Biden falls behind Trump in swing states as voters aren’t buying ‘Bidenomics’


President Joe Biden is trailing former President Donald Trump in several key swing states, according to a poll conducted by Bloomberg News and Morning Consult.

In Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Trump leads by 4 points with voters over Biden, 47% to 43%

The voters in these battleground state voters said the economy was better off under the Trump administration than it is under Biden, with 49% trusting the former on the issue rather than the latter at 35%.

In a self-selected poll conducted by Must Read Alaska’s newsletter, readers agreed that the economy was better before Biden took office. Must Read Alaska readers tend to be more conservative than those polled by Bloomberg or Morning Consult:

Must Read Alaska’s Question of the Week was answered by 319 readers, with 97% saying the country is not better off now than it was three years ago.

According to the poll released Thursday by Bloomberg and Morning Consult, Trump led Biden by between 1 point to 5 points in five of the seven individual swing states. The two leading candidates were tied in Michigan at 44%. Nevada respondents preferred Biden over Trump, 46% to 43%.

More key takeaways from the poll:

  • In an aggregate of surveys from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Biden lacks the backing of 14% of voters who supported him three years ago, compared with a 9-point attrition rate among Trump’s 2020 supporters. 
  • Roughly 3 in 4 swing-state voters said the country’s economy is headed down the wrong track and they are more likely than not to say their personal financial situation was better off under Trump than it is under Biden. It reveals that the president’s “Bidenomics” pitch is not breaking through, as these voters are significantly more likely to trust his predecessor to handle their top voting issue. 
  • Over the coming year, Biden’s challenge will be to prove his economic successes and address concerns about everyday costs. The data suggests there’s an opportunity here, given many swing-state voters — including those who backed his 2020 bid — said they don’t know who to trust on the issue even while expressing some dissatisfaction with Biden. 

“Similar to what we have chronicled with our 2024 GOP primary tracker, the Oct. 5-10 survey shows a tight contest between the two likely major-party nominees 13 months from Election Day. Biden is trailing Trump in each of the key electoral states we tested except Nevada, while he is tied with his predecessor in Michigan,” Morning Consult explained.


  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Only problem is that Donald Trump is irrational. Not a good quality for a President with access to nuclear weapons. Folks need to demand better choices than eighty year old Joe Biden and seventy-seven year old Donald Trump. I will not vote for either.

      • History shows that the only world leader to have ever used a nuclear device in war was a Democrat

        And he did it twice

    • Jmark is afraid of Trump with nukes? Compared to what? A Democrat who can start four wars in three years? An dementia ridden pervert who is as corrupt as a 70’s Mafia boss? An immoral plagerist who brags on everything he does? An America hater who allowed 7 million illegals to invade our country.
      Uh, thanks, but no thanks, Jbird. I’ll take Trump to win it big in 2024.

    • Trump had 4 years of access to the nuclear codes. How did that go? Let’s see:
      No new wars, police actions or military Sent to new far off lands.
      Nort Korea settled down, no missiles fired toward Alaska.
      Calm in the Middle East. No kidnappings or murders of US citizens.
      Southern boarder not a sieve.
      Military at full strength.
      Stock market up, energy prices down, interest rates down and US production up.
      Yeah, he was terrible. I see why you don’t want him back.
      (Sometimes these replies practically write themselves. )

    • Aside from your personal bias, do you have any other demonstration that Trump is irrational?
      Asking for a friend.

      • Mr. Trump’s perception and behavior surrounding the 2020 election was and is irrational. His Attorney General, Bill Barr, told him that there was not enough evidence of misconduct to reverse the results. I believe Mr. Barr. I know that is a tough thing to accept but that’s a big one.

        Responding to other comments regarding Trump and nuclear weapons: It will only take one mistake or miscalculation involving a nuclear weapon to end the lives of hundreds of millions. Escalation is inevitable. Do people really believe that seventy-seven year-old Donald Trump is the ONLY person that can lead the country? Seriously?

        Mr. Biden may be the worst President in history. I will not vote for him. We simply must demand better choices than these two old geezers who have spent too much time in the sun.

        • JMark,
          Bill Barr is a life-long establishment player in Wash, DC. He’s part of the Swamp. The evidence of election fraud in 2020 can be see initially on CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC with real time footage of the Democrats shutting down the election tabulation centers in swing states at 9:00pm, and covering up the windows with cardboard so no one can see the chicanery and skullduggery about to take place. Trump supporters aren’t the stupid ones. The Biden Democrats are the ones.

