Arizona governor’s press secretary resigns after threatening Twitter meme against ‘transphobes’


The press secretary for Democrat Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs resigned Wednesday after a meme she posted on Twitter alarmed the public, since it appeared to be a threat against conservatives.

The post was made hours after a transgender individual killed six people, including three children, at a Christian school in Nashville.

Hobbs’ Press Secretary Josselyn Berry used an image from the movie “Gloria,” showing a woman with handguns pointed at some type of threat off screen. Berry captioned it “Us when we see transphobes.” Progressives like Berry use the word ‘transphobes’ to describe conservatives.

Since the mass shooting, a number of messages have been placed on social media that menace conservatives. Many conservatives believe there are just two genders, an idea that appears to be the equivalent to “genocide” to a radicalized segment of the progressive Left, such as Berry.

Hobbs’ office issued a statement on Wednesday:

“The Governor does not condone violence in any form. This administration holds mutual respect at the forefront of how we engage with one another. The post by the Press Secretary is not reflective of the values of the administration. The Governor has received and accepted the resignation of the Press Secretary.”

Hobbs won as governor in 2022 against conservative Kari Lake in a tight race. Although Lake challenged the results, the courts have rejected her appeals.


  1. Every so often, the progressive left shows the quiet stuff out loud.

    This isn’t political to them. It’s a war. One they intend to win no matter what. Violence is their preferred tool.
    Especially if you happen to be white and Christian.

    Remember this when you don’t bother to vote, Anchorage.

  2. Their is no such thing called “gender”. There is sex, male and female, based on DNA. The so-called gender spectrum is a fantasy created to excuse sexual perversion.

  3. “Many conservatives believe there are just two genders”
    . . . . . . . .

    In grade school English I learned there were 3: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Nouns and pronouns were categorized by gender, not persons.
    In biology we learned that there are two sexes, male and female.

    Maybe there’s a tiny shred of intellectual honesty among the progressive left, since they saw the need to use the word gender instead of sex in their latest and most aggressive attack on the nuclear family, Christ Himself, and a functioning, well-ordered society.

    But let’s get back to basics and reclaim reality, despite the pervasive, spineless head-banging of the progressive agenda.

    “Reclaiming reality” begins with using accurate terminology in our speech and writing -terminology in accord with truth, if you will, rather than pandering to the lies, lies, and d@56 lies of a well-funded group of persons who’ve already made significant headway in dismantling society.

    • The entire State of Tennessee are transphobes because they passed a law that prohibits trans surgery on children.
      If you are not embracing and celebrating transgenderism, you are a transphobe. Simple really. When you think like an imbecile.

  4. We need to stop all this rhetoric. Go completely quiet and silent. That will worry the hell out of them. It’s when the chatter stops, it is time to start worrying

  5. Typical child, errr… I mean leftist.
    Free speech they do not agree with are considered violence, whereas, their actual violence is considered free speech.
    Last time I checked, having a phobia over something was not a crime worthy of a death sentence. But, hey, if this is acceptable from the left, I will start shooting people who are terrified of spiders, birds, heights, etc… Definitely a good way to reduce the population.

  6. If we had Bible and prayer back in our schools, our people would learn we are one Nation under God, and we are to love and forgive one another and not wrongfully judge others.

  7. Imagine if someone from Ted Cruz’s office had posted this with a caption about their reaction to trannys.

    The media and every trans/special interest group in the world would be burning him and everyone who knew to the ground.

    This person will sadly land on her feet, probably with a raise.

  8. Aside from the chillingly sociopathic nature of the message, the idiot does not even know basic English grammar: “WE when we see transphobes (sic)”.
    PS: One does not necessarily need to be “phobic” of mental illness in order to oppose the glorification of it.

  9. Hobbs committed major election fraud in conservative AZ. She should join Joe Biden for a long prison sentence. Both……..criminals.

    • Please specify how Hobbs committed election fraud.

      Beating a bad candidate isn’t election fraud.

      • Ignoring the conflict of interest and loss of impartiality by refusing to recuse herself from oversight of the election is demonstration enough of fraud to me. If this was even close to being a fair election, Hobbs would not have had any qualms whatsoever about handing off State Election oversight responsibilities to an impartial third party.

  10. Well done Arizona governor, for forcing her to resign! Meanwhile, George $anto$ enablers in Congress are still in the not-see mode. This confirms, Democrats are the party with a conscience.

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