Asa Hutchinson announces he will run for president


Former Arkansas Gov William “Asa” Hutchinson announced on Sunday that he will run for president of the United States in 2024. The 72-year-old Republican sees himself as offering an alternative for conservatives, as legal issues begin to envelop former President Donald Trump.

Trump, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley have already announced their candidacies. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to announce his this month.

Hutchinson said that “the reason is, as I’ve traveled the country for six months, I hear people talk about the leadership of our country and I’m convinced that people want leaders that appeal to the best of America.”

Hutchinson made the announcement to Jonathan Karl, co-anchor of the “This Week” program, and added that a formal announcement would come later in April.

Hutchinson, an attorney, served as the 46th governor of Arkansas from 2015 to 2023. In 2002 he was appointed by President George W. Bush as Department of Homeland Security undersecretary for Border and Transportation Security. He was confirmed unanimously by the Senate in January of 2003 and went on to oversee 110,000 federal employees enforcing the security of borders, waterways, transportation, and immigration systems at a time when the country was on high alert against terrorist attacks from abroad.

Prior to his appointment to the Bush cabinet, Hutchinson served as a member of Congress from Arkansas from 1997 to 2001. After he was reelected to this third term, he was appointed administrator of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

He practiced law for many years prior to his political life, and was appointed by President Ronald Reagan as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas, becoming the youngest U.S. Attorney in the nation at age 31.  


  1. Why? A need to stroke his ego?

    In a non Trump year he’d get zero traction. This year, thanks to Bragg, it’s Trumps to lose.

    And if he loses it, it won’t be to Asa.

  2. The last thing this country needs, is more elderly taking the role of POTUS. 72 is way too old. Have we not learned what can happen?? We currently have a puppet in there who literally gets lost on stage… Hutchinson may have a great bunch of ideas, but again, he is way too old.

  3. I’m studying up on Vivek Ramaswamy as an additional name to consider beside Trump, Desantis, and Haley.

  4. A 20th century country club republican who pushed the jab, loves imprisoning the J6 grannies, and is at the beck and call of the Walmart board? Not in a million years. Asa is a part of the problem. Sooner we have good riddance to bad garbage the better.

  5. If Trump wins the nomination, then Biden wins. Hutchinson is a true conservative with integrity, morals, and values. He gives true conservatives a good option as a Reagan appointee and would defeat Biden in the general election. Most Republicans other than Trump will defeat Uncle Joe – I hope people wake up to that reality soon.

    • Hunter – you must luv to lose.
      Asa is a NeoCon RINO – just like Jeb, Mitt, McConnel, McCain, GW, Cheney, etc.
      He’s pro WWIII, pro Open Borders, pro Free Trade, and he’s pro Experimental Gene Therapy.
      He has ZERO chance, zero – just like Jeb, Mitt, McCain.
      Hunter, isn’t it time for your booster?

    • Dawg, Praise the Lord that we’ve been set free from the shackles of that Ol’ time Religion! It’s just so liberating, especially since we’re raising our Children to embrace anal penetration and sex change mutilation.
      You must be so proud!

  6. Don’t forget to add Kanye West to the article as well.
    Regardless of what ADN troll posters say, not remembering a literal “who?” candidate running for an office isn’t racist.

  7. Another Arkansas Governor running for Prez – no thanks!
    Some new blood is needed – go Vivek!!!

  8. More and more I’m beginning to think we need a top age cap for running for office.

  9. Hutchinson supported 100% of Trump’s initiatives, but can’t fire up the MAGA base like Trump who has no equal in consuming media oxygen

  10. Take a look at Hutchinson’s interview on Foxnews and see his motivation.


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