Defense Dept. report: China now has more than 500 nuclear warheads


The Department of Defense briefed reporters on the 2023 China Military Power Report that DOD delivered to Congress this week. In it, the Pentagon says that China now has 500 nuclear warheads, is deepening ties to Russia, and is increasing its aggression on Taiwan.

The annual report to Congress is based on the National Defense Strategy’s premise that China is the only competitor with the intent, will and capability to reshape the international order, said a Pentagon official, who described the PRC as the department’s “top pacing challenge.”

The report “charts the current course of the PRC’s national economic and military strategies, and offers insight into the [Chinese military’s] strategy, its current capabilities, some of its operational activities, as well as its future modernization goals,” he said. 

Communist leaders seek “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” by 2049 – the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s takeover of the world’s largest country. 

Part of this effort is China is increasing military coercion, the official said. An example of this is the increasing numbers of unsafe intercepts of U.S., allied and partner vessels and aircraft operating in international air and seaways of the Indo-Pacific region. “Between the fall of 2021 and the fall of 2023, the United States documented over 180 instances of [the People’s Liberation Army] coercive and risky air intercepts against U.S. aircraft in the region,” the official said. When allies and partners are included, this jumps to more than 300 instances.

The report also covers China’s intensifying pressure campaign against Taiwan including Chinese ballistic missile overflights of Taiwan, increased flights into Taiwan’s self-declared air defense identification zone and the large-scale simulated joint blockade and simulated joint firepower strike operations done after a visit to the island by a U.S. congressional delegation. 

Additionally, China’s deepening security ties with Russia are covered. In fact, as the official was detailing the content of the report, Chinese President Xi Jinping was meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin at a ceremony marking the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative in China. The senior defense official said China sees its emergence as a great power as tied to the alliance with Russia. 

The report also looks at the continued development of the Chinese military’s nuclear, space and cyberspace capabilities. “We see the PRC continuing to quite rapidly modernize and diversify and expand its nuclear forces,” he said. “They are expanding and investing in their land, sea and air-based nuclear delivery platforms, as well as the infrastructure that’s required to support this.”  

The report estimates the Chinese had more than 500 operational nuclear warheads as of May 2023. “That is on track to exceed some of our previous predictions,” he said. 

China is developing new intercontinental ballistic missiles. These may also be conventionally-armed missiles. “If developed and fielded, such capabilities would allow the PRC to threaten conventional strikes against targets in the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska,” the official said. 

According to the report, Chinese leaders are seeking to modernize People’s Liberation Army capabilities in all domains of warfare.  

On the land, the People’s Liberation Army continues to modernize its equipment and focus on combined arms and joint training, the department said. The Chinese military is still a conscript force with two intakes a year. The military is working to field long-range fires and incorporate the capability into their doctrine. 


  1. Duh.

    China’s military is preparing to fight wars.

    Ours is concerned with “white rage” and validating mental illnesses.

  2. Joel Skousen has been studying the nuclear capability of Russia for over 30 years. He recently said “Russia has about 10,000 warheads on missiles, and we have 400.” We’ve been downsizing, while Russia has been upsizing. Russia’s anti-ballistic missiles can take ours out too, while we can’t reliably take theirs out, because ours have to actually strike the missile. Russia’s only have to get near ours and then explode.

    Russia has EMP weapons that can take down our electricity for a year, during which almost all Americans would die from that alone: no heat, water, sewer, transportation, communication, food, etc..

    Lisa Murkowski gutted the bill that had passed the House, which was supposed to start the hardening of our power grid. She’s a traitor in more ways than one.

    So we’re sitting ducks. Russia doesn’t have the manpower to takeover the US after they strike us, which is why they’re allying with China, who wants arable: our lower-48. Russia wants Alaska back.

    Dumitru Duduman and many others have prophesied Russia and China nuking the USA. But it will start with civil unrest, which probably hasn’t happened fully enough yet, but soon could. The globalists, including Biden are working hard on it.

    We have a small window of opportunity to get real Christianity happening, Jesus’ prayer in John 17 fulfilled “that the world will know” — and God’s standard in Ephesians 4:11-16 happening.

