Back story: The Lora Show antics stopped Senate hearing, delayed session


A meeting last week of the Senate Health and Social Services Committee was abruptly adjourned by Sen. David Wilson after the nonpartisan staff assigned to the meeting walked out.

Sen. Lora Reinbold had pulled her mask down for several minutes. That much is visible on the video of the meeting. The legislative staff has been instructed to leave a room, if that happens. There is a mask mandate in the Capitol and at least one staffer came perilously close to being put on a ventilator after contracting Covid this session, likely in the building.

While the committee was hearing an amendment by Sen. Tom Begich to a bill, Reinbold pulled her mask down, and left it down for several minutes, while the legislative staff could be seen growing increasingly restless.

Finally, Chair David Wilson called for an at-ease. At that point, the legislative cameras stopped recording sound, but video shows a lively discussion ensuing between the senators.

Those in the room said that Reinbold berated the staff members and said if they were not comfortable working with her when her mask was down, they could look for work elsewhere. They were not the boss of her. After a few minutes, Rep. Wilson called the three staffers back into the room so that he could legally adjourn the meeting.

Watch the end of the meeting here:

The incident may have been the last straw for the Senate Republican-led caucus, which removed Reinbold from the chairmanship of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday morning.

In Judiciary earlier this month, Reinbold also refused to wear her mask and, once again, the legislative staff left the room and that meeting came to a halt.

Reinbold said on the Senate floor that she is blameless and has led the Judiciary Committee well. Before the floor session, she kept her mask off, in defiance of the rules for the Capitol. Last week, she was fined $250 for flouting the mask rule. Legislators and staff don’t have to wear masks while they are in their individual offices, but do when they are in shared spaces in the building, which is cramped and not well ventilated.

People in the building say that the general disrespect Reinbold has shown to staff and colleagues in the Capitol have not been well-received. A main agreement of the majority caucus is that “you don’t beat up on your teammates, and she repeatedly beats up on Republicans on social media,” said one member. She accused Sen. David Wilson of being in the pocket of the governor, has insulted Sens. Peter Micciche, Mia Costello, Shelley Hughes.

For Wilson, it was not about the mask, but that one person has been holding up the business of the entire session, delaying legislation. The session is now past its 90th statutory day and Wilson said no one person should be able to do cause such delays.

Although she lost her committee chair in Judiciary, Reinbold was not kicked out of the Republican caucus and is still vice chair of State Affairs and Legislative Council.


  1. Ridiculous. Stop treating this like it’s Ebola or Marburg virus! It’s a flu like, 99.5%+ survived virus.

  2. You know, the Senate probably won’t make a mask mandate and punish people for not wearing muzzles because they have enough fear of the voters, but they have no problem picking on one woman who has no defenders because of a few Karens who hate God and want to see everyone muzzled like slaves. It shows how few Senators really understand what liberty is.

  3. Wearing cloth on your face provides no “protection” for you or anyone around you, at all. Pretending that we can hold people who refuse to virtue signal accountable for other people getting sick is completely insane and it needs to stop.

  4. Some people have no decency and think that they should be the center of attention at all times. When Lora runs for governor against Governor Dunleavy she will quickly find out that the amount of support she had isn’t as great as she thinks it is.

  5. Pure BS. So she pulls a her mask down for several minutes. And some staffer was “perilously” close to be put on a ventilator? When someone is put on a ventilator, even without having COVID, their chances of survival are seriously low. I believe it is about 30% to 40% or more death rate when a person has be intubated, correct me if I’m wrong. No COVID. Just intubation. This is a BS way for uptight people that can’t handle a passionate advocate of honesty such as Lora Reinbold, to try and shut her up. WE WILL NOT BE SHUT UP! You morons in the legislature that have become part of the Borg and go along with the herd, even it the herd is about to run off a cliff of communist-like behavior, will be stopped! You blithering idiots! Trashing Lora Reinbold is a local version of trashing Trump. So sense. “She’s out of control! She’s a racist! She’s sleeping with prostitutes in a Russian hotel! She pulled down her facemask and people started dropping dead! She’s a SUPER SPREADER! She’s selfish! She’s a xenophobe! She’s uppity!” Stop! You idiots! We WILL remember you!

  6. Is there a reason that they cannot Zoom from their respective offices? That way each individual could decide to wear a mask or not to mask. Do they have to be crammed into a cramped and un-ventilated space? Surely there is a way to respect EVERYBODY and not just the people who are afraid of cv.

