Anchorage Museum institutes race-based admission


Blacks, Samoans, Filipino, and even Choctaw Indians need to pull out their wallets to see the exhibits at the Anchorage Museum.

But Alaska Natives get free admission, because the museum says it is on Eklutna Dena’ina land.

“The Anchorage Museum sits on the traditional lands of the Eklutna Dena’ina. We offer free Admission to Alaska Native visitors,” the website says.

Its mission, it states, is “To be a museum for people, place, planet, and potential, in service of a sustainable and equitable North, with creativity and imagination for what is possible.”

The museum and its race-based fee structure is funded in part by taxpayers of the Municipality. The municipality owns the museum facility and collections. Funding also comes from grants, and a major endowment that includes funding from the Rasmuson Foundation, Alaska’s largest and decidedly liberal philanthropic entity.

In the new equitable world of woke, the race-based fee structure is institutionalizing racism in Alaska, critics say.

For those who are not Alaska Native, the general fee structure is $25 for adults, or $20 for Alaska residents, $18 for senior, military and students, $12 for youth, and under 5 gets in free.

There are other ways to get free admission to the Museum, most notably to have a card that shows you are receiving food assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Just whip out that EBT benefits card at the door. Also, your WIC card or Alaska Quest card will get you in the door. Also, first Fridays are free for everyone, regardless of their race, from 6 pm to 9 pm.


  1. My God can we please stop with the race baiting??? What they are doing, is racism! Why are we all of a sudden doing this to our indigenous people looking to go to the museum? Why does it matter what native tribe they belong to??? Why does that make admission any different than for the next person??? Folks, THIS is exactly what Racism looks like… Anchorage finally came full circle into more disgraceful!!

  2. The corporation benefits massively from land sales & leases. Why not let capitalism play out so it truly is fair & equitable?

  3. I guess that the State and local interests should revisit land ownership of all lands conveyed by ANCSA since ANCSA clearly did not settle the aboriginal claims…….

  4. It’d be nice if we had a conservative mayor so we didn’t have to deal with this woke racism from muni bureaucrats.

  5. In the not too distant past, being on food stamps or other freebie program was a source of embarrassment. Now it’s a source of pride!

    • Sadly, your exactly correct. It is a shameful world we live in, and officials ignore the constitution.

    • We don’t need to be resentful. This country doesn’t cut back on the federal appropriations, EVENTUALLY all Americans will have no federal government money for states. We’ll have to learn to go without it. That means working really hard probably as hard as generations before FDR’s presidency had to work if they wanted to survive. Eventually for the sluggard their good easy life runs its course and the must work. What those knowing better continue doing is what we been doing all along work. My job doesn’t pay me much like last year I closed out at earning 25,000. But! My working experience and being around my co workers and management is more invaluable experience than just only collecting my money. I know I’m much further along in life than the one doing no work at all.

  6. This is really too bad. Another way to divide the citizens. I rarely go to the
    Museum but when I have, it’s been an awesome experience. Now I won’t visit on principle. Really too bad.

  7. Oh, wow! The Anchorage Museum has pulled off a “miracle” without sleight of hand: they’ve made ignorance a fine art!

  8. Is the land under the museum still owned by Eklutna Inc? Is this a condition in the lease terms? Did Eklutna Inc. make a sizeable donation to the museum to subsidize the preferences?
    Otherwise I don’t see how this is legal.

  9. You guys are taking this too seriously. EVERYONE needs to identify as an Alaska Native and enter Scott free. Remember in the modern world, one only has to identify as something to become it. And identifying as an Alaska Native is far less physically damaging than identifying as a different sex or animal and doesn’t require medical intervention. Up to the Museum to disprove the claim. Lets all play along. Cheers –

    • One can walk through the front entrance until the desk asks to see one’s an Alaska tribe enrollment card or Native corporation shareholder card. Something that shows their Alaska tribal identification. I’m guessing they will have to ask for a hard copy identification card cause there is a lot of us walking around who are mistakenly seen as our the white grandparents who married our Native Alaskan grandparents.
      I don’t think being singled out is all that good for a people, I think it sets a people up as a target.

  10. Unless the municipality completely cedes ownership and control of the museum to the Eklutna Dena”ina, they are hypocrites, liars, phonies. I think everyone already knows that is the case.