        • Problem is, these are the choices we have.

          I don’t want Trump either, but he beats the hell out of Biden.

          • We simply have many other and better choices. “A false dilemma is a logical fallacy that presents only two options or sides when there are many options or sides.” An 80 year-old mentally impaired geezer vs. a 77 year-old delusional geezer? Seriously?

        • Not enough to reverse the results, and the election was stolen are two very different things. If you are basing your analysis of Trump on that, it is a very weak argument.
          The anonymous nature of the voting system in the US makes any proof of widespread voter fraud almost impossible. Just because Barr said “…there was not enough evidence of misconduct to reverse the results.” and Trump still talked about election fraud is not evidence of irrationality.
          Continuing to question “anomalies” that happened in 2020 is proof that you are looking for a secure election system, not one ripe for fraud. It is the very definition of rational thinking.
          In fact, those that claim the 2020 election was secure (plenty of politicians and talking heads were recorded saying exactly that) are the irrational ones. Unless someone can explain how massive mail in voting is more secure than voting in person.
          Sorry, not convinced. Please explain how Trump is irrational.

          • I have seen quite enough of Mr. Trumps diatribe of grievance on the 2020 election. He thinks that this rant is a reason to elect him President for the next four years? That is delusional. Mr. Trump offers nothing new and has serious character defects. He is unelectable. I refuse to support him. America can do better.

        • And this is why Democrats win. Odd as it is, they deal in reality compared to Republican voters.

          They play the game better and harder.

          It’s an idiotic denial of reality to complain “we have better choices” when they will NOT be on the ballot. Of course we do, but they aren’t going to get the nomination and without their party’s nomination…..

          Brace yourself….,

          They have absolute zero chance of winning this race. Biden will not get primaried and while not impossible, Trump will be damn hard to catch and beat.

          So you have two choices. Play the hand dealt or pout and not vote.

          That’s Reality Street.

        • You may have seen enough if his diatribe. But, are you one of those “it was the most secure election EVER!” people? Yeah, I bet you are, and the main reason, I suspect, is your bias against Trump. If the shenanigans that went on in 2020 got Trump elected, I have no doubt you would be singing a different tune.

    • Lawyer Sidney Powell pleaded guilty to reduced charges Thursday over efforts to overturn Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election in Georgia, becoming the second defendant in the sprawling case to reach a deal with prosecutors.

      • Which side of the political aisle is fighting tooth and nail to prevent audits, cleaning up voter rolls, and any other investigation into any allegations of election fraud? (HINT: It is not the Republicans.)
        Which side of the political aisle is asking social media accounts to block messages that question the integrity of the 2020 and 2022 elections? (HINT: Once again, it is not the Republicans.)
        If the Republicans were actually cheating, do you think they would be calling for audits?

    • Lawyer Sidney Powell pleaded guilty to reduced charges Thursday over efforts to overturn Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election in Georgia, becoming the second defendant in the sprawling case to reach a deal with prosecutors.

      • Have you actually read what Sydney Powell pled guilty to?
        Did you read the plea agreement?
        Doubt it, because if you did, you would realize how meaningless her plea deal is.

  2. Long time until election. And this far out, polls are problematic.

    Remember last years “red wave”?

    • Wrong, Forkie. Sydney Powell can’t go forward because she has no money to fight the corrupt DOJ. So, she takes a deal in order to live a bit longer without unnecessarily going to prison
      ………which she was threatened with by corrupt Joe Biden’s DOJ. Trump understands this, but Trump will fight these corrupt bastards to the end. That’s why the majority of good Americans support Trump. Apparently, not you.

    • Which attorney? Or do you want everyone to read your mind again?
      And, if you are talking about the Sydney Powell deal, actually read the details of the deal. It is a safe distance from any condemnation of Trump, and it certainly will not be the thing that causes him to get unhinged. (I would hazard a guess that Trump is fully aware of the plea deal, and supports it. But, then again, I will admit I do not have any insight.)

