Biden abruptly cancels public comment period on Cook Inlet oil and gas lease


Bureau of Ocean Energy Management announced it canceled the public comment period on the draft environmental impact statement for the proposed Cook Inlet OCS Oil & Gas Lease Sale 258. This is the Lower Cook Inlet lease sale near Homer.

On Jan. 27, President Joe Biden issued Executive Order 14008, titled “Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad.” Among other things, this order directs federal agencies to “pause new oil and natural gas leases on public lands or in offshore waters pending completion of a comprehensive review and reconsideration of Federal oil and gas permitting and leasing practices.”

A Federal Register notice formally canceling the comment period and public meetings is forthcoming.

Hilcorp is the primary company that this impacts, as it has been doing most of the exploration work in Cook Inlet and was on the first lease sale.

The 2017-2022 National Outer Continental Shelf Oil & Gas Program provides for one lease sale in the federal submerged lands of Cook Inlet.

Due to cancellation of the public comment period, the virtual meetings previously scheduled for February are also canceled.


  1. Suzanne, this profile shot of Biden looks extremely close and reminds me of some of those Hitler black and white films that you see on the history channel. he’s standing at a podium and he’s screaming at everybody and foaming at the mouth. Add a little stash and he could be a Dead ringer.

  2. No Comment from Murkowski, Sullivan, and Young thanks a lot for nothing. Not ever voting for the three stogies again. Young, you need to retire now

  3. What the hell is wrong with this administration? Why are they able to get away with this? Why are people voting for these extremely devisive politicians? Why has Biden not consoled with any republican congressman besides Murkowski? Why can’t politicians come out and speak their minds without being threatened? No one is even close to being a saint. Why do people think everyone has to be saint or progressive to be heard out? Everything is screwed up

  4. China wants to limit the extraction of natural resources from Alaska to preserve the value of the state before they take possession.

    • Clearly, this crazy loon and dementia-ridden president has surrendered himself to the environmental wack-jobs that now control his Administration. Our national economy is being imperilled before our eyes.

    • Tom, you couldn’t have said it any clearer. Remember that Beijing Joe has his marching orders and he has to follow President Xi’s instructions to the hilt. Or something terrible may befall this bumbling idiot.

  5. Biden stole the Election with 13 million more votes than registered voters. The Congress is an acessory to this Treason. The Entire Federal Government is a Vichy Government of Chinese Traitors. It is the Duty of all Patriot Americans to ignore the illegal/unconstitutional dictates of a Fraudulent Dictator!

    • THIS!
      Biden didn’t win. America didn’t come out in droves to vote for a candidate that hid from them.
      There’s a reason vote counting was stopped in the middle of the night in key states.
      RIP USA.
      it was a good run while it lasted and there is no way we are voting ourselves out of this.

  6. That photo is of China Joe demonstrating the IRON FIST of Americas New Left Wing Democrat Government…

  7. What exactly do you think this administration has planned for AK over the 4-years? Ruling by fiat … Executive Orders.
    Future doesn’t look good!

  8. It’s almost like the most votes for President in human history is a dictator who rules by fiat. Who could have seen this coming?

  9. Democrats, like Stalinists or Maoist are believers in central control of the economy, the action described in this story by Biden’s eco-zealots is an example of how they intend to implement their plan. First drive down the supply of fossil fuels by not permitting drilling within the U.S., making us more dependent upon volatile foreign sources. This has the effect of increasing the cost of fossil fuels to U.S. consumers and further enables Whack-Job extremist Nations to become relevant, thereby shoring up the Military Industrial Complex, but I digress. Essentially the motive is to get the American consumer to give up on gasoline powered cars and go Electric, ( E.V.). Trouble is there are unintended consequences here. One is the enormous increase electric re-charging will place upon an existing power grid( think of a 40 amp recharging station for 10 to 12 hours every day per vehicle). The second issue is that what might work in a climate like California will not work very well in Alaska or Montana. I confess I like the concept of electric vehicles,( especially in a place like South East Alaska where there is cheap hydro-power), but what of the little things like running your windshield defrost? It turns out from my reading that cold climates tax the battery life of an E.V. severely , meaning you get less than half of the normal range per recharge. Another issue is that batteries of all types cannot be recharged if they are cold. So your car batteries will need to be warmed up before you recharge. Oh, some EV makers have a system to warm the batteries too, but… it drains the battery while doing so. So I am left wondering, if you want to wean the public off of the internal combustion engine, why would you restrict drilling for Natural Gas which in this case powers the Electric Grid, (recharging stations) and provides heating fuel for a toasty garage in which to recharge ? Sometimes Ideology gets ahead of reality, but “Onward Through the Fog”!