  11. Why stop here? They already get free health care so why not offer no taxes at all-gas, property, liquor, weed, unemployment, etc.

  12. If a welfare food card gets you in, shouldn’t a “Anything helps, God Bless” cardboard sign get you a place to sleep?

  13. Race based discrimination is in direct conflict to Bill of Rights, U.S. Constitution and MLKs I have a dream speach. Time to lawyer up 😉

  14. I wonder how many conservatives are donating to the Anchorage Museum. If they hadn’t pulled their membership and donations from the museum they probably should as they backed away from the Anchorage Performing Arts Center after its Covid jab mandates and banner.

    • Do you think the Museum management even considered the source of donations before making this decision?
      I don’t.
      One of the traits of leftists is they do not have any concept of consequences. In their mind, they are correct, and it is an impossibility anyone would disagree with their decisions. And, if someone actually (GASP! The HORROR!) does disagree, it is because they are racist, phobic, or just plain awful.

  15. This should significantly help with the issue of a lack of warming stations for the homeless in downtown. Plus there will be clean bathrooms to use…all day long. Good decision on the part of the Museum!

  16. With free admission, the unintended consequence (or intended) will result in a homeless and inebriated person occupancy.

  17. You do have a conservative mayor, but a decidely extreme left Assembly. You can vote them out. It would truly make a difference if ALL those who would like to visit the museum would simply tell them to “Go pound sand” and not visit the museum until they are not race-baiting any more.

    • Just keep in mind, the Anchorage bureaucrats that run the polling stations cheat. They have an intentionally opaque vote by mail scheme and the way they verify envelopes is intentionally left flimsy. They also have dominion machines that count the votes and require poll watchers stand six feet back (at least at the election Bronson barely eked out).

      In order to win as a conservative in this town you have to overload the ballot with a supermajority rather than a simple one on one win. And while the mayor is conservative but the assembly communist, they will always scapegoat the mayor. We CAN win, but we need to understand that we’re fighting for our freedom, and our lives. Remember, they got so mad about Bronson, the Washington Post wrote a hit piece about us. They don’t want to let that happen again.

  18. The Denaina stole the land from Eskimos in the not too distant past as they migrated from the interior and became the only maritime Athabaskans.
    I used to love that museum, but now I wouldn’t darken the door. No interest in anything “woke”.

  19. Not surprising. Not long ago, the Communications Manager at the Anchorage Museum, Zakiya McCummings, wrote on Twitter that “white men are truly a disease.” It seems like there’s something really wrong with the culture at that place.

  20. Absolutely unacceptable for a public institution to institute race-based pricing. The Museum absolutely deserves to be sued for this, and the institution needs a change in leadership. I can’t wait to see discovery from a lawsuit. What’s the chance that museum employees make racist remarks in their emails to one another? I’m guessing it’s nearly 100%.

    Bottom line: charging people different prices based on racial identification is repugnant and illegal.

  21. I think the only people going to that museum anymore are on some spectrum of the liberal rainbow. Let the natives have it… the Anchorage Museum has become nothing but a cesspool for mindless idiots who think it’s relevant to host Sexualized, inappropriate exhibits and events anyhow. Alaskan children and families deserve better than what the museum is offering these days. We don’t need anymore question mark bathrooms or liberal hyperbole.

    • V, I agree with you, so let’s divest ourselves of this entity and turn them into a private organization. Win-win for all. The taxpayers are off the hook, save money for street clearing etc and the museum as a private institution can do with their pricing what they want. Maybe the Rasmussen foundation or better yet the local native corporation would like to take it over. Ironically I believe if the museum turned private a great deal of this nonsense would end, as their jobs would then rely on actual income from visitor numbers and not on taxpayer funds.

  22. Don’t worry no one has to pay for admission just say you Identify as Native and you can get in free…….

  23. I love their free days they kindly provide to the public already. I only have free recreation. I can’t afford to pay. Very nice people.

  24. A lot of us are really sick and tired of the institutionalized racism against various groups of people, most notably against white people in this day and age.

  25. Who gives a damn . You are all stronger than pissin and moaning .
    Someone getting something you don’t never hurt you.
    You whiners actin like snowflakes.
    Only person getting hurt is the people accepting free stuff.
    Toughin up buttercups.
    I don’t need free admission. Americans are bad assed . We built this country.
    I don’t need or want free admission.
    They lost their lands . A free admission to a museum is just an insult.
    Let them have what little compensation that is.

