifling a free press and freedom of speech until “the government” says it’s ok to talk? Are you kidding me? They’ve gone completely mad! Government control is what they’re all about. Other than what’s legally already in place, I call bullsh*t on anyone that actually complies with their demands. Ridiculous.

  9. Another tactic of the left, besides heavy use of illusory truth effect, is the deflection employed by charging or accusing their ‘opponent(s)’ of doing what they are actually doing. Corrupt voting has predominantly come from the left. It is the left wanting to usher in ranked choice voting. It is the left that pushes for mail in voting. It is the left that is vehemently opposed to picture id for voting.

  10. Having worked elections, I can say that most of this is already in place. Good luck stopping Iran from trying to intimidate people; maybe they should try negotiating a peace process with them. (Oh, wait! Trump is already breaking records with peace in the Middle East.) And Mr. Nees is correct about the press. Do these people really think they can control everyone? If so, they’re the very fascists they pretend to hate.

  11. The leftist dips will demand and demand everything to promote their socialist agenda and nothing to promote the well being of Alaskan Americans. Conservatives should consider the source and vote accordingly. A leftist vote is a vote against Alaska and America. A conservative vote is freedom, constitutionality, the American way and a stand against communism/socialism and the fools trying to destroy Alaska and America.

    Vote with common sense and a penchant for the Alaska we all knew before leftists hijacked the political scene in our home. The left has nothing to offer except misery on a grand scale.

    • Thanks for the short, to the point comment, and like I said above, count me in. I have had a belly full of these San Francisco Communist transplants and their agenda destroying the state and country that we love. This radical left movement needs to be destroyed.

  12. All’s I heard was, “If us Dems are caught cheating elections promise us that you Republicans won’t do anything about it”.

  13. We have a good process for electing representatives, we don’t need these endless modifications foisted on us, which are designed to confuse the process and insert a one sided force on the process.

  14. The Dem/ liberal election “changers’ have casual voters so confused.

    A person asked me yesterday (in the sears mall) if they should get on the 90 person line & vote early because they are afraid there won’t be polls open on Nov 3rd.

    Unbelievable ….then I saw an Alaska State public service announcement talking about mail voting & early voting, that didn’t bother to mention that we can all vote locally (& normally) on the 3rd.

    Get up GOP Alaska …..get up on Nov. 3rd ….let’s flood those precincts!

  15. Right because it would be suspicious if a state that’s run Red since the 1970s elected Republicans to office. And they think Americans are stupid? Look in the mirror.

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