    It could start from Anchorage, but we have to be serious about teaching and believing what the Bible actually says, so we actually abide in Christ, and do so together in unity “that the world will know,” Jesus’ promised in John 17.

    A fairly well known pastor in Anchorage had a dream that Anchorage was a Christian city.

    We can’t even feel the presence of God in our churches anymore. Spiritually, Anchorage has declined, big-time! Instead of cranking up the music to rock concert levels so people think something is happening during “worship,” how about everyone making sure they’re right with God and each other, like Paul always practiced doing (Acts 24:16).

    And have Jesus’ John-17 and Ephesians-4 goal as our goal.

    We can lead the whole world into holiness, so we’ll be ready no matter what happens in this next decade.


    • The body, we know who we are, Jeff just keep at it! Doing what you are doing and be in prayer daily and not forgetting bible and devotion reading. Always being prepared whenever/ however God calls you to fulfill a mission at a place or to another person whether or not the mission work is big, small, ordinary or extraordinary. Never forgetting with an exclamation point attitude telling the person one just served about Jesus! HE gets all the glory!

      Just as Mathew 25:1-9 commands for us to be Ready for the bridegroom. Doesn’t matter if another isn’t pulling their weight for the coming Kingdom. Just as long as we in the body are doing what Christ gave us to do.

      Remember if God wants to bring salvation unto Alaska through his Church with a Capital C for his glory God can, and he can choose not to. Remember Noah built an ark for 100 years and preached and had not one additional follower except his family. But also with the prayers of one righteous person from James 5:16 “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.“

      Anchorage may not be moving faster enough for people. Still good work is being completed through the saints here.

        • Stop being the worlds police. Stop financing other countries wars. Stop stealing resources from other countries and invest in our own. Use diplomacy to a certain extent while building our defenses.

          That’s a start. Reason why this isn’t happening and that we’re in the pickle we’re in is because have lost spiritually, patriotism, respect and decency to name a few. You see M.A., our country is more than likely too far down the drain to recover because more than half don’t want to see it recover.

          The Russians said back in the late ‘60s that they were going to infiltrate and destroy the USA from within, without firing one shot. They’re just about there. Our turn at being king of the hill is practically over.

          My personal solution: Live life to the fullest. Obey the Boy Scout Law, the Ten Commandments and enjoy what you have because no matter what you do outside of your close circle, it just doesn’t matter.

        • Masked Avenger, thanks for caring enough to ask. This is a serious threat we must take seriously, especially since many of us live next to a military base, which Joel Skousen predicts all will be nuked.

          Besides the clear facts of what’s likely, many have had dreams of the US being nuked by Russia and/or China, and also EMP dreams. A friend I worked with for years, had a dream of his car suddenly shutting off while driving in Anchorage hillside.

          I had a dream in which I saw from above the New Seward Highway about two blocks south of Dimond. All of the cars had stopped on the highway, and the drivers had gotten out, and were walking north towards the Dimond exit. Their cellphones also didn’t work, or some could have called for help from their cars.

          I’d recommend watching this short video as a brief overview. Joel is speaking to Mormons in Utah, but it applies to us here too:

          (8 min vid) Joel Skousen – WW3 and EMP / Nuke Threat

          I would also recommend subscribing to Joel’s World Affairs Brief newsletter to keep up to date on what’s going on in many subjects, which I have for over 20 years. He’s extremely analytical, not emotion driven, and is almost always right on everything. He also believes in being guided by conscience, which many Americans aren’t being careful about doing these days.

          I’m suggesting the above video, because here he says specifically if we live WITHIN 10 MILES OF A MILITARY BASE, the only way to survive is by having a blast protected shelter. This would include MOST OF US living in Anchorage and most living in Eagle River. Joel suggests moving, instead of building such a shelter.

          Regarding nuclear fallout, if homes are downwind of a nuclear blast, even hundreds of miles away, “some kind of fallout shelter is needed.” If the wind is from the SE, Wasilla and Palmer could also be hit with fallout. Apparently, fallout proofing a home is expensive too, because he says it costs 1/3rd of what a blast shelter would cost.