    • Wow, attacking anyone who sees this as the attack on western culture, and destruction of societal norms that it is.
      If I had asked you to tell everyone that you are completely clueless, without actually saying you are clueless, I could not imagine a better comment.

    • Quite the macho man, aren’t you?

      Many people are hurt by this. Pity it’s beyond your capability to understand.

      -It hurts the people who have to pay more to give free rides to others

      -It hurts the staff who will have reduced hours or delayed raises to attempt to compensate.

      -It hurts the taxpayers who directly or indirectly pay for the facility.

      I could go on, but why? Be like trying to teach a salmon not to spawn.

    • “Let them have what little compensation that is.”
      American here from the ANCSA Regional Association:
      “Through ANCSA, the federal government transferred 44 million acres – land to be held in corporate ownership by Alaska Native shareholders – to Alaska Native regional and village corporations. The federal government also compensated the newly formed Alaska Native corporations a total of $962.5 million for land lost in the settlement.”

    • You seem to think this is a “free” program. Somebody always pays. And in this case, it won’t be Natives. Who do you suppose pays for the Native Hospital? Who pays for the welfare so many of the villagers rely upon? Of course it hurts us, both ethically and monetarily. Grow up.

  26. Lol. Here’s a stick that might or might not have washed up on shore. That’ll be $25 each cruise ship tourists. The Captain Cook exhibit costs… nothing. You paid to see the stick.

  27. This is great! Now I can identify as a native and get in for free, get free education, free medical and native dividends from the corporations! Everyone can do this now!! LOL

  28. Please define “Alaska Native”.
    Born in Alaska can be an “Alaska Native”. If not then how can anyone be a native. Oh, I see, we can put conditions on definitions. And exactly where did the natives come from?, the Alaska ground. Or maybe they just magically appeared? Woke will always circle back on its self, and truth does not.

    • The Bureau of Indian Affairs does that for you. If you have ancestry in indigenous tribes you may be in this protected classification. If you are they will issue you a blood quantum card which if you use it his care when requesting legal services the former marine will rise plyometrically, explosively, and slam the heaviest lawbook down as hard as he physically can (marines are taught to fight in the two feet nearest them) shout as loud as he can and order you and your surprised, Caucasian spouse out of his office. Remember he is the former Prosecutor. The Bar Association will not police this improper, intimidating, harmful, unbusnesslike, unprofessional, undecorous business behavior. Then he will go on a motorcycle rides where he gets flowers and roses for his placcard “Remember the Missing Indigneous Women” and receive hugs and cookies from their families. Hostility is real and illegal. We have a duty to love our fellow countrymen. His business behavior is atrocious.

  29. Im curious as to who resided on the lands prior to the Dena’ina? Also if the museum and muni acknowledge they are on Dena’ina land I’m sure the Eklutna Dena’ina would gladly accept the deeds to the land on which the museum rests.

    • Yupik Eskimos were pushed out by the Athabaskans, not that long ago.
      Your’re right, the hypocritical libs should give it to the Native Alaskans.
      But, guess what, they probably don’t want it, too much work for barely any profit.
      I’m afraid we’re stuck w/ it.

  30. Leftists can do nothing except destroy.
    This is not about honoring the natives that occupied this land previously. It is about cutting down the western civilization that built this land into what it is today.
    There is this falsehood about the noble savage, and that somehow indigenous cultures are to be honored without question. It is a myth. Natives are (or were) no different than any other humans that have walked the Earth for all of history. They fought for political power, they murdered, they stole, they warred with their neighbors.
    But… nope… the leftists ignore that. They bought, hook, line and sinker into the lie that Europeans somehow destroyed a thriving peaceful culture. As a result, they actually believe the society that built today’s civilization is somehow inferior to the one that migrated to follow food, lived in earthen structures, and starved if there was a bad hunt.
    Leftists destroy, and this decision is nothing different. It may be shrouded in a cloak of “honoring” the natives, but it is nothing but a broadside attack against western civilization.

    • The Apaches are quite noble. The Blackfoot of Canada’s Frazier Valley are also very noble among others. The Indians lived very differently on the land than the recently arrived escapees from monarchical tyrannies with the statute of frauds in their bosoms.

