NRA’s LaPierre stepping down


Wayne LaPierre, the longtime chief executive officer of the National Rifle Association, has announced his resignation. His announcement came three days before the start of a civil trial against him brought by the attorney general of the state of New York.

“With pride in all that we have accomplished, I am announcing my resignation from the NRA,” LaPierre said in a statement. “I’ve been a card-carrying member of this organization for most of my adult life, and I will never stop supporting the NRA and its fight to defend Second Amendment freedom. My passion for our cause burns as deeply as ever.”

LaPierre, 74, cited health as his reason for retiring. His departure date is Jan. 31.

The late Congressman Don Young served on the board of the NRA. The only other Alaskan on the board is Wayne Anthony Ross.

LaPierre and three other current and former NRA leaders face a lawsuit by Attorney General Letitia James that claims they violated nonprofit laws and misused millions of dollars from the organization to underwrite trips and various luxuries. The civil trial begins Monday in Manhattan and has been scheduled for six weeks.


    • Ya, the Attorney General is the AG for the ENTIRE state, not just individual jurisdictions.

      That means she has her fingers in every case that the State of New York brings against any person in that state.

      There are District Attorneys who work individual jurisdictions, think Manhattan or Rochester or Buffalo, but there is only one AG for each state.

      Like Treg Taylor is Alaska’s AG and Kevin Paxton is Texas’s, Letticia James is the AG for New York

  1. Wayne, maybe you shouldn’t be buying $50,000 dollar wardrobes with money donated from rural folks. They don’t appreciate Zegna luxury men’s wear being purchased with their hard earned money. There’s a special place…..

  2. This matters little, as in the last couple of decades the NRA has become a largely cuckolded and neutered organization anyway, and has even at times SUPPORTED various gun-control measures.

    With supposedly gun-friendly friends like these, who needs enemas?

    If you want to support a REAL gun-rights-advocacy group, support the Gun Owners of America instead of the weak and ineffectual NRA.

  3. “The craziest man on earth”, LaPierre was called after his refusal to admit that gun laws had anything to do with the Sandy Hook school massacre. One really wonders how this man could live with himself, and how well he really sleeps at night.

    This resignation brings a little ray of sunshine into an otherwise bleak newsscape. LaPierre was and remains a despicable person who, by his refusal to ever give an inch on any sort of gun control, directly contributed to the mass killing of students, teachers, and other citizens. To him, the solution to every problem was guns – more guns, bigger guns, more powerful guns, concealed guns, shinier guns. Promote Constitutional carry so that anyone anywhere could have a concealed weapon. Ask teachers to arm themselves in order to protect their students. Oppose universal background checks. Oppose the prohibition of weapons of war such as the AR-15-style weapons. Yeah, those all sound like reasonable ideas.

    In truth, this guy was just a lobbyist who never really knew much about, used, or cared about guns until he figured out that this issue could be a key to his own personal wealth and importance. Once he comprehended that, he turned the NRA into a political extremist group instead of one that supported safety and sportsmanship. He lined his pockets with millions in salary, filled his closet with thousand-dollar suits, and filled his passport with air travel on private jets. He also led the NRA to a decline in membership, revenue, and massive legal exposure with the associated legal fees. In short, he took the NRA members for a financial ride, and he took the Country on a wave of mass murder committed by the assault weapons he protected and promoted.

    If you really want to see want LaPierre was all about, watch the YouTube video of him and his wife “hunting” elephants. It’s the most pathetic thing you’ll ever see. The guy couldn’t handle a gun, he was clearly afraid of them, he barely had the balls to pull the trigger after the guide did everything but that for him. His wife showed more moxie than he did in dispatching the animal. Disgusting. He’d be hilarious in his clownish ineptitude were he not so pitiful to watch.

    No doubt he walked away from the NRA wealthy and with a golden handcuff bonus, paid for by NRA members and gun manufacturers. I hope that he finds solace in his wealth, because in the wee hours of the morning, I doubt that he will find it in his dreams.

    • Hans, I really do wish that you, or another radical leftist extremist poster here like you, would give us a detailed self-analysis of what it is like to be a pro-establishment lackey, quisling, and boot-licking conformist. Because your mentality is so utterly alien to my own that I cannot fathom the depths of intellectual and moral depravity that leads to existing in such a state.

      • Hmm. Seriously. Moral decency is an alien concept. Probably the same measure of alien concept for the husband-wife coward killers of an old elephant. There are doubts jefferson was born anywhere close to Alaska.

        • Mrs. N, when you come back to earth, please give me a response that actually makes some semblance of sense. You are one of three or four other MRAK female posters who seem to consistently post from a reality tangential to the one the rest of us inhabit.

    • Hans:
      I am curious to hear your logic.
      How exactly did the NRA, or any other gun rights organization contribute to mass killings?
      Because, the overwhelming majority of them happen in the states or areas where the excessively restrictive gun control laws the NRA fought against are already in place. Gun free zone… did not matter to the shooter. Waiting periods, magazine capacity limits… not a hinderance to the shooter in any way. Murder being a capital crime… not even a consideration.
      Removing a legally purchased and responsible used item from a law abiding and responsible person will do nothing to stop criminals intent on mayhem from committing crimes.
      So… how exactly did the NRA contribute to these murders. Please provide the cause leads to effect logic.

  4. Glad Stylin’ Wayne is gone. It’s a start to getting a great many of us to join and donate again. Perhaps soon.

    Meanwhile, GOA is THE pro-gun group that gets things done.

  5. Maybe now the NRA can regain some of its lost credibility. Wayne should have departed a long time ago.

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