Assembly denies mayor another appointment, as AFL-CIO opposes war hero for employee relations board


On Tuesday, the Anchorage Assembly majority rejected a combat veteran who is a 25-year union member and former local union board president. Todd Peplow had been nominated by Mayor Dave Bronson to the Anchorage Employee Relations Board.

Peplow had supported Bronson for mayor in 2021, while the AFL-CIO has supported Forrest Dunbar. In 2020, Dunbar and the AFL-CIO lost that election, and on Tuesday night they exacted their event. Dunbar spoke against Peplow. So did the president of the AFL-CIO.

Peplow told the Assembly that “This is 100 percent politics,” retribution for his support for Bronson.

“Todd Peplow is a good man who has spent his life defending our country, and advancing the rights of workers and union members. His character and name were drug through the mud for purely political reasons. Actions like those taken last night do nothing but discourage the public from participating in their government, and demonstrates the unwillingness of the Assembly majority to work with my Administration on simple issues like filling volunteer boards and commissions,” Mayor Bronson said.

Bronson said that it’s getting increasingly difficult to find people to serve on boards and commissions because of the viciousness of the Anchorage Assembly confirmation process. The Assembly is controlled by extremist progressives, while Bronson is a conservative.


  1. When we had the opportunity to elect a more representative Anchorage assembly, I hoped for meaningful, positive, and productive changes. In other words, a different and less vindictive cast of characters on the dais. We see now, however, that nothing has changed. Not one thing. The angry and selfish assembly majority shows us that we are now on “the same song in the second verse”. And this is very bad for the municipality and our collective prospects.

    • I too, am extremely disappointed in the results of the election! It’s true, elections have consequences and here we are again!!

    • This is what happens when we allow ballot harvesting. No one should ever be permitted to touch another person’s ballot, ever!

    • I knew when Bronson ran his campaign and calling the assembly a bunch of idiots, he would accomplish nothing as mayor. Why would any of them support him? Bronson lost my vote as soon as I saw that and, not because I did not like his ideas, because he insulted everyone that he would have to work with to make progress. He was doomed to being a lame duck mayor after doing that.

    • The go around will never come around …… unless we adopt the new experimental voting method that their going to try in France in the upcoming presidential election

  2. We have children running the household (assembly). Stomping their feet and crying like babies. They need to stand with their noses in the corner with dunce hats on.

  3. Once again we see Union leadership completely out of sync with rank and file members. Terrible optics for the Alaska AFL-CIO.

  4. The Anchorage Assembly voted against Bronson’s labor pick for good reasons and it wasn’t because they were anti-military. The nominee brought with him baggage from Bronson’s campaign. conservatives have never been pro-union; Never. If they try to project an image of supporting labor we union workers can smell the stench miles away. Anti-labor conservatives want to get on the inside so that they can gut labor. And by the way, attempting to use a military litmus test to appoint an anti-labor nominee is foolish thinking. The nominee just didn’t have the goods to convince the of majority Assembly members.

    • 25 year union member and a union board president?. How does one become a union board president? I suspect the local membership elects you. I’m guessing the baggage of which you speak was his support for Bronson, an honest man working to keep his campaign promises. Your arguments against this man reveal so much that wrong with the lock-step support union leadership gives the nation destroying Left in our country.

    • Interesting, so according to your logic only democratic party aligned robots are acceptable to serve in the administration? Sadly it is this petty circular thinking, spite and blind allegiance that got us here. Where were you when Berkowitz appointed a director of the health department, who had no qualifications in healthcare?
      The mayor has the right to appoint people he can work with and have his vision, the only qualification they need is subject matter expertise and this gentleman has that in spades unlike the previous health director whose only qualifications seemed to be the appropriate political affiliation.

    • “…conservatives have never been pro-union; Never.”
      Absolutely not true. Unless your history starts less than 30 years ago, when unions became tools of the socialists. Show me a union that is not 100% big Government, collectivist, and against personal freedoms, and I will show you a union that has full conservative support.
      I am curious how a Union Board President can be labeled as anti-labor. Can you explain that to the group?

  5. Bronson said that it’s getting increasingly difficult to find people to serve on boards and commissions because of the viciousness of the Anchorage Assembly confirmation process.

    Thanks for the great laugh… the difficulty to find people might have something to do with the fact that everyone who joins quits (or gets fired by Bronson’s administration)… Its also difficult to find someone to serve when you don’t bother looking for qualified candidates

    • So harassment and intimidation is acceptable to you as long as it is directed against those you deem “unbelievers”? So much for tolerance, diversity and cooperation the assembly preaches to all and was so highlighted in recent campaign ads. Mayor Bronson’s appointees have been more than qualified. This is the assembly’s petty way of undermining the administration and delaying the mayor from making the changes the people of Anchorage elected him to make. More importantly they are sticking it to the “peasants” who dared to elect not their anointed one, but a guy who isn’t playing their games and actually doing his job!