          I’m not interested in doing either; though, I’m within 10 miles from JBER. I’ve been focusing on trying to get the grid EMP hardened, which would buy us more time, but not enough people are interested enough to pressure Congress or our state government to do something. And Lisa betrayed us. An extra big solar flare could take our grid out too. But if Russia and/or China EMPs the entire US.

          Skousen expects cars to be disabled if they’re within 150 miles of the EMP explosion. Cars beyond that may shut off, but may be able to be restarted. Pre-computerized cars with carburetors will work, but gas will not be available, and roads may be blocked due to broken down vehicles.

          Sewer won’t work because lift stations won’t operate. I don’t know if sewers will back up into houses or not. Natural gas will be shut off because it requires being pumped. Most home heaters won’t work anyway, because of fried circuits. Even solar panels will have parts that will fry.

          People living off the grid in rural locations may have the best survival opportunity, but they’ll be completely isolated. They’ll have to survive at least a year on their own.

          Unless Anchorage is a Christian city by that time, there will be a lot of looting and violence. It would be pretty much impossible to survive just that alone, if we’re just EMPd and not nuked. God has not told me to leave Anchorage. My #1 priority for over three decades is to help real Christianity happen, so people can work together in their areas of expertise, both practically and spiritually, so some type of group solution could be done.

          It’s even possible that Russia could change their mind from nuking us if we really do repent and become right with God and all people, so glorious things will happen here that will spread throughout the entire world.

          Or God could even supernaturally thwart an attack on Alaska by changing hearts or even stopping weapons. It’s happened before. The main thing is to be in God’s will where He wants us, being holy, like Paul always made sure he was (Acts 24:16). Hardly anyone is these wicked days.

          I stayed overnight in a Kibbutz in Israel decades ago. I think a Christian community could do this in Alaska, making a safe place somewhere, each person doing their part in what they’re gifted in.

          Joel Skousen has books on practical things to do, including securing a home, which I haven’t been interested in.

          By the way, Russia and China can take out our aircraft carriers now too. We’ve given a lot of our technology to China, like idiots (though the globalists like Kissinger orchestrated it on purpose), and the rest they stole or got from Russia.

          My focus is on getting real Christianity happening, then we’ll know exactly what to do, and will have God’s help during what’s to come. The joy of the Lord will be our strength!

          • The scriptures say He will bring to ruin those ruining the earth. Is all the described weaponry ruining the earth? I’d say so. God created the earth 🌎 to be inhabited. And it will be. The righteous will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace. What makes humans right(eous)? It’s a gift given to them because of their belief in God, God’s will and God’s son and their faith in God’s organization in heaven and on earth to save and restore the earth and humanity and their desire to see God’s promise fulfilled for the obedient upon the earth forever.

      • Jen, thanks for the encouraging words! Most definitely, the main thing is to just serve Christ in holiness one day at a time, doing what we believe we’re led to no matter what the consequences. We may never know until we get to heaven what God did through us.

        I do pray A LOT (really a lot!) of things through in the Spirit, especially these days, and especially since the Gaza event. The hate from “Christians” has been intense, which puts them in the “will not inherit the kingdom” list in Galatians 5. But since no pastor in Anchorage teaches them they will lose their salvation if they harbor bitterness and hate in their hearts, many never fully repent.

        This is the main problem in Christianity today: “once saved always saved” (OSAS) and “only believe,” which no one taught until the fourth century, and was only made popular in the 16th by Luther and Calvin. Now it’s a mainstream heresy, so hardly any “Christians” are abiding in Christ, and woke is influencing Alaskans way too much.

        Hardly any fathers especially are standing up because they’ve let themselves be sin compromised, having been taught they’re going to heaven no matter what, and even “God won’t love you any more or less based upon how close or distant you are to God.” What lies!

        And pastors are still teaching old covenant tithing, warning people that they’ll be cursed by God if they don’t give pastors 10% of their income before taxes, according to Old Testament Malachi. Now we’re to be led by the Holy Spirit, the better way. Pastors should be teaching people to be led by the Holy Spirit in everything, especially in money, “the root of all kinds of evil.”

