Becky Hultberg named CEO of Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems


The CEO of the Alaska State Hospitals and Nursing Homes Association is leaving the state to become the new CEO of Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems.

Becky Hultberg has championed Medicaid expansion but also reform in Alaska, as well as testified about the problems caused by the burdens of regulation. She is the former commissioner of the Department of Administration under Gov. Sean Parnell and is considered one of the most influential opinion leaders in the area of health policy in Alaska.

Hultberg also served as director of communications and marketing for Providence Health & Services Alaska and was the press secretary for Gov. Frank Murkowski. Hultberg, born in Anchorage, graduated from Abilene Christian University.

The Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems is located in Lake Oswego, Ore. Her new title is effective in December.

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  1. I would say this is a good thing for her and for our State.

    As Commissioner of Administration, Ms. Hultberg had no trouble ignoring and covering serious violations of Administrative law. That makes her judgment untrustworthy. She is obviously not aligned with the needed reductions in this State due to the waste and fraud that is taking place.

  2. Looks to me like another born and raised Alaskan (with a long history of state service) leaving the state.
    Sadly under the direction of our current administration many Alaskans are looking for opportunities on the Outside.

    • I worked with her in the Murkowski Administration in which she pretended to be a Republican. You can’t be a good Republican and represent the Healthcare racket. More like a long history of self-service.

  3. Anyone leaving because of Dunleavy is a union hack or a big govt type. We are way better off without them!! Less people expecting a govt check!
    Will you be leaving Mr. Stone?

    • Many have left because they legitimately lost their jobs and there were no similar jobs available in the Alaska job market.

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