  7. Everyone up there need to lighten up! they are all lucky enough having their job. I’ll take any of their job anyday even if I contracted wuhan virus that you are more likely to recover from it. Their wages Pays the bills with more than enough earning left over. Congress doesnt even sit behind plexiplastic like they all do at least what I can see from the Cspan lense.

    This time next year! (Sigh) these capital complainers will still be complaining- only over something else. I feel sorry for their spouses cause unlike an employee, the spouse and children are stuck with their complaining partner, while co worker is only stuck for like 8 hrs Hahaha

    No one was stopping capital business but the Chair himself. He made the choice to delay the meeting all on his own like making the choice to play victim and blame Reinbold for his choice to delay the meeting. Hahaha

    Sounds like David Wilson needs a book copy of Candace Owens “Blackout”

  8. You know by the looks the staffers even the legislators in the room could care a little more about their obesity health problem than seeing all people are wearing a little extra material. Clothes can only cover up so much love handles.
    They say they care so much about others health. BUT! They can’t even take care of their weight problem.

  9. I thought beer and leg wrestling induced immunity. Maybe they should try that, then no more worries. Oh yeah, that’s only after it gets dark. My bad.

  10. “They have no problem picking on one woman who has no defenders because of a few Karens who hate God and want to see everyone muzzled like slaves. It shows how few Senators really understand what liberty is.”

    Do you realize how nutty these statement are? Of course not, but you are smart enough to know there are only 20 Senators in the Alaska Legislature. The vote to cancel the Lora Show was 17-1, with the drama queen herself being the sole objection. Kawasaki and von Imhof were absent and excused.

    So, every single Alaska Senator present today, except for Reinbold, is a Karen who hates God, wants everyone enslaved and don’t understand what liberty is?

    I think the near-unanimous vote today was a clear message that all members, except for Reinbold, are tired of her antics (no matter her intent) and recognize the importance of concluding their Constitutionally mandated business before the legislative clock runs out.

  11. Were the party of miscreants who treated the capitol like a college dorm wearing their masks during the beer and chips fiesta? Were they following these rules about safety and social distancing when they were playing graba$$? Curious why the fur has to fly for a Reinbold not for a Rasmussen.

  12. If you have been injected with nanotechnology particles you are not to touch me or breathe droplets on me. I don’t share Bill Gates’ enunciated views on the importance of depopulation. I have contempt for those in leadership enslaved to implement such an agenda. I plan on mask wearing now for a decade. Alaska we need our elected servants to demonstrate solidarity with the US Constitution. If they have any they are hiding it well.

  13. The Alaska Legislature mask policy is a perfect example of disproportionate measures taken by intellectually undistinguished people in a panic.

  14. Conform or be removed. Elected representation is helpless against the tsunami of political correctness and the mandate to wear a useless mask in response to a virus. Flu epidemics every decade or so, and no masks. This is about control and the nazi tactics are increasing, causing an ever more divided society. Those of us that want to enjoy the rights we have been promised inthe bill of rights and the Constitution are watching those rights removed under the guise of safety and we KNOW where it is going.

  15. There are no “non partisan staffers” in Juneau. They are all there because of cronyism, nepotism or good old fashioned ” you scratch my back & I’ll scratch your backism”! No wonder nothing gets done in the Capital – it’s filled with Maskholes!

  16. Lets remember that everyone (Lora included) are tested several times a week w/ temp check and Lora has always tested negative. Maybe she pulled her mask down to breath better for a few minutes. The article stated the room i stuffy and doesn’t have good ventilation. Maybe she pulled it down to be heard more clearly, b/c masks muffle your voice. Staffers were likely 6 ft or more away from the Senator and providing the staffers had THEIR masks on (hello!)…they were SAFE right? Because masks stop viruses and droplets. So why were staffers or anyone for that matter concerned? Good grief!

  17. “They have no problem picking on one woman who has no defenders because of a few Karens who hate God and want to see everyone muzzled like slaves. It shows how few Senators really understand what liberty is.”

    Do you realize how nutty these statements are? No, of course not, but you are bright enough to know that the Alaska Legislature only has 20 Senators. With Von Imhof and Kawasaki absent, and the vote was 17-1(Reinbold herself), every single Senator voted to cancel The Lora Show and get on with business.