      • Pointing out the exception does not disprove the rule. If all you can cite is two “noble” tribes, then my statement remains valid.
        Besides, do you really think that was my point?

  31. I second the comment saying for everyone to claim Native status and go for free. Better than boycotting by staying away, boycott by *going* and taking as many people as you can find. They can not ask for proof. If they give you a hard time tell them they do not get to say what a Native Alaskan does, or does not look like. We all know that 70% of this garbage is coming straight from white people and not actually the people these things claim to help or protect, so call them a colonizer and enjoy your free day at the museum!

  32. I agree the Museum’s admittance policy is racial bias/racist/racism against every non-Alaska Native person. Another step in the wrong direction, but we have an Assembly that opens up its meetings with a “land acknowledgement” apology which the Anchorage Museum now embraces: “The Anchorage Museum sits on the traditional homeland of the Eklutna Dena’ina. The museum is committed to recognizing and celebrating the culture and language of the Dena’ina people.”

    Add the Anchorage School Board also is all in with “land acknowledgement” apology: The land acknowledgement statement would be required at the beginning of certain official events: Before school board meetings, commencement ceremonies, regional or state competitions or events, and professional conferences, a full land acknowledgement statement will be required to be read aloud.

    At the start of every school week, at athletic competitions, before intramural school events, and at regular gatherings, an abbreviated land acknowledgement will be read to express “collective values.”

    We acknowledge that ASD exists on the traditional lands of the Dena’ina People of Upper Cook Inlet. For thousands of years, the Dena’ina People have been and continue to be the stewards of this land. ASD is committed to diversity and inclusion, and it is with honor and respect that we recognize all Indigenous people who live and learn in our community.
    A land acknowledgement is a political statement that forces people to confess that they are colonizers and that the land they are on belongs to someone else — tribes, ancestors of original settlers. Others are simply “visitors from elsewhere.” Just more of the same with the recent Anchorage Museum admittance policy for Alaskan Natives.

    • It’s also rank garbage. The Eklutna had a fishing camp on Ship Creek, and they may have had a trail through Anchorage to get there, but they never had any settlement or permanent land holding of any kind. And, they stole what they had from the Yupik, through war, and the Yupik came across the land bridge during the Ice Age, so all of them came from somewhere else. Oddly, that’s what the Museum used to show people–real history, not some made-up noble savage BS.

    • Anywhere he wants to be. Natives, as you use the term, are as American as anyone else.

      It’s a strange comment that lacks a certain common sense.

  33. Awesome! Now the “unhoused-free campers-bums” can go in and hang out, use the bathrooms and such! Is anyone letting them know?

      • You’re mixed up, it was Trump’s J6 rioters who pooped all over the halls of Congress during their little insurrection. Nice try though.

        • Everyone who dares apply the word “insurrection” to the entirely unarmed and peaceful (apart from actions from certain policemen) 1/6/21 protest is a liar and an un-American traitor. Thank you for revealing your true evil, pro-authoritarian, pro-(corrupt)establishment nature, “johnny”.

        • Nobody crapped on the floor of the Capitol that day or any other. If you have to tell lies to make your point, you probably don’t have a point, after all.

        • What poop?
          Did I miss that during the J6 commission TV event?
          Can you provide any pictures of said poop? Is the poop in the room with us now?

    • They are welcome to leave and go to Canada.

      Or they can stay and live a productive life like anyone else.

      Same as white people. Or any other people for that matter.

    • Well, before America showed up on this land now called Alaska, where could the natives go without being bothered by other native groups? Do you actually think the Alaskan Natives were all peaceful, loving individuals who never had conflict with each other? That somehow the tribes never fought over land, resources, or women?
      Are you that delusional?
      Tell me, Dennis. Is there any human being alive that has a place where they can go without being bothered by others?

  34. How can they tell if someone is from an approved race? Profiling? Birth certificates? What about the Alaska Native tribes that aren’t Dena’ina? It’s not THEIR ancestral land either. How is it “stolen” land when we paid 2 cents an acre for it? And if the museum believes they are in unlawful possession of it, why don’t they quitclaim it back? Misguided virtue signaling!

  35. Do the native tribes acknowledge the ancestral moose who were here before they migrated here from Asia?

  36. If it is truly on native land, the native tribe should pay all utilities and takeover maintenance and repairs (we all know how that would go).