      • Was it not petty calling the assembly “a bunch of idiots” in his campaign ad? Or was that ok because you deem them “unbelievers.” Would you be eager to help someone that called you an idiot before they even got the job? Like them or not, the lack of respect and childish name calling only ruined his chances of getting anything accomplished.

        • Hmm I never heard any ad from the Bronson campaign that was disrespectful or calling anyone an “idiot”. I wonder if you may have read that in another more liberal publication or the social media universe and believed it.
          So I suppose according to you the assembly are the adults in the room, yet thwarting the mayor at every turn seems very childish indeed and it gets tiresome. I suggest that you watch some of the Muni assembly meetings on youtube to observe the disdain and disrespect from the majority of members towards those who come to testify….and no it is not Mrs. Allard.

          • The ad was played daily on every local network. I have watched most of the assembly meetings and have seen exactly what you describe. The only difference is I see the childish behavior from both the assembly and the mayor and his administration. I’m not a fan of the assemblies unwilling to compromise, however, I say again I’m sure Bronson made it worse by insulting all of them before he was even elected.
            The disdain and disrespect towards some of those testify is because it is tiring seeing the same handful of morons spouting gibberish and refuse to stay on topic. Their only purpose is to make a mockery of the process, get their 3 minutes in the spotlight and waste everyone’s time.

        • The assembly 8 have become the hate they hate coming out of christian believers. You dislike someone enough and you will develop the same traits you hate about them.

    • Spoken like a true Communist, spreading around propoganda like cow manure. People read your crap and move on quickly because you have nothing good to say about good people. You have identified YOURSELF as nothing more than a hater.
      And change your name, buddy. I was here first. And don’t mess with me again.

    • Not sure I agree with you.
      The individual Bronson nominated for Equity Officer was more than qualified, but the Assembly rejected him.

  6. Dunbar and the other 5 will obstruct this administration at every turn. Dunbar just can’t stand the fact he can’t steer the ship and will run around poking holes in the hull rather than let it succeed. And Zaletel seems to have some deep problem that causes this vitriolic response to any rational argument.

  7. These no-good, stinking, vengeful Democrats are the worst people in government. And since Democrats love big government and love to work in government, it’s easy to see the uphill battle Mayor Bronson faces on a daily basis.

  8. Todd is a stand up guy. I have benefitted for years from his experience and work ethic. Dunbar ,on the other hand, is trash.

  9. I don’t see why this is a noteworthy issue. If you want to hire him; do so. Make him responsible for sweeping the sidewalks and any other task you want including stand-in employee relations board sub until such time as an agreeable candidate can be found… and then don’t bring forward any that the poofter mafia might approve of.

    Alternately Mr. Peplow, the board is made up primarily of homosexuals and if you’re a man skilled in negotiation and compromise and would like to appeal to them on their level… you know what to do.

    Here’s a question though. Being a combat veteran doesn’t necessarily qualify you for any job other than perhaps shooting people and being a former local union board president is an esoteric qualification. So, what skills might Mr. Peplow bring to the table?

  10. What was their excuse this time? It appears this appointment is very qualified and he even has the specific degree for the job.Democrat employers do discriminate against job applicants based on political views.In a year the few people will forget what was slandered against him. I don’t even know what was said, and there’s lots more anchorage people like me who didn’t here the slander. Maybe time for him sit on his neighborhood city council, even run for office, anchorage needs more men, and yes a few good christian women, like him on their city councils, the longer their stay the better. If you are qualified for a board/commission and you need to step up your service, I think you going to have to do it and spite the majority. One so we can see the discrimination of the left, and two if God gave you the leadership skillset and education you don’t have a choice except march forward.

  11. Until ballot harvesting, mail in ballots and fraud is delt with this will continue to go on unfortunately.

  12. Hi Todd,

    To be taken seriously, by this unserious assembly, may I suggest a make-over.

    Let’s start with a nice Laura Ashley frock, and a little sexy smoke eye, oh leave the beard– its cute with some rouge lipstick (they’ll like that, channel Mrs Doubtfire). #satire

  13. ENTIRE households with signatures not matching… really ? no cure there. THousands of ballots returned as ” UNDELIVERABLE ” ….a non elected clerk who has been the boss since 2015 ? maybe ? they look to her when confused about anything. When muldoon people did the ballot harvesting of 2016, 17 , 18 etc… they used the absentee ballots to get their way but they have many ways to cheat on mail ins voting…. CHEATERS NEVER PROSPER as grama used to say and they will try and try as BIden destroys our nation. Filter your water, Fence your yards. Watch the airport – the southern border illegals will get everything and the truly needy such as afghanistans and ukrainians refugees will get the scraps with us true alaskans. remember the hispanic illegals get FREE LEGAL HELP from the berkie clan.

  14. Stop whining. You had chance after chance to change this dynamic, Anchorage.

    You couldn’t be bothered.

    This is the government you wanted. Suck it up and deal with it

  15. The Anchorage assembly could care less about Alaska or America. They are 100% Marxist bastards. All freedoms will be lost under these fools. In the end these morons will wish for their freedoms back and it won’t be possible. Once you have gone to far it’s over no turning back.

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