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Assembly to vote on hired-gun law firm for Demboski vs. mayor lawsuit, for $230,000

The Anchorage Assembly will take up a recommendation on Monday on a monetary award to a legal firm to fight a lawsuit filed by former City Manager Amy Demboski against Mayor Dave Bronson and his administration for wrongful termination.

The award is being recommended to be made in the amount of $250,000 to Sedor, Wendlandt, Evans and Filipi. The meeting on the 18th is a special meeting of the Assembly and only this item is listed on the agenda, so far.

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Demboski sued earlier, saying her firing by the mayor was an act of gender discrimination, defamation, and retaliation for her raising concerns about some of the actions of the Bronson Administration.

Demboski has accused the mayor of unethical and illegal actions and says she is a whistleblower. In a letter from her attorney Scott Kendall, she is claiming repetitional and financial damage.

Earlier this year, the Assembly rejected a proposed $550,000 settlement, which would have avoided court proceedings. Demboski earned over $219,000 a year as municipal manager.

“This letter is an attempt to educate you regarding the unfortunate, and potentially grave, repercussions of your actions and to provide an opportunity to resolve this matter short of extensive discovery and costly litigation,” the Jan. 11 letter written by her lawyer said.

But the attempt to resolve it without going to court was rejected by the hostile Assembly, which plans to use the taxpayer funded litigation as a form of campaign drama against Bronson as he runs for reelection, keeping him in the public eye in an unfavorable light. The majority of the Assembly is in the “anyone but Bronson” camp for the election that begins in March and ends in April or later, depending on whether there is a runoff.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Count me on the Assembly’s side on this one. Hopefully they can run Kendall out of the state, and drag Demboski back to Anchorage from the Mat-Su.

    • Nobody is going to run a “shister lawyer” out of state…He is the mafias kingpin hitman which is the reason they need a “hired gun” law firm for a shootout at the OK corral.
      And you are correct about “AmyWhistleblower”…someone would have to drag her back to Anchorage after her “Whistleblowing”.
      The dictators on the Assembly most definitely needs someone to blow whistles.

    • The most hilarious thing about all of this, those who are now chiding Amy, voted for her to be their mayor in 2015. Tis the mantra of hypocritical Republicans. I wonder if Amy is still a MAGA Republican. Maybe she’ll let us all know in her depositions.

  2. Let me see if I follow this:

    The Politburo turned down the chance to settle with Amy. They did it to hurt Bronson.

    Now that Amy has a lawsuit going using their favorite attack dog Kendall, the Politburo wants to spend money to hire another firm for…reasons? One which could end up costing Anchorage just as much, maybe more than the settlement ask.

    Again, to hurt Bronson.

    Anchorage is run by bratty 5th graders. Better, Anchorage (the ones who bothered to vote) wanted these mean girl wannabes and voted them in.

    Smooth, Anchorage. Really smooth.

    You really have the government you deserve.

  3. How much in building materials are being stored by ER Parks and Recreation for the navigation center that was shot down by the assembly? Just to put things in perspective.

  4. It does not seem like Amy Demboski suffered any financial, employment, or reputational loss. Immediately after her termination, and the undeniably horrid descriptive words she attributed to another woman in public, Amy quickly got another paying job. Despite her terrible speaking voice, it took no time at all to start her next career, giving opinions and otherwise pontificating, on her morning radio program.

    I say, “case dismissed, Amy!”

  5. Anyway you look at this article, Bronson comes off as not qualified to be mayor. Hard to blame the assembly when he made his own bed. But who knows maybe the city will win in court and the assembly saved a few hundred thousand.

    • Correction: The Assembly never saves anything… Except for all the money and kickbacks from their buddies who own hotels or have rundown overpriced properties to sell for millions more than what they are worth.
      Anyone who makes six figures working to build the homeless empire shouldnt also be working for the delegation who distributes our money to pay for “The Empire”
      Felix had his buddy Johnny Weddleton lined up to run the midtown homeless center that got shot down (thankfully) which saved millions on the facility children use for recreation and thwarted another six figure income for the comic book salesman at our expense.
      We just didnt need another “low barrier” facility where bums can drink and do drugs indoors at our expense.
      There should never be a “Low Barrier” shelter anywhere!
      Shelter should only be for those who want to sober up and get back to work.
      There are rehab facilities for the ones who want to drink do drugs.

      • “……..We just didnt need another “low barrier” facility where bums can drink and do drugs indoors at our expense………”
        Actually, that’s exactly what we need. The 2023 version of 19th Century opium dens. Force substance abusers to engage their lifestyles in facilities designed to keep them and the public safely apart, and if found drunk or doped on the streets, have the Community Service Patrol deliver them to said facilities. The problem is that the communists are trying to use these sick souls to force society to provide middle class housing (and food, transportation, intoxicants, and cash) for the non-working poor and substance abusers. Criminals need to be in prison not for punishment, but to keep the public safe. Drunks and drug abusers need to be in trunk tanks or drug dens for their own safety and the safety of the public, and such facilities do not need to be plush and equipped with electronic entertainment and individual suites.

