Biden extends his 9-11 emergency powers over military by a year


On Thursday, President Joe Biden ensured the emergency that began after Sept. 11, 2001 will extend another year, giving him broad powers over the organization of the military.

The proclamation, “The National Emergency with Respect to Certain Terrorist Attacks,” means the nation will be in a state of emergency for at least 23 years since Muslim terrorists attacked the country, killing nearly 3,000 people in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

The one-year extension of President George W. Bush’s original Proclamation 7463 comes just four days before the 22nd anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

“Because the terrorist threat continues, the national emergency declared on September 14, 2001, and the powers and authorities adopted to deal with that emergency must continue in effect beyond September 14, 2023.  Therefore, I am continuing in effect for an additional year the national emergency that was declared on September 14, 2001, with respect to the terrorist threat,” the proclamation says.

Biden will spend Sept. 11 traveling home from Vietnam, and will make a quick stop for fuel in Alaska, where he will take part in a brief ceremony at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

Aviators in Alaska will be observing a temporary flight restriction around Anchorage on Sept. 11, due to the president’s stopover.


  1. surely there’s a way to stop this from happening. it’s obvious that he’s not capable any more. who is doing this??? I say lets have a vote, and we can let the people make the decision.

    • Did you take any civics? Any at all?

      We are a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. We make our voices heard via the people we elect to federal office.

      Democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on who’s for dinner.

      More, command and control of the military via public vote is beyond impractical and outright dangerous.

      It’s within his purview as Commander in Chief. Congress has the ability to attempt to challenge it, but isn’t interested in doing so.

      The only way this could be stopped is if Biden was removed via 25th Amendment.

      Please learn how the system works.

      • Public schools stopped mandatory teaching civics, history, and government since 1920’s. When millennials were in high school government, history, and civics were elective classes for upper grades. Millennial juniors and seniors were more interested making their class schedule as easy as possible so they can goof off.
        I never made it far enough to even have the choice if I wanted to take a government, civic, or history class. Not everyone is as privilege as you Masked Avenger to be given a more rounded education, teenagers of the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, 2000s aren’t going to pick the right classes without parent or respected mentor’s guidance. I see today our churches need more times families and individuals meets for fellowship and bible study, then maybe the church community group members after getting to know one another and forming friendships they can realize they ought to form another book group amongst each other to do group topical studies like civics, government, and history or management leadership and group leadership, for those of Christians needing more education.

        • You know God has a special place for people like you who distort His words for personal gain or ego stroking.

          Hint: it’s warm. You’ll want to bring a fan and wear shorts.

          Few things actually annoy Him as much as a Pharisee who misleads people.

        • Failure to learn civics is a failing of the individual more than the school system.

          It’s actually very telling you chose to use that as a dodge. Reflects a stunning lack of curiosity, intelligence, and overall obtuseness.

          • I disagree; if a high school graduate doesn’t understand the basic structure of our government it’s because no one taught it to them. That failing is shared by that person’s parents and the school they attended; you certainly can’t blame a child for not learning something that no one in their life seemed to think was important.

        • Not sure where you started going to school or when you ended going to school, but in Anchorage public schools, one had to take either US Government, which is a civics class, or AP US History in order to graduate from high school. It was a requirement.

          Not sure if it is still a requirement, but is sure was in the 2008 and prior when I graduated from ASD.

          So your point about the kids from the sixties until now not being taught civics is a total falsehood.

          I wont respond to the church stuff as that is the same nonsense you spout off on in almost every comment you make on this site

          • I also graduated in 2008, though not from ASD, and I was also required to take a class called “US Government”. The class was a joke; the teacher seemed to have little understanding of the subject or its significance on American life and she basically just read from a script. I sincerely doubt anyone came out of that class with a better understanding of how our government is supposed to work.

          • AK Pilot,

            that sounds like an issue with the teacher, not the class. I have always been interested in politics and had a good teacher for US Government so I actually learned something.

      • Actually Kathy is right, if you understood your Constitution and ever read Madison’s copious notes or even attempted to comprehend the Federalist Papers you would understand that all power is held by we the people.

        But then a little learning is a great danger, especially when one pontificates profusely.

  2. Clearly something is wrong with our system when the President (or a governor, or a mayor) can just keep asserting that an emergency exists and retain special, often vaguely-defined powers with no accountability. The root of the word “emergency” is “emerge”, as in an “emerging” situation that requires quick action. Nothing that happened 23 years (or even 23 months) ago can possibly be considered to still be an “emergency” by any sane person. A chief executive must be able to act in a true emergency, but those powers must be clearly defined and limited in duration unless Congress (or, respectively, a state legislature) extends them.

    • Well, well. Welcome to the party. It’s nice to see you finally understand something that the rest of us have known since childhood: The Constitution delegated specific powers to each of the three branches of the federal government. And now, when we have allowed those powers to be disrupted and shifted to other branches we have presidents making law, congress enforcing law, and the judicial branch being used politically. Since the system is clearly tilted. it appears the only way back to the Constitution is for congress to take back their powers, and/or the the joint chiefs to publicly stand up and say ‘no, Mr. president, we will not comply as this order is clearly unConstitutional’.

      • Umm…not sure what you mean by “finally” as this is hardly a new revelation to me and I think my commenting has been quite consistent on this principle. Perhaps you mistook my simple observation as a personal epiphany.

    • I was eight in 1959 when Alaska swore to secure and defend the US Constitution. I don’t know why Sheriffs who review corporate, legislatively written bylaws in Alaska are not available to serve the republic in Alaska to seek and defend Alaskans against writings superflous to and in conflict with the US Constitution. Just this past week alone there were three items I would have requested inquiry regarding. Also, Alaska NEEDS the US Constitutionally required Secretary of State and as required by the US Constitution who is doing the comparisons and is open to the public for immediate inquiry into public misdemeanors committed by Alaska’s oath takers stipend receivers. Idaho does this. The accessible capitol is open to the public 24 hours a day seven days a week to take their complaints regarding usurpations. And, they follow up on them. The Constitution mandated 24 hour Secretary of State also makes sure election laws are Constitutional and “counting” is accurate every time. Why are these structures omitted from availability to Alaskan people today in September 2023? (There is no enabling legislation by state servants). What do we have to be happy and trusting about?

  3. I was against Bush getting this power in the first place. For just this reason.

    Congress should have forced a sunset on this stupidity, but didn’t. And here we are.

  4. Just a temporary 22 year long emergency trampling of the constitution, goyim. Don’t look into the early life of the legal scholars that told Donald Rumsfeld he had the authority to enact this on behalf of the President. Seriously goyim, don’t look into it… people the administration declares a threat don’t get brought before a judge. Americans can be assassinated, goyim…

    • Why invest your money in a state which has built-in great distaste for one personally as an individual and as a member of a group, mankind status, with God-given natural and international law rights both of which are articulated by the foundational law of this land, the US Constitution?

  5. This slimeball, sleaze of a president has stuffed his pockets with influence peddled overseas cash from our enemies, while purposely castrating our own military. A totalitarian dictator uses the military to pump terror into his own country. Biden is one sick mutherf*cher. The military rank and file view him with utter disdain. He is illegitimate and the majority of Americans know it.

  6. Crime bosses never give up an inch of power no matter what the peeons say or think.
    I was selected by the peeons so I will trample the peeons as instructed by my former boss.
    We promised America change in 2008 and we dont break promises even if we have to trample our racist constitution in doing so.

  7. Short Stairs Biden is the epitome of a tin pot Fascist dictator! Impeachment is too good for him. He needs to be prosecuted for treason & bribery.

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