        You quoted James 5:16b. The entire verse shows we must be right with one another to be righteous: “Therefore CONFESS YOUR SINS TO EACH OTHER and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a RIGHTEOUS PERSON is powerful and effective.”

        I don’t know one pastor in Anchorage who teaches we should confess our sins in order to reconcile with those we’ve hurt, so we will be righteous, like Jesus said we must in Mt. 5:23-24.

        Paul said overseers (pastors) MUST be BLAMELESS and HOLY in Titus 1:6-8. Are any in Anchorage today?

        Paul said “I •ALWAYS• take pains to have a CLEAR CONSCIENCE toward both God and MAN” (Acts 24:16).

        The writer to Hebrews said without holiness, no one will see the Lord.

        It’s not just the MSM that’s lying. The pulpits are, citywide.

        Jesus’ prayer in John 17 and God’s Ephesians-4:11-16 standard needs to be our goal. Then we’ll have a Christian city that will amaze and inspire the world!

        And the homeless issue will be solved lickety-split, with many people being healed emotionally and physically, both!

        God definitely does “want to bring salvation unto Alaska through his Church,” by the way — no doubt about it. But He won’t override our free will and make us do it. He’s waiting.

        We can do it. If we build it He will come!

    • Jeff – I don’t know who Joel Skousen is, but I recently saw a quote from the Pentagon that stated our nuclear arsenal stood at about 7,000 & Russia’s was estimated at about 7,500. Seems to me there are more than enough on the planet to cook the world several times over!

      • Fishing for Food,

        Globalist controlled MSM lies about stats in many ways, both by omission and commission, which we just saw in plain sight during Covid. They don’t want us prepared for what’s coming; otherwise, many of the frogs would have jumped out of the slowly warming pot before it now comes to a boil, and it’s too late.

        It’s probably already too late. Russia and China together are so far ahead of us now in nuclear technology. And with EMP weapons taking out our power grid for an entire year, they believe they can win with ease.

        Plus, we still have Bill Clinton’s PDD-60 in place, which won’t allow us to attack until struck. And Biden wouldn’t launch anyway. He wants us to be taken out. He’s following the Satanic globalist plan in almost everything he does.

        I just looked up the numbers. Joel Skousen is apparently referring to our land based nukes only, not sub based. We have 400 Minuteman III missiles each having 1 warhead, which is 400 warheads, his number.

        As of 1993, we had 737 Minuteman III missiles each having 3 warheads, for a total of 2200 warheads. To be more user-friendly, we lowered the number of missiles and removed 2 warheads from each one.

        The Minuteman III is 53-years-old, and is our only land based IBCM. We’ve regressed, while Russia now has state-of-the-art everything, with some nukes traveling at mach 10, 7,500 mph. They haven’t adhered to the treaties, which we just let them get away with, and the media says nothing, or they say we all have enough nukes to destroy the earth, which won’t happen, because Russia and China will only nuke strategic military targets, like JBER in Anchorage and Eielson by Fairbanks.

        What Skousen didn’t mention in his 400-warheads number were our sub-based missiles, which I didn’t know until now.

        We have 14 ballistic missile submarines that carry 20 missiles that have an average of 90 warheads per sub.

        So that’s 1800 warheads, but many of them are the small 90 kiloton versions.

        And we’ve agreed to keep 7 of those subs in plain view in port, so half of those warheads can be destroyed on Russia and China’s first launch, because of traitor Bill Clinton’s PDD-60.

        So the number of land based ICBMs is 400, each having only 1 warhead, and we have 900 warheads in our nuclear subs at sea, but many, maybe most of them are low yield.


        Fact Sheet: The United States’ Nuclear Inventory (2020)

        United States Nuclear Forces

        • Jeff – Wow, if what you say is true, then Sloppy Joe is even stupider than I gave him credit for! Prodding the Bear in Ukraine when all we’re holding is a pair of deuces! Certainly, we are in dangerous times.