  6. If that little shrimpy Scott Kendall is involved, I’ll be throwing all of my contributions to Mayor Bronson. There’s not a more dishonest person in Alaska, than the tiny lawyer Scott Kendall. Stand up Anchorage, and reject this midget trouble maker. He’s the source of much division in Alaska.

  7. Agree with the above, Amy made a grave mistake aligning herself with Evil incarnate Kendall. I hope the lawsuit goes to court and drags out costing Amy all the money she has and expects to get. This RINO play is taken from Liz Cheney. Amy has lost all respect and her word means nothing to most informed Alaskans.

  8. The REAL criminal activity regarding the taxpayers and especially the children of Anchorage happened when Chris Constant and Crew hired Sam Brinton the sick “baggage thief” to write restrictive policy regarding the counseling of troubled youth which was entirely swept under the rug when all correspondence emails were deleted “Hillary style” which should have been public record as we paid for it.
    “Tom Sconce” just vanished into thin air. Imagine that…?

  9. I’m confused…is the Assembly voting to hire a firm to defend the executive branch?

    Does the Assembly get to choose who defends the executive branch, or just whether or not/how much the defense team will be paid?

  10. You might consider, Amy took the left’s favorite tool out of the box by hiring Kendall. She plays to win. All’s fair. The election value of this story is played out and will make little difference. What is important is whether Amy was terminated and publicly shamed without cause. A public apology would have gone a long way early on. Now, litigation seems sensible if for no other reason than dignity. Diplomacy is a rare and learned talent that our leadership lacks. What a shame.

    • If I had to fight the Politburo and the mayor, I’d hire Kendall if I could.

      There were chances to avoid this they chose not to take. Amy does not own anything to anyone but Amy at this point.

      I’m curious to see how this plays out.

    • If I were advising the Politburo and Bronson, I’d take a hard look at that.

      But after Porcaro pushing RVC, it’s doubtful anyone will care.

      • On the topic of that loser Mike Porcaro (and his juvenile radio program) …

        It is outrageous that Dunleavy recently made Porcaro a commissioner with the task of overseeing commercial fishing permits for the state of Alaska. The position pays $125,000.00 per year, plus benefits, and Porcaro has no experience in fisheries, commercial fishing, permit management, or anything related to any of this.

        According to my tally, Dunleavy has hired three radio “personalities” for high-salary jobs in state government; two of the three are very bad hires. Rick Green (AKA Rick Rydell) probably does a good job at Fish and Game. Dave Steiren, however, has no job and his only responsibility is to serve as Dunleavy’s cheerleader and nothing more. Now Porcaro has been hired and he, too, will be paid some very big bucks to do nothing.

        Who voted for this? Not me.

  11. This should be fun, right?

    Watching conservatives tear themselves apart and drag down the one viable conservative candidate we have heading into our month-long mayoral voting season.

    The Left will be laughing all winter long, while conservatives play right into their hands…

    Why do conservatives ALWAYS descend into chaos over anything and everything? Why can’t we keep our eye on the d@mn ball?

    The Left is very good at sticking to their game no matter what. Conservatives never recognize a good thing until it’s gone, and we can’t seem to prioritize our values -we’re always ready to look for another star player once the luster of our expectations not being met on every single play wears off.

    Elected leaders are men. Fallen men. They make mistakes, but does that mean we abandon them entirely as soon as they make one or two decisions we don’t like? Do we completely abandon the field of battle and give it over to the glitter-faced unicorns because the man we elected didn’t get everything done we wanted done?

    Or, do we recognize that the glitterati have, in fact, spent the last three years closing every loophole they can to make sure we don’t ever have a conservative in office again?

    Now is not the time to splinter over ginned-up distractions designed to lure our eyes off the ball.

    For once, I hope conservatives keep it together this year and don’t drop the ball -it’s in our court and we need to fight to keep it there!

    • “I have always figured that half a loaf is better then none and I know that in the Democratic process you are not always going to get what you want” Ronald Reagan – “the man” & winner of (a record) 49 out of 50 States in a Presidential election.

    • So your priorty is to turn Anchorage into another liberal cesspool of crime, corruption, government overreach, human trafficking, chopping up living babies as they scream, pedophilia, mutilation of preteens and a vast array of other subhuman behaviors rather than adhering to a policy of right to work which the private sector has lived under several decades? Now let’s get into the waste of money this is.

  12. Local government in Anchorage is very corrupt. It seems like everyone has their own agenda (money) for themselves rather than what benefits the city. Multiple assembly members including former mayor Ethan Berkowitz were involved in the trafficking of homeless people to support their private investments in shelters for example. Those homeless people voted at 117% btw. It’s what put Forrest Dunbar in Juneau.


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