        • We know… what?
          That I do not have any insight into President Donald J. Trump’s private meetings? Is that what you are referring to?
          Perhaps you can actually try to respond to the points I make in my comment next time. You have no problem making yourself 100% clear when you are talking about how wonderful the C19 vaccines are, and how you would be dead now if not for them, but everything else is a riddle.
          So… are you talking about the Sydney Powell deal?
          If you are, did you actually read it?
          And, if you did read it, why do you think President Trump will “…get caught up in this and it will be his unhingment.?”

      • I read a bit on this deal. She lost her mind and nuked herself and probably Rudy. Never buy your own con.

        If anything, her plea strengthens Trumps hand. If your attorney gives you bad advice and you take it in good faith, it’s on the attorney, not you.

  3. Human nature is abundantly clear on this front.
    Before one starts caring about DIE, climate change, or your stupid pronouns, they have to be sure they can provide for themselves. That is reality. When you are not sure whether you will be able to keep the lights on, or keep your family fed, all of the crap this administration is pushing becomes meaningless.
    That is exactly the same reason why socialism always fails. There is almost no one alive that will give a toss that someone stranger’s kid can attend college, until after their child’s education future is certain. (sub medical care, food, shelter, etc… for college in that example, and it will remain a fact.) But, socialism requires the entire collective to care about every other person in the collective as if they were family.
    Thus, it fails.

  4. How many people here have EVER taken part in a political survey? Stop and think about that when analyzing any research results…

    And then stop to think about how these polls are meant to fortify the nonsense stories about how close our “elections” are, how radical people keep getting “elected”, etc.

    • I have.
      In more than 50 years as a registered voter in several states. One time. Polls are always questionable.

      • Polls, by design, are nearly always designed to generate a specific outcome.

        A carefully crafted poll will get Africa to agree to restart the slave trade.

        Even if the people commissioning the poll aren’t biased (they are) the pollster usually is.

        • That was one thing I did notice when I was answering the questions. There was definitely a bias toward one political party.

          • I actually have limited first hand experience with this.

            A long, long, long time ago, my political science instructor wanted to illustrate the point. He had us (he chose outrageous topics) create poll questions supporting stupid concepts. They we went to the student center and asked.

            Mine was if the options were mass genocide or the reintroduction of slavery were the only two options, which did we prefer?

            The reintroduction of slavery won hands down. Across racial lines and all 716 (714 at the time unknown) genders.

            The point was if you craft questions a certain way, and ask them a certain way, you can get the answer you want.

  5. Anyone preferring Biden over a turnip must be a vegetable also. Probably got all the mRNA jabs offered with most of the spike protein going straight to work liquifying his/her/it’s already low IQ brain. Come to think of it, probably not much of an overall effect. Biden voters, all approximately 40 million of them (that’s just counting them once this time), really didn’t have much to lose in the intelligence arena to begin with but even they are able to see their money disappearing faster under the incredible Bidenomics plan. Not claiming that Trump is perfect but, come on…Biden?

    • And yet damn near everyone with a D after their name will vote for him if he actually does run.

      And a lot of Republicans, too.

      • I know of at least one person who regularly comments on MRAK that claims to be conservative, but this individual will vote Biden in a heartbeat to keep Trump out of the Presidency. Heck, this individual would vote for Stalin… no… Satan if necessary to keep Trump out of the White House.
        TDS runs deep on both sides of the political aisle.

        • Trump is my second least favorite choice among Republicans. But if he gets the nod, he gets the nod. Life was saner and less expensive under Trump.

          My biggest concern about the possible Trump nomination is the TDS zealots come out in force and push Grandpa Bloodstains over the top. Not his decision making.

          There are a whole lot more people who claim conservatism here than the one I think you’re referring to.

  6. They lied about Russian Collusion, the origin of the virus, lockdowns, masks, the safety and effectiveness of the poison poke, election fraud, January 6th, and who just blew up a hospital in Gaza — but I promise you their polls are totes legit, guys.
    I’m originally from Iowa and lived there till just 3 years ago. Iowa is where polls go to die. Trump is not winning Iowa. DeSantis’s organization there is beyond even what Obama did. If he continues what he is currently doing, he will win Iowa, and Trump’s bubble pops….like Hillary did in 08’.

  7. If the 2024 presidential election is fair and honest, and that is a huge IF, Trump will win by a landslide! The country was prosperous & the world was relatively stable under Trump. Compare that to the country and the world today under the mush head supposedly leading the USA today. That’s all!

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