  10. Just a heads up, technically a executive order is not a true law and can be challenged in court of law. The left used judges to overthrow President Trump’s executive orders for four years. We need our Governors to stand up and engage in lawsuits to stop these actions. The left is truly trying rewrite our laws with executive orders, Biden has already penned over 40 in 2 weeks. Now correct me if I am wrong, dem party wants to control everything in our lives and show they have no control over their absolute power need.

    • So, maybe we need to start a very large group of people who will coordinate email, phone call, letter writing, whatever to our governor, legislature, AG, whatever whenever something like this needs to be addressed. Since our capital is SO FAR AWAY, this would be the only way to harass er I mean inform them of our wishes. Anyone interested know how to get this started?

    • We need to emulate North and South Dakota with the new bills they have before their legislatures regarding not enforcing EO’s or laws that are unconstitutional. Look it up.

      • We have drifted so far from our original foundations that now we require a law to enforce a law. The Constitution is the Law of the Land, and any bill that is passed which contradicts the Constitution is already null and void.

  11. Let’s hope more people Find the Truth during Biden Administration, that nothing happens to him, so the Truth can go into those living lost and blind when they lose their security.

  12. Why is the voting populous not allowed to participate in forums where the resulting legislation affects us directly or indirectly?
    Why are elected representatives not accountable to the populous?
    Perhaps those ‘above’ us should spend all their time with constituents instead of enjoying the perks of Washington D.C. and Juneau.
    We, the ‘deplorables’ utilize tools, i.e. Zoom, to reduce costs and become more productive. Get to work.
    Enough of the ‘fashion show’ news.

  13. If you want to know what the Biden admin is going to do, just ask yourself one simple question:

    What’s best for China?

  14. Biden’s mental capacity is borderline non-functional. It would be delusional to think that any action he is taking at this time is not directed by a “handler.” It’s a mortal cinch that handler resides in the compound of Barak Obama, and what we are currently enduring is Obama 3.0. With a foil such as Biden front and center to take any heat for his 3.0’s contrived actions, Obama, has near free rein to act even more radically in this “3rd” term than he did in his first two. Meanwhile as long as Joe can muster the energy to sign his name (use his stamp) he will stay in the Oval office. No cogent thought process required. When his inability to find the dotted line presents itself his use to Obama, and the multi-nationals will be over and the next foil in line will take over. Make no mistake, Obama, China,Russia and the Multinationals are all in on the effort to destroy our country as we “knew”it.

  15. Wow, Joe and his handlers have been in office for less than a month and look at the havoc they wreaked! Shut down XL which cancelled cruise ships and so many jobs, shut down ANWR, Pebble will never get off the ground and I fear other mining operations will be shuttered. Now this gas lease. Anyone want to wager on what’s next?

  16. We should use some of the PFD and sue to stop any development in the other 49 states and see how they like that. We could get the attention of the people then if all construction and development was stopped by lawsuits.

  17. He had another brain fart. He woke up and realized he was out of his basement and there were important decisions to make but had to wait until he called his CCP handlers to tell him what to do;

  18. As I’ve said before … there are probably tens of millions of Americans who would most likely regard a military coup as the lesser of two evils.

    • The military Coup de tête already took place that’s why they didn’t back the insurrection act Pentagon was in on it!!!

  19. Now is the time for all republic-loving states to come together and fight the over reach by the unlawful socialist anti-American administration. There is a thing called states’ rights, only if the state has the spine and courage to fight for their residents.

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