    So no matter their party or past personal attributes, they ALL (except for Lora) hate God, seek to enslave everyone and don’t understand liberty? Maybe everyone but Lora really gets why they are in Juneau and are anxious to complete their Constitutionally mandated business before the session clock times out? You know, there is somewhat important stuff pending like finalizing the budget and coming to a conclusion on next year’s PFD.

    It’s not really about masks or liberty, it’s about setting the Lora BS aside and concentrating on getting the job done.

  18. Let’s keep things in perspective. Remember, masks were to “flatten the curve” for 2 weeks so we didn’t overwhelm hospital capacity. FACT: we have today a 72% reduction in hospitalizations since the peak last November. The curve was flattened.

    Herd Immunity is: 60-90% of the population carrying antibodies, naturally or artificially produced. FACT: half to 2/3rds of Americans carry natural antibodies. Los Angeles is 45%. FACT: Alaska is 30% vaccinated. 50% plus 30% is 80%. We are at Herd Immunity in Alaska. Someone just needs the stones to say it.

    Making us wear masks to protect the vulnerable makes exactly as much sense as taking away all our cars to stop drunk driving. Even moreso now that we have acquired herd immunity.

  19. Senator Lora Reinbold is doing a fine job of standing alone for your Constitutional rights in Juneau. I’m ashamed of the others’ recalcitrance to stand up like men for the Constitution. Obviously they are good for nothing as far as standing up for the Constitution. Stop their stipends. I mean it. If you wanna go to birthday parties do it. We don’t want to pay for it. Garden party someplace else.

  20. I agree with the sentiments of many here regarding the efficacy of wearing a mask. I however will remind everyone that the Senate has rules. These rules are essential to maintaining order. I believe one of the rules is that gentlemen must wear a tie and suit coat when on the floor of the Senate, some old notion about decorum. Perhaps Lora should take a hint from Kurka and express herself with “Mask Messaging”? Just a thought.

  21. What a crock. If you listen to the parade of Senators and Representatives that regularly appear on the Michael Dukes show, the House and it’s failure to organize is the only thing holding up the “Show”.

    The problem is that the legislature has to show the proper signals while kow towing to the federal government to receive the billions of stimulus money, to cover up for their failure to correct the budget and use our own money to pay for government.

    I saw a fine example yesterday of the kow tow rule in our remote village. There’s the main road in village finally scraped and cleared to the gravel. Dry enough that over 20 kids on their bicycles were playing and riding in one giant pack. Not a single mask was to be seen, yet they were just released from the last hour of school and I know everyone of them ten minutes earlier had a mask on.

    The kids recognize to get into the school, they were so happy to get back into after nearly a year and a half of closure they have to wear a mask. They’re also quick to recognize that the Karen’s of the world don’t control their lives the second they clear the door after the final bell. So it hit me, if after all this time of masks, distancing and temperature control, the Karens of not only the Village and the State haven’t haven’t been able to brainwash them, then there’s still hope for America.

    Fire the legislative aides that broke up the meeting. Enough of the faceless Karens that try to control by subterfuge.

    Reinstate Senator Reinbold.

  22. ”We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”
    That 17 to 1 simply underscores why Lora is the only legislator that I’ve ever donated to.

  23. Every rodeo needs a clown.
    Masked Avengers versus Clown Posse.
    Good news is productive Alaskans expected nothing different from their lobbyist-legislator team.

  24. As the one lady leans in, touches and hovers over within inches of the man in the center chair.
    “Yeah okay, whatever”
    You all are doing nothing by wearing the mask, but making yourselves look gullible for fiction.

  25. This is a do nothing legislature, sitting around collecting per diem and they’re going to go into overtime so they can do even less and continue to collect free state money. If they were in the private sector they’d all be fired.

  26. I agree with Viking and Aleutian. I’d be willing to bet that if I asked each legislator in private, the vast majority of them would agree that the masks are BS. The fact that Lora is the only one with the balls to “walk the walk” says a lot about the rest of them.
    – M.John

  27. The legislative staff sounds like a bunch of pansies
    Only fools believe that a surgical mask protects them from a virus
    You behave like a true patriot and that is refreshing
    Based on your current behavior you will always have mine and my families vote
    The others not so much This means you Dunleavy

  28. Must read Alaska is a liberal rag, distorts the truth when the agenda fits its PPE money agenda from the governor. Lies about what really happened in Juneau with Sen. Reinbold. She is fighting a corrupt administration and is the only one asking hard questions.

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