    • Flawed logic Jim. The natives are not stupid. Their lawyers can draft up a land lease where they receive $50,000 per month triple-net, meaning the tenant pays for all expenses. This would be only fair and proper since the museum is stupid enough to state, unequivocallyl, on the public record, the natives basically own the land the museum occupies. If you openly tell natives you owe them something you should rightfully pay them.

  37. Racism alive and well in Alaska I am surprised they give military any rebates for what they fought to protect these racist.

  38. We do something similar with Capital Transit. Tlingit/Haida ride for free. And the system is going broke.

    • My FIL was Tlingit. He was raised in a Residential School in Yukon where he had to steal food out of the pantry in order to help feed his younger siblings and cousins.

      After WWII ended he was honorably discharged from the Army, he came to Anchorage looking for work. In Anchorage, he was not allowed to own property, nor would a church perform the wedding ceremony between him and the white woman whom he wanted to marry.

      Tell me more about how life is so unfair for you

      • Oh… your father in law suffered from some discrimination.
        Bummer dude. So have I and I am about as white bread as it comes. But, I grew up on a single income family where that income did not exactly provide for good food, or new clothes. I had to work my way through college, because the family income was just a bit too high to get financial aid. Yet, immigrants were given free tuition at my school.
        In grade school, I was diagnosed with a learning disorder, and I was roundly ridiculed and bullied because of it.
        I wanted to get married in the church I attended as a child, but they refused to do it as well. They had their reasons, and instead of whining, I found a church that would perform the ceremony.
        My current employer regularly promotes people because of their pigmentation and plumbing, not because of their skills, experience, or knowledge. But, the pay is good, so I stick it out instead of complaining.
        Life is full of disappointments. Deal with it. Adults do not whine about how “everyone is against me.” the get on with life and succeed despite it. Sorry your FIL had to deal with discrimination, but that is no justification for further discrimination.

  39. I.m gonna offer rides to the museum to Natives I bump into (and I bump into a lot of them)
    Drop em off and tell them it’s free, go on in.
    What are their hours?

  40. How do you measure up?

    Let’s abolish genocidal policies against native Americans!

    The stigler act was the bill that required the five civilized tribes to establish blood quantum.

    A genocidal policy the United States finally squashed in 2019 by Congress – did you hear anything in the news?


    The news is run by democrats – most tribal compacts for our contracting and compacting are run by democrats – only one or two cultural groups however defined in US law changed their blood quantum policies – no one wants to give up power or money so they’re still requiring blood quantum when they could argue they no longer have to.

    What is genocide? – it’s self genocide at least with the organizations and the bureau of Indian affairs to still require blood quantum. Catch up! The Republicans think native Americans have more rights than your administration does!

    HR 2606 The Stigler Act Amendment ‘…

    Everyone’s equal unless you are identified as native American by the government….

    In the United States of America you are equal unless you are Alaska native or American Indian then measure our ethnicity through a blood quantum- no where else on earth does this –

    it’s time for a real climate change –

    change the climate of how we treat all people including native Americans identified by the interior department and descendants of native Americans. ‘

  41. Sure, why not. We’ve only given them 44 million Acres, 963 Million dollars (ANCSA), the Taj Mahal of hospitals for free medical care (including massages), free legal, special hunting and fishing privileges and schools in even the smallest of villages. Those Viet Nam ERA native veterans or their heirs continue to receive their choice of 160 acres of Alaska Land and soooo much more.

  42. Last weekend, I traveled on the original route of the trail of tears in northern Georgia and it eventually ended up in Oklahoma as we all know. My folks the choctaw were known as a civilized tribe back then. They even sent money to help with the Irish potato famine. We would never dream of doing what they are in Alaska. But then, we aren’t Johnny come latelies.

  43. I hope it’s a sliding scale based on % native…I’d hate to see a half-white get in there for free! Yes, that’s sarcasm.

  44. Johnny, it appears you are someone that needs to always “circle back around” to the Jan. 6th “ insurrection” scenario.
    Dude, give it a rest. You’re obsessing. It’s cold out today, it’s Trump’s fault. I spilled my coffee, it’s Trump’s fault.