    • The reason we’ve downsized is because the globalists have to take out the USA to bring in the NWO. Too many of the citizens are armed, unlike most countries, so they have to eliminate us by taking out our electricity for at least a year through EMP weapons and by nuking our military bases, which in Alaska, the majority of us live nearby.

      Regarding star wars weapons, we don’t know exactly what they can do and to what degree they’re employable. Joel Skousen expects the globalists to use the star wars weapons only after the US population is taken out, after they emerge from their bunkers.

      MSM has been intentionally not telling Americans about how deficient we are compared to Russia and China in nuclear capability so China and Russia would become so superior so they can easily take us out.

      If the MSM doesn’t talk about it, few Americans care; though, people like myself have been trying to tell people for decades.

      Few Alaskans know that a bill to protect our power grid was passed in the House, but Murkowski took that part out of the bill that was passed in the Senate. When I reported this, hardly any Alaskans have seemed to care.

      Biden is a globalist trying to destroy the US in every way possible. He’s not ignorant, like many people think. He’s Satanic, as are all of the globalists, who are doing their master’s bidding. Many of our leaders are blackmailed.

        • Greg Forkner,

          I don’t doubt that they exist. I told you: “Joel Skousen expects the globalists to use the star wars weapons only after the US population is taken out, after they emerge from their bunkers.”

          The main way we need to “get with the times” is to realize how evil and blackmailed most of our national leaders are. Many will throw us under the bus in a heartbeat, especially Biden. Hasn’t he already proven that to you?

          The globalists are Satanists, or in some way controlled by Satan. Many are pedophiles. Look at how Biden touches the little girls, and what his daughter said — and all of the destructive evil he’s done to the US in three years, and is getting away with it; could be elected again even.

          These are evil people who don’t have our back. They think they have one up on us, and will continue to be in the global elite once the US is destroyed.

          I had a dream in 2009 in which a guy said “Joe Biden, the antichrist.” I don’t know if he’ll make it to become the Antichrist, but he’s certainly an antichrist.

          The chiefs of staff are trying to turn the military into woke.

          They’re not going to save us. Evil is taking over because most Americans have let evil overtake them. So it’s a cakewalk for wokeism now, even here in Anchorage.

  3. Punch them right out of the sky with our new, secret Lazer technology. Mounted on warships at sea. Janes can’t publish yet. It’s here.

    • Rick,

      Lasers have many limitations. They lose power over distance when going through water vapor in the air, which is why the Lahaina fire couldn’t have melted cars from lasers shot from the air.

      From what I understand, lasers have a narrow beam that shoot a single pulse that has to contact the projectile directly, which is flying at up to 7,500 mph, and will probably be miles away. That seems impossible.

      Also, Russia and China have missiles and high speed torpedoes that can take out any of our ships, including aircraft carriers.

      And the globalists’ plan is to have the US taken out, so if they have secret weapons (which they do), Joel Skousen predicts they won’t be used until after the Americans die, so the one-world government can be implemented.

  4. Just look at those happy CHICOMs in the picture. They own nothing but they’re happy! Probably just marching back to the unisex barracks after beating a few peasants who wanted to own their rice paddys to death. Communism can be fun when you have the guns. Mao’s forces were able to “reeducate” an entire country using tried and tested methods such as beatings, disappearances and mass murder. Starvation on a regional scale was another useful tool. Now the Chinese are taking their game global so that we can all share in the benefits of collectivism…like ants in a colony or bees in a hive. Individualism is so yesterday and bad for global climate besides! It’s a socialist future, comrades. Exciting!

      • You say that with more conviction than a religious person. Then again, most climate-alarmists are secular humanists as well, so keep your faith!

  5. I didn’t write about the bottom of the page…I want people to understand what’s happening here. this is about the danger we’re facing. get your shit together, and help each other. this could get bad.

  6. Well, as a Gen Xer raised on “Red Dawn and Road Warrior” sure wish things would get going. We are getting a bit long in the tooth to be running in the mountains and climbing around tankers with crossbows. The big question is, is it too early to get my face tattoo and get my labradoodle a red mohawk?

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