Backpedaling: Whites, blacks won’t pay more at Anchorage Museum; memo says race policy on pause


A statement issued by the Anchorage Museum has rescinded its new rule that gave Alaska Natives free admission to the museum, while all other races and ethnicities had to pay.

The memo reads:

“We recently issued a press release announcing a new policy offering free general admission to Alaska Native visitors. I want to let the public know that we have made the decision to pause the policy to assure the program is implemented in the best way.

“The Anchorage Museum is a community asset, and we want to make sure all policies involving access and availability are in line with the community’s expectations while following all legal guidelines.

“We remain deeply committed to the goals of honoring Indigenous people and improving access to their cultural belongings. In the upcoming weeks the Anchorage Museum, together with its board of directors, partners, advisers, and experts, will study possibilities and how best to implement any changes that accomplish these goals. We will announce any further policy changes as they occur.

“The Anchorage Museum is pleased to provide opportunities for free access to the museum. Details can be found at our website, (”


  1. Instead of offering free admission to Alaska Natives, the Anchorage Museum has altered their policy, and instead will now simply provide beatings to all white visitors upon admission. To remind them of their privileged patriarchal eurocentric colonialist oppressor status, of course.

    • Not interested.
      Unless, as part of the beating, I must drop to my knees, and acknowledge my guilt for actions that happened decades before I was born.
      I will boycott the museum until they ensure that all living white people are punished for crimes they did not commit.

  2. If the museum genuinely wants to achieve their goal of “..improving access to their cultural belongings.”, the solution is pretty easy..just give ’em back their stuff..problem solved!

  3. How about this idea. Set the admission charge that you have to have and be equal across the board. NO ONE needs to be treated special unless you you want problems.

    • How about no free admission to anyone at any time?
      Because, no matter what you do, someone will be offended, and demand their “fair share”

    • Uhm, according to their website they already offer free admission on First Fridays from 6-9pm and $5 admission every third Thursday during the winter……
      That being said, I think I still pass, as I have a feeling that the exhibits exude the staff, board and curators general attitude in other ways.

  4. The idiocy that is pervasive in goverment today has created so many protected classes, the constitutional equalities outline in the constitution are being completed ignored. Any protected class is unconstitutional.

  5. Backpedaling isn’t enough. The marketing and DEI hacks who came up with this need to be named and then fired. Racism is racism, and it needs to be stamped out wherever it is found.

  6. Key word is a pause. While the public cools off. The history museum seems to lack the knowledge that 100 years ago there were no established native settlements on this side of Knik arm. Not sure what the point is, but maybe the museum should be free to everyone who has interest regardless of status. Unless the charges are created to control the usage of the public. The charges do little to finance the museum in itself.

    • Trig, I take exception to your statement that their wasn’t a settlement on ” this side of Knik Arm”, based upon a paper I once read about the Colonial incursion of the Ahtna people into South Central Alaska. According to the report, an indigenous group lived near Pt. Waronzof and was attacked by the Invading Ahtna’s which forced the indigenous group out of the territory.

  7. Well, today in this native settlement forty (40) percent of the adult working age, publicly educated job seekers are racially discriminated against by white employees in the private and most especially public sectors and are essentially unhirable because of active racial hatred unimpeded by any little statues or ordinances in the books. Do something about that why don’t you if you can. Thanks to the museum for trying to break down the barrier of poverty as impedance to experiencing the museum experience. They are to be praised for their attempts at kindness.

  8. This is a typical response from any institution that suddenly finds itself in the spotlight for some stupid action or decision: “we have made the decision to pause the policy to assure the program is implemented in the best way.”

    Then, when the news has something else in its crosshairs, they will quietly ‘unpause’ the policy.

  9. Why is it ok to discriminate against any race? We just celebrated the birthday of a great leader of millions of people because of his message that told us to judge people by their character not their color. Martin Luther King would not be happy if he were alive today.

  10. Sheldon Jackson built the first concrete building in Alaska to house a collection of Native Alaskan objects. He didn’t want all that work destroyed by fire which was very common back then. Smart move; the Tlingit people of Sitka, along w/ other cultures here, have a wonderful, safe, place now for the beautiful stuff their ancestors made. Concrete, standing strong – 127 years later.

  11. If the museum has things that belong to the indigenous community, they should just give them back. I don’t understand how you have a claim of ownership based simply on your race especially since there are so many different Native communities. Saying that the things belong to indigenous people, then keeping and displaying them and then giving free admission to all Native Alaskans regardless of their actual connection to the pieces is typical woke nonsense.

  12. Of course Anchorage the entrenched Selma of the north is against any rightings of wrongs from inception to present. Most of the white people can’t believe their guantum social elevation for no apparent good reason in this haven for nondescript whites in AK. They ought to return to their obscure origins (The Bronx) instead of feminizing men in Anchorage.

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