  45. To be clear, this is a silly practice designed to placate just a few. However, that’s not the point of this article. The point of the article was to raise the blood pressure of all the delicate little right wing dandies on here. The usual suspects. I’m not sure if Suzanne writes this kind of thing because she feels the need to maintain the MAGA echo-chamber, or because she feels the need to make sure that the mouth foaming stays at the needed level to ensure readership.

    • If I read correctly, it sounds like you have been watching too many half -baked stoner blogs! Always great to have fans! Keep reading! Don’t be such a hater – learn about the constitution and God. Isn’t that where we get endowed? Maybe some don’t. Peace.

    • Yes, cman, we realize that you exist on an exalted plane that allows for no mere mortals to be concerned about silly things like racism, but honestly, the rest of us are only human and believe in human rights, so there’s that.

      • The Zoo has a free day Also. Very Nice. I love it. You know everything needs recreation. Free is best for my budget and yours. If you never recreate can you say you have lived your life fully? perhaps Alaskans feel that living life fully should be forbidden unless one is white and middle class. also, if one does not recreate one’s mental health may suffer. If one exhibits suffering emotionally the Anchorage, WEF adherents are planning millions of dollars to lock you up forever in unconstitutional mental health holds. it is an intrinsic part of their great plan for Anchorage’s most fun plan. remember to play once in a while so do not not give out illegal unhappiness vibes. recreate cheerfully while you can for best results.

        • Is the free day at the zoo only for a select few?
          If not, if it is open to everyone, your point is meaningless and has nothing to do with the openly discriminatory policy of the Museum.

    • Yes cman
      This article definitely brought out the snowflake attitude in many .

      They whine how natives get a little special treatment because natives were “here first”

      Then tomorrow they will say its israels right to kill women and children and occupy land because israelis were “here first”

      Yet they won’t even notice the hypocrisy.

      Bunch of whiny people. “he didn’t have to pay” 🥲🥹

      That cost me 5$ to support a museum
      “ life is so unfair “
      Do i see a chinook blowing in ?
      Watch out “must read ak” the commenters
      Are about to melt !

  46. I believe that the state constitution has a provision that all Alaska residents will be treated equally. I don’t believe that it allows for some to be more equal than others.

  47. Most of these negative comments are revealing the true hatred of pale tribes against the local tribes. Each of the negative commenters do not like natives going to museums or to work with them and make it abundantly obvious. The museum for years has offered on their calendar a free day to All even if you are blue. Very gracious. Get over yourself and racism.

    • I remember as a child being taught that two wrongs do not make a right.
      But, here we are. The Museum is implementing a policy of discrimination based on genetics that is somehow designed to erase a policy of discrimination based on genetics.
      I guess you would be OK with me taking your car away from you because someone you do not know stole my car from me.
      And, you wonder why the adults in the room are upset about this policy, and the juveniles in the room have nothing but ridicule of the adults to offer in return.

    • I agree A.G

      Its a very silly thing to give free admission based on race.

      Its even sillier to whine about such a small thing that benefits a group in such a minuscule way .

      No one is being hurt to any degree by giving someone free admission.

      Its even possible its a bow to history.
      That yes – natives are part of ancient history.
      It is a museum after all.

      That said, it was a poor choice to enact because so many snowflakes now live in Alaska.

      Johny got 10 sprinkles how come I only got 9?

      Wow . What a bunch of wimps .
      I will buy my own sprinkles, thank you .
      I dont want free admission.

      Like A. Galeutian said “ get over yourself and racism”

      • No one is being hurt?
        What impact will this have on the Museum’s operating budget? Last time I checked, it costs money to keep a building open and functioning.
        But, no one is being hurt. Well, except the people paying full price. Especially since the full price admission will likely go up because of this policy.
        And, who else is being hurt?
        The adults in the room, who see this as trying to right a wrong by committing the exactly same wrong. If ti was wrong to discriminate against the Alaskan Natives because of their genetics, it is equally wrong to discriminate in favor of them for the same reason.
        But, you continue to ridicule everyone who disagrees with your position. It clearly demonstrates your maturity.

  48. Better than the historic “No White Allowed”???? Never happened, never will. You are privileged in your ego.

  49. One must ask if the author, upon turning 65, will choose not to avail herself of the age-based discrimination otherwise known as Senior discounts.

    • Hans – good point .

