Anchorage Police officer shot during apprehension of dangerous suspect


Police responding to reports of shots fired in the 4100 block of Lana Court late Friday night searched for a suspect, who was in the area. After about 45 minutes of combing the area, the man was located. As three officers approached him and attempted to take him into custody, a struggle ensued, and a police officer’s firearm was discharged, striking another officer in the lower body.

Several officers immediately began rendering aid to the injured officer until medics from the Anchorage Fire Department arrived. The officer was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries and was in surgery.

The suspect was also transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

“We are dealing with a very serious situation where one of our officers has been shot. His prognosis is very good,” said Chief Kenneth McCoy. “I’m incredibly thankful we didn’t lose an officer tonight. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.”

The suspect has been identified as Justin Constantine (29-years-old). He faces multiple charges including Misconduct Involving a Weapon 3, two counts of Misconduct Involving a Weapon 4, Misconduct Involving a Weapon 5, and Violating Conditions of Release.

Chief McCoy said that it’s unclear exactly how or why the officer’s weapon discharged.

Policy requires the state’s Office of Special Prosecutions to review the incident. The officer whose weapon was discharged will be placed on four days of administrative leave and his/her name will be released publicly 72 hours after the incident. 


  1. Back in the day, trusty S&W revolvers didn’t misfire.
    And the perp reinforces the need for long term confinement in a 6×10 concrete cell on Adak, with gruel in the morning and fried bologna at night.

  2. Seems like things are heating up in Alaska as two law enforcement officers were shot in the last two months…might be time to step back from the covid insanity and look at the real problems in society like lack of meaningful employment, sky-rocketing living expenses, drug dependency & Opioid overdoses & heavily handed gov lockdowns & mandates which destroyed small businesses.

  3. So this is why there was a large police present there.
    I wanted to stay there and watch. I don’t know why not enough boys don’t decide to grow up joining the local police department, starting the physical training preparations when they are 12 so they are fit by 18. The police work is exciting to watch and the men are masculine. No blobs there. Real masculinity.

    • Wrong. Fact of the matter is that brand of firearm has been widely supplied to departments across the country many of which have marginal training programs. Don’t blame the tool blame the incompetent operator. Most departments use a variety of weapons systems you should not assume it was this or that brand or type of firearm. Assuming is the mother of all f up’s.

    • Glocks and many other brand named firearms are also known to escape gun vaults and owners and go off on shooting sprees by themselves! /sarcasm

  4. Furthermore, you see how unrealistic it was for Governor to ask of Alaskans not to get hurt while the hospitals are complaining being overworked, understaffed, and stretching bed availability. Illnesses and Accidents such as these ones are so unthoughtful, they don’t wait for a more convenient time.

    Add to the prayers the medical team members scheduled to see these patients serve with a cheerful attitude and despite how tired they are that they are attentive and alert.

    • Liberal for 69 years, have felt the same as you for69 years, belonged to NRA from 1952 to present, must have fire arms training before ownership, loose the privilege when you show stupidity.

  5. While I have never liked Glocks very well; the trigger pull on all striker fired guns is unsatisfactory to me, and when I look inside a Glock the innards look like those of a cheap ball-point pen. I do get a kick out of old man Glock and his sports model wife though. At any rate, this was a negligent discharge – no way around it. Anyone would have to have an honest conversation (if that is possible) with those involved to know if it would not have happened with a revolver; it’s possible.

    • Were you there? Do you have inside information? Do you know it was a G. brand handgun involved? Do tell!
      Knee JERK speculation is never good. Otherwise we await your detailed update.

    • Sounds like a gun grabber attitude to me. Might as well just arm our local PD’s with muskets while we’re at it…

  6. Did Kenny first ask if the officers were white when he heard the news of the shooting since he feels there are too many white officers? Asking for a friend.

    • @Fire, you have to look at his comment from different perspectives in order to understand what he meant. For example, using date from the 2010 census and the most recent available data from the muni pertaining to the current # of cops

      # of cops on the APD force = 374

      # of people living in 2010 ANC = 291,826

      % of 2010 ANC population that were black = 5.56% (16,226)

      Which would mean that if more than roughly 5.56% of APD is black then they’re disproportionately represented. Are there more than 21 black cops on APD? If so there are two different views we could glean from Mr. Cheif:

      1) He thinks math is hard, or

      2) He recognizes that the black demographic makes up a disproportionate percentage of ANC crime statistics and should be over-represented on the force.

      That, or there may be a lot of nonsensical gibberish that flies out of his pie hole of which this may have been but one example.

  7. 👍Ken Mccoy is in deep with the black supremist, racist and criminal group the “black caucus”. A federal rico investigation is in order.

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