Bernadette Wilson named state director for Americans for Prosperity Alaska


Bernadette Wilson, a well-known political mover-and-shaker in Alaska, has been named state director for the Alaska chapter of Americans for Prosperity, Must Read Alaska has learned from sources close to the national organization.

Wilson is the owner of Denali Disposal in Anchorage. She has been involved with political movements for most of her adult life, working to pass the “parental notification” ballot initiative in 2010, and co-hosting a radio show with Ethan Berkowitz before he ran for Anchorage mayor.

She has been involved with “Open Alaska,” a group pressing for fair public policy treatment of businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, and she organized a citizen-led 2020 Memorial Day remembrance event attended by hundreds in Anchorage on the Delaney Park Strip, after then-Mayor Berkowitz canceled city sponsorship of the annual event.

Wilson was a key advisor to the campaign of Dave Bronson, who became Anchorage mayor in July. She is a frequent guest on the morning Dan Fagan Show on KENI radio.

Wilson replaces Ryan McKee, who left the organization several weeks ago after two years at the helm.

Americans for Prosperity is dedicated to the belief that every person has a unique set of gifts and the ability to contribute to society in their own way, an idea that has inspired progress since our country’s founding.

In 35 states, the group engages in grassroots outreach to advocate for long-term solutions to the country’s biggest problems that prevent people from realizing their incredible potential. Much of the group’s focus is to fight unsustainable government growth, spending, and debt, a broken immigration system, a rigged economy, and a host of other issues.

The group, which has grown in its effectiveness since its inception in 2004, sees its role in “advancing a free and open society, where every person can realize their American dream. We recruit and unite concerned individuals in all 50 states to advance policies that will help people improve their lives.”

The Alaska chapter of AFP was formed in 2015, with Jeremy Price as its first state director. Price now serves as a commissioner with the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Must Read Alaska has not confirmed the appointment with AFP.


  1. Wouldn’t it be great if the republican legislators had her fire, she reminds me of Ted Stevens when he wanted something good for Alaska.

    • LMAO! Ted Stevens suffered absolutely
      no fools like Koch and the AFP Bernadette Wilson now serves. So, don’t sully a great man’s name by making unsupported comparisons that drag him into the slimy ooze now passing for the GOP.

      • Stevens was a liberal, pro abortion, pork creating/spending, sad excuse of a politician. He was not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination.. Rather hilarious when people try to deify him….

  2. She will be zippy, even when wrong. The general level of civic debate on a state wide basis will be far more interesting with Bernadette involved in the future.

    • And…. you surely realize those people are not the real problem but rather merely a symptom. The real problem is the voters… meaning your neighbors, co-workers, friends, etc, etc. We must put far more energy into correcting the real problem rather than complaining about symptoms.

      • Yes, that is true, Wayne.
        And part of correcting that problem would be tackling the insidious pro-authoritarian, anti-freedom propaganda being openly promulgated by our so-called “educational system”. More and more, kids are not taught how to think for themselves, but just the opposite — they are taught that is is virtuous to be a compliant conformist who never questions and who never challenges authority.

  3. She has a keen intellect and appreciation for the active support the US Constitution gives s oil ciety and businesses. I hope this niche doesn’t sideline her zeal for the US Constitution. ALL of us need to apply ourselves to strengthening our understanding of our republic, our history and hang on to it for dear life. Apparently this great nation has rotten enemies and some of them are maliciously and determinatively leading it astray.

    • “Society”. Darned auto correct. She will be someone who should be an Alaskan Constitution Convention delegate among other delegates from her super cool and historic Alaskan family.

  4. I’m confused by this. I like Bernadette. Why is she working for Corporate Conservatism? The Koch Brothers fund AFP. They are for virtually open borders and amnesty. They partnered with the ADL to stamp out ‘hate’ online – we all know what that means. Americans for Prosperity were against America First (they think it’s nativist and racist). They said supporting American families is ‘crony capitalism’ and ‘picking winners and losers’. What’s going on here?

    • Define “The Koch Brothers”, considering that as of this writing, there were two of them and one is deceased.

  5. I think she could be more influential without Americans for Prosperity. The organization is going to put a muzzle on her. That’s what happens when anyone as a degree or organization they represent, it suppresses what they can do.

  6. Maybe she’s the person to fill the shoes of Congressperson for all Alaska when the inevitable occurs. Let’s watch her future performance.

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