      ( granted 65 is accomplishing something)

      Just because someone gets something small doesn’t mean everyone needs it particularly if its not life changing

      After all the museum is also letting in people who are financially challenged. So they are trying to make sure nobody is unduly effected.

      Little did they know so many people have fragile sensibilities.

      • American,

        The majority of us seniors are living on fixed incomes. Senior citizen discounts help seniors be able to still do community things they perhaps otherwise could not.

        • Jeff, it sounds like you mean to say, “discounts help poor seniors living on fixed incomes be able to still do things they otherwise could not.” Your assertion applies just the same to poor young people on fixed incomes. Oh, let’s see, maybe welfare should be needs based? What a novel idea, eh?

          • Wayne Coogan,

            Hans was calling senior citizen discounts “discrimination,” trying to *shame* people into accepting racial discrimination as being okay.

            The only people senior discounts discriminate against are those who don’t make it to age-65; otherwise, everyone will be able to receive discounts from businesses and organizations that choose to offer them once they’re age-65.

            And you’re trying to publicly put me down for pointing out this significant difference.

            For all of us, life will get harder to some degree as our bodies break down before we all then die.

            Jesus’ second greatest commandment is to love our neighbor *as ourselves*, which includes all Alaskans of all races.

            How we think should be love based, loving the Lord, our God with ALL of our heart, soul, mind and strength first, being obeying and being subservient to Him, which is real Christianity.

            Then Alaska will flourish.

  50. And so I guess your protest would be equally strident if discounts or free days were given to Policemen or Servicemen? After all, someone has to pay for it.

      • Steve- hypocrisy much ?

        Tomorrow you will argue that Israelis
        Have the right to push out current residents , bomb them and indiscriminately murder their women and children

        Because of “ a person’s circumstances of birth”

        • Oh yeah, you hypocrisy much…no doubt. Right up there ^ you are agruing that it’s ok to get a “little special treatment” for being “here first”…now that’s hypocrisy.

          Still defending Hamas and pushing antisemitic Hamas propaganda on articles that have nothing to do with Israel, huh “American”? Remember the terrorists you are defending literally attacked, killed, raped, tortured innocent women, children, and elderly simply because of the circumstances of their birth…for the sin of being a Jew.

    • How would you feel if whites only got free admission? And age based benefits aren’t discriminatory because everyone who reaches the magic age of 65 qualifies but no amount of time can turn a non-native into a native…see how that works? Ok, dumb question…of course you can’t see it.

  51. Normally I refrain from interacting with the “homeless”, but now I feel compelled to make as many of these unfortunate souls aware of this special “benefit” as possible. I encourage you all to do the same.

    • I was planning on it, but now I won’t. This state needs to stop the discrimination in housing, employment, music festivals, and now, museums.

    • What difference does that make in any way?
      An injustice is an injustice, even if an individual is not personally impacted by it.

      • CB

        You are an intelligent person.
        You have a great point.
        Yet it’s illogical.
        Not all injustices are equal. According to how judicial punishment is meted out.
        Murder is different than theft.
        Those two injustices are very different.

        If im bumped by a man on the street on purpose-
        Is it the same as if he killed my family?

        How would a mature man act under those those circumstances?
        One of them I would laugh.
        The other? You can guess.
        Injustices are not all the same.

        • We are not talking about murder versus theft.
          It is just is wrong to discriminate against someone because of their genetics as it is to discriminate in favor of someone for the same reason.
          A mature man knows this.

          • CB – to simplify for you since you want to only apply theft .

            Society considers theft under aprx 5$
            Very different than theft over aprx 1,000$ so injustice is not usually considered equal in our society.

            An ethical question- if one person is temporarily charged 5$ as the standard rate and someone else gets it free is that actually theft or is that generosity?

            No technical theft occurred. Especially in this case as its just a known cost they didn’t say they were raising prices for whites. Or non alaskans . People were already being charged and no one is grabbing something not given. (typical definition of theft) reduction of only a few dollars .
            they let the financially challenged people in for free its not even technically racism.
            Its just a nod to history. ( museum of history right?) (alaska natives )
            Those who cant easily pay are granted access regardless of race . If anything its financial discrimination.
            This is sort of a tilting at windmills situation over a few dollars.
            Its the weakest form of segregation imaginable not even worth mentioning when we have worse problems in the world.
            Anyone over 10 shouldn’t wine about this.

