As Democrat leaders in Anchorage propose a sales tax, the city’s inflation rate is now sixth in nation


The U.S. inflation rate, which hit a 40-year high after the Covid policies kicked in, has eased off, in part due to the increase in interest rates set by the Federal Reserve.

The year-over-year inflation rate sits at 3.3% as of May. That is 30% higher than the 2% target.

Around the country, the rate of inflation impacts people differently. WalletHub compared 23 major metropolitan statistical areas across two key metrics retailed to the Consumer Price Index, which measures inflation.

Anchorage came in sixth out of the top 23 cities with high inflation, meaning that inflation is higher in Anchorage than most other metropolitan areas the economic website evaluated. Last month, it was in the No. 8 spot, which means it’s just gotten more expensive in Anchorage.

This news comes at a time when the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation is making a move to establish a sales tax of 3% in Alaska’s largest city.

View the WalletHub comparison of city inflation rates here;

Source: WalletHub
Anchorage’s inflation is increasing more rapidly than most metropolitan areas, according to the analysis by WalletHub, coming in at No. 2, right after Detroit.


  1. I have always been a proponent of sales tax. It seems a more equitable tax structure than property taxes, as all participate directly (not indirectly through rent etc).
    Unfortunately as always it will come down to the details. If the city institutes a sales tax and the law requires a reduction in property tax dollar for dollar or at least $0.50/dollar with the excess staying in the muni coffers, that seems appropriate. However if the law is vague about the amount the assembly may reduce property taxes while also reaping funds from a sales tax, it will be a firm “no” vote from me

    • “I have always been a proponent of sales tax. It seems a more equitable tax structure than property taxes……….”
      Congratulations! You now get both!

    • It won’t matter, sales tax is just cream on top of the cake. There’s no way they lower property taxes. Too many union leaches might have to earn a living.

    • Great now you will have both a sales tax and property ! A real win for the folks that have no skin in game . Fantastic , dancing in the streets of downtown Anchortown ! Yippie highie ! City income equality tax is next ! We’ll show-’em

  2. Why are lefties so blind to the follies of their ilk? California has proven you cannot tax your way into prosperity. Prosperity only follows cultural change, and now that we have a cultural nightmare on our hands it will not matter how many taxes there are; if we continue down the lefty path of handouts, ESG, identity baloney, and more rules/laws/government, we will become Los Anchorage

  3. The politicians should be taxed at 50% Since they are the ones who want more money.
    Problem solved.
    For many years we have done fine without a new tax now they want more. what’s changed? well it’s the liberal left and spend it all polices.

  4. Rigged elections have deadly consequences for we the people & the oath breakers who gave us rank choice voting all. Lisa I could not imagine living fake for the camera eye & not the eye of GOD ma’am shameless. Integrity to GOD matters first & foremost to GOD oath takers. JESUS had a rigged trial by oath breakers IT IS CALLED MOCKING GOD.

    • It’s time you seek help and grow up.
      Your rant is tiring and pointless.

      Nothing was stolen in Anchorage. It was given away by lazy voters and a useless GOP.

  5. “………. Democrat leaders in Anchorage propose a sales tax………”
    You had to know that this was coming.

  6. But… we have woke priorities that MUST be paid for.
    I NEED to spend other people’s money so that I can look good.

      • Not opposed to paying taxes.
        I am opposed to paying taxes so freeloaders can benefit without contributing a single penny.
        Taxes for road maintenance, snow plowing, fire/police, schools. Ok, I can live with that perfectly well.
        Taxes so Mark Begich can renovate his hotel on the City’s dime (see Aviator) by claiming to provide warm housing, is an abomination.
        Putting something into the kitty to benefit the taxpayers, perfectly OK.
        Feeding the kitty for programs that are detrimental to the quality of life in Anchorage is slavery.

  7. I am kinda surprised that the rainbow array on the Anchorage Assembly hasn’t proposed a city income tax of 30 percent for those making more than $70,000 per year. Members Constant, Rivera and Martinez could figure out how to do that. It’s where these folks want to go anyway.

    • JMARK, The worst thing about a sales tax is that it requires every vendor to be a Tax Collector and an unpaid one at that! This is theft of services and or conscription of business owners to collect $ for the Politically Connected. It makes a slave out of every business owner.

  8. There is no way these idiots can enact a sales tax. The muni Charter states 3/5 of the REGISTERED voters must vote to approve a sales tax, and there hasn’t been 3/5 of the registered voters vote in years. The gas tax is an illegal sales tax, the alcohol tax is an illegal sales tax, the plastic bag BS is a revenue stream for merchants, the marijuana sales tax is illegal, the tobacco tax is illegal. NONE of these SALES TAXES adhere to the muni charter and were implemented in violation of the charter.

    • I asked in another thread, but I’ll ask here as well.

      Can you please cite where this is in the Muni Charter? I would like to reference it when in debate with others as to why these taxes are illegal and having a specific line to cite from Muni charter would do wonders to shut down the argument

      • Tax reference in the Muni Charter can be seen at ‘
        The “Search” function works well.
        Plastic bag is at ‘
        Alcohol is at ‘

  9. AEDC is asking property owners to finance through a sales tax improvements to benefit their businesses. Property taxes would only be partially offset. We already have a bed tax and auto rental tax for funding improvements that benefit AEDC. People are leaving because they do not make a living wage. Increase wages, not taxes.

    • Frank, I believe CA is trying that very thing. They have raised the minimum wage for some industries to $20/hour. Many of the fast food workers got fired and your burger is now $22. So instead of having a job to support their families, now they are unemployed, living in a place where even fast food is unaffordable. I agree with you that the added sales tax in the end will only support certain entities. My suspicion is, it will fund more homeless hotels via certain non-profits (oh and let’s not forget the gold plated $500,000 a piece porta potties)

  10. “we need a 3% sales tax”. In democrat-speak: we need more of your money to fund better living for the homeless and other feel-good programs. As to Anchorage’s new “mayor”- “Educated” and groomed by leftist teachers at Palmer High School in the 80’s.

  11. Thank your leftist neighbors, co-workers and friends who voted for the assembly, school board members and new mayor and their policies and ideas for this. This is what you voted for. Your taxes never go down, only up. Look at all the blue states that tax the h*ll out of everything and claim false reductions of “we were going to charge this, but now you pay it as a sales, etc., tax instead”. Isn’t that great? You will be paying sales tax and prop taxes and then an income tax on top while they take the PFD. It has been the plan all along. They have been trying to get their foot in the door with more taxes all along. Spend, spend, spend, with you just working harder, paying, lots of bureaucracy, programs run no benefits for you-you are just over the income limit. Shut up and just keep working and paying.

  12. Kalifornia here we come!!! These Anchorage leftists running the city will tax it’s citizens into oblivion and the stupid voters will continue to vote for them. Insane!

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