Amazon to charge sellers 5% fuel and inflation surcharge


Amazon is responding to rising fuel and other prices by attaching a 5% surcharge to sellers who use the company’s Fulfillment by Amazon service, according to a notice sent to sellers on Wednesday. The surcharge will go into effect April 28 and apply to U.S. sellers who outsource the warehousing, packing, and shipping of their products, both apparel and non-apparel.

Fulfillment by Amazon offers services to sellers for various fees, outlined in the schedule here. Some of those fees had been set to rise in January, others in February, with still more fees scheduled to rise in May. Fees had a median increase of 4.4% in 2021. This year it appears the overall fee increases could reach 12.5%.

“In 2022, we expected a return to normalcy as COVID-19 restrictions around the world eased, but fuel and inflation have presented further challenges,” the company wrote.

In July 2020, Amazon sites had 213 million unique visitors in the US, according to There are also 112 million Amazon Prime members in the US.; 66.4 million households in the US have an Amazon Prime subscription. Many Alaska households are in the Prime membership program, which for an annual fee reduces or eliminates shipping costs. It’s unclear how the new fee hike will be passed on to those Prime members.


  1. They will just mark it up and pass it along to the end customers who will pay the bill and Jeff Bezos will just get richer

  2. Jeff Bezos is a ‘woke’, corrupt, globalist piece of filth in the same tyrannical and diabolical vein as George Soros, and I refuse to funnel any business his way.
    Boycott the Big Dirty River!

  3. This is just the beginning.

    Will grocery stores and big-box stores start tacking on 5% at the register when you check out?
    Remember the penalty you paid for voting liberal – when you first paid a surcharge (TAX) on plastic bags and then were forbidden them?

    Guess who to thank for today’s inflation!

    Remember to express that thanks in November.

  4. Looks like Mr. Biden is taking away that fifteen buck an hour thing that Amazon’s been crowing about.

    Well done. If you’re looking to beat out Jimmy Carter as the biggest doofus in the White House in living memory. Some striking similarities. Remember Billy Carter the drunk? Well now there’s Hunter Biden the meth head. Remember fuel being something you had to line up for? Well how about Carr’s grocery stores having white signs on their pumps indicating that diesel is available at some (but not all) pumps and only regular unleaded on the others?

    Let’s Go Brandon!

  5. “It’s unclear how the new fee hike will be passed on to those Prime members.”

    Really? I thnik it is pretty darn clear how the higher cost of production is going to be paid for. We love you Suzanne, but that sentence makes me worry that Jen Psaki found your login credentials. 🙂

  6. I am sure that
    Bezo can afford paying every customer’s fuel and shipping charge without even opening his piggy bank. He’s being a cheapskate like his company’s prices.

  7. Let me see if I have this straight.
    Amazon, the company that negotiated near zero postage rates from the USPS is going to charge sellers on the platform a surcharge.
    Now, maybe if the surcharge was only for sellers using the Amazon delivery services, not USPS or UPS, I might buy it. But, I am not sure there is a justification for this.

  8. I’m sure Biden and the White House will take care of this as they always promise. Remember, they have lots of tools in their toolbox and levers they can pull.

  9. Can’t blame them. Uncle Joe is trying to destroy the private sector. Amazon faces the same supply chain and fuel issues as the rest of the country.

    Elections have consequences. You wanted this senile puppet, America. Now you’re paying the price. Literally

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