            (Now to be clear- very clear. Their decision was in bad taste. I disagree with the decision in this weak minded society where everyone thinks they are injured so easily.)
            Even though This injustice is minor and transient like being bumped on the street. Its a non issue.

            Now if you want to talk about native hire preference, native land claims settlements, hunting rights, federal contract preference- ongoing significant inequities and technical clear lasting impactful injustices we can have a group grievance. ( or if they start putting chains on certain skin colors/ denying vote ect ) it cant be compared to that anymore than theft can be compared to murder.
            So buckup buttercup 😉( as in all of us not you)
            No skin off my nose and im glad someone gets a break for once .
            Good will is more important than equality at times.
            A hat nod doesn’t hurt and goes a long way to developing friendship and shows we respected their history.
            Doesn’t hurt me to donate to a museum and its petty to complain about it .
            ( I thought all this would be self evident)
            Something that could be considered generosity shouldn’t be misconstrued as theft .
            Shouldnt we choose our battles?

        • Let me simplify it for you American.
          Discriminatory practices are wrong. Does not matter whether you are discriminating to harm, or to help.
          It is just as wrong/racist/discriminatory to hire someone because of their skin color as it is to fire them for the same reason.
          Theft has nothing to do with it. And, that you cannot understand the point made indicates you either did not read my response, or you are deliberately deciding to ignore my point. Neither is good.

  52. Give the museum to CIRI, lock, stock and barrel! Maybe they can avoid a discrimination lawsuit as a private corporation.

  53. If it is their land, we should return it to them. I think these 70 people are better qualified to run this city than what we have. It would have my support.

  54. What’s Anchorage’s favorite white whine ?

    I want free museum admission toooooo

    Remember when Alaska Natives couldn’t own property in Anchorage ?

    How about when churches in Anchorage wouldn’t perform marriages between Alaska Natives and White folk ?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers

    • I don’t remember any of those lies that you are spouting there, PF.

      And even if such things occurred, LONG ago in the past, two wrongs do not make a right.

      Once again we see a radical leftist extremist trying to substitute emoting for thinking.

  55. Let’s give all of Anchorage back to the natives and we will see how trashy and woke it becomes, unraveling everywhere at the seams. Oh wait. That already happened.

  56. I rarely visit the Museum. Although my husband and I always buy the yearly membership.It’s boring. I’ve been in Alaska since 1965. It’s time to update and innovate. There are only so many Seal coats, ivory carvings I can handle. I really loved the Van Gogh display. Common people. Be creative.

  57. January 8th is somebody’s birthday. But it’s not everybody’s birthday. Those of you who don’t feel special on January 8th here is a handkerchief for your tears. Perhaps there will be a day or a circumstance where you will have something helpful to you that you can feel gratitude for a special item just for you. I truly hope so.

  58. One year it was my New Year’s Resolution to go to the Anchorage Museum more often. also it was a years when I made a commitment to doing only free things for fun. It takes a bit of intention to makes this come true, for anyone I imagine. But so worth it. Taking a walk and a picture is nearly free. So is a library card and browsing for books. Tossing a Frisbee is free. Taking a free class is good. Baking something may be free. Have a pleasant day. You are free.

  59. […] The Museum’s new policy provided no end of fuel for arguing over race, racism, reverse-racism …. Meanwhile, the liberal Anchorage Daily News thought the Museum’s action so potentially explosive that it posted the briefest of stories about the new policy and then blocked comments on the story on its webpage. […]

  60. The Alaska Native people were fortunate to have the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act passed in the 70’s and it proportioned Native corporations- that were started and run by Alaska Natives. And so Anchorage is the land of the Denai. Alaska Museum is municipal funded and the municipal speaks with leaders of these corporations and gets there insight on many issues and topics. To be honest I thought a Native corporation bought the museum and changed the policies because I can tell you, we don’t look at it as a hand out when we go to the museum on our Native peoples land and go inside and see nothing but Alaska Native Art and art about the land. It’s more like a respect thing. And we Alaska Natives consider the Alaska Native Heritage Center Museum as our Museum. It’s not in the European construct of museums but how our Native People would have shown you our Art and the history of our Land and culture. I love museums. It’s my dream to go to the Luve museum one day. And it’s not that I personally love the art but because they’re people love it. And I respect that.

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