Covid incentive: City to pay $132,000 for workers to take 4-hour vaccination leave


The Municipality of Anchorage will spend over $190,000 so that each employee can take four hours of paid leave in order to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

In an analysis done by the director of internal audit at the request of Assembly member Jamie Allard, the vaccine leave cost projection was based on a average salary of $30 an hour and would cover all city workers who are part of a union, including Anchorage Municipal Employees Association; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1547; Public Employees, Local 71; International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 302; United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry, Local 367; and Teamsters, Local 959. More than 1,000 workers would be covered by the special dispensation.

“Instead of paying an employee $120 to work for four hours (4 x $30 an hour), the employee will be paid the same $120 for four hours of non-cashable leave (4 x $30 an hour). Therefore, whether the employee works or uses non-cashable leave the monetary value is the same,” the audit said.

The leave premium will be in effect if the Assembly passes it at next Tuesday’s meeting, according to the agenda.


  1. This is a waste of money. For one it doesn’t take four hours to get vaccinated. This is absolutely ridiculous!!

  2. Everyone should keep in mind the COVID shot only has emergency approval. Is it worth taking the risk for a disease that has a 99.7% recovery rate if you get it at all?

  3. In what bizzario world of fiction does anyone need four hours to get a shot????
    Seriously. Let’s say a city employee is working in Girdwood, and has to travel to the School District headquarters for the shot (and, I know there are places to get vaccinated closer). The round trip, with some traffic is less than an hour. Getting the shot cannot possibly take up the rest of the four hours. (HINT: It is called an appointment. Make it!)
    This is a giveaway from the assembly to the unions. I wonder who sponsored this? Gee…. could their initials have a F and a D in them? Nah, he is too weasley to allow his name to be on something this close to the run off election.

  4. There’s only one reason this leave is being given – so all those union employees can go work on the Dunbar campaign. Watch where they go — they are not going to get vaccinations. They’ve already had them. I call BS.

  5. Moose I agree with you . If it smells like a rat then the left has something to gain from it. Let Forrest’s dark money pay for it.

  6. Money, coercion, bribery are all being utilized by the want to be mayor in her psycho agenda to get everyone to get vaccinated. It is a FREE society still today, so I choose to NOT get vaccinated. I don’t do any work for the muni and the UNIONS that contribute to the lunatics running Anchorage are complicit in Anchorage’s destruction.

  7. Suzanne this is a little off topic, but I wonder if you could do a poll on the vaccine as it relates to masks.
    Question 1 – If you have had the shot do you still wear a mask? Question 2 – If you haven’t had the shot do you wear a mask? Question 3 – If you wear a mask how long will you continue to wear it? I still see a lot of folks still wearing a mask outside and wonder why if they have had the shot but still continue to wear it and if so for how long will they? If they haven’t had the shot and are wearing a mask is it just because they haven’t had the shot or is there another reason? I’m not trying to cause trouble but I just would like to know how everyone is feeling about this. Thank you.

  8. Why not health care workers go to the building and give the vaccinations. What would be the cost of that. Still make the appointments

  9. JAN STANTON, I’ll answer your question for myself and my family: we never now and never have worn masks except under Nazi orders; we won’t get any shot. We’ve had confirmed cases of COVID in the family and other at risk people became sick but recovered without medical visits (the positive people remained asymptomatic but could not work). Thankfully, outside of Anchorage there was no mandate and in Fairbanks we carried on as normal, eating out and living our lives. This vaccine is the greatest medical experiment carried out on a mass scale and I await to see the final outcome. It reminds me of the massive biological warfare experiments with spraying Serratia marcescens over San Francisco in 1950 to see what happened (see Operation Sea-Spray).

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