Sullivan reintroduces sanctions on China if it invades Taiwan


U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, re-introduced the Sanctions Targeting Aggressors of Neighboring Democracies (STAND) with Taiwan Act of 2023, which would impose crippling, comprehensive economic and financial sanctions on China if ever the People’s Liberation Army or its proxies initiate a military invasion of the island of Taiwan, which has declared its independence from China.

“Taiwan stands on the frontline of the struggle between the American-led free world and the powerful, expansionist Chinese Communist Party regime,” said Sullivan. “No one in America wants a war in the Taiwan Strait, but we cannot be blind to the implications of a successful CCP military takeover of Taiwan. This would deliver a devastating blow to the U.S. and global economy, lead our allies in Asia to question America’s commitments, allow the CCP to break out further into the Pacific, and give Xi and his global authoritarian model extraordinary new legitimacy at home and abroad. One of the lessons that we learned the hard way from the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine is that comprehensive economic and financial sanctions have the best chance of deterring a conflict when they are clearly articulated and ready to go before the conflict begins. Congressman Gallagher and I are reintroducing the STAND with Taiwan Act to put the CCP on notice that no corner of its economy will be left untouched by sanctions, from finance to trade to its industrial capacity. We are urging our colleagues to join us in utilizing this critical instrument of American power—our global economic and financial strengths—to strongly deter a CCP invasion and keep the Taiwanese people free.”

The suite of sanctions includes the targeting of Chinese Communist Party members and Chinese financial institutions and industrial sectors, as well as banning U.S. financial institutions—including investment companies, private equity firms, venture capital firms, or hedge funds—from making any investments in a Chinese entity that benefits or is affiliated with the CCP. The bill would also prohibit the importation of certain goods mined, produced, or manufactured wholly, or in part, in the People’s Republic of China.


  1. Seems to me Biden/Obama has already given the CCP the go ahead to do as they wish in that region. he has given china a big chunk of our oil reserves, and taken large chunks of Alaska and its surrounding land off the table for exploration and production of the nations energy needs. given away a good deal of our missile stock piles along with untold other military supplies we would need to even resist much less stop China from doing what every it wants…and then we need to take a looks at Iran which if it does not already have a nuke soon will.and the treat they will poss will be dire!!

  2. Russia’s cash vacuum enclaves, China’s previously ceded exclaves, etc. Stop pretending to care about places that don’t matter. How much money has that little Hebe in the green t-shirt stolen under the name of defending Ukraine? Not sure? It’s a monstrous amount.

    What would you propose be done? Maybe take money from the tranny rage fund and put it back in the military where it belongs? Maybe disallow the demential patient in the White House from giving away huge amounts to the wrong people and then taxing the working class harder?

    These are invented causes. Leave them be.

  3. Sanctions against China??? That approach hasn’t worked with the Russians, Iranians, North Koreans, Venezuelans, etcetera so, why does anyone think it would potentially work with the Chinese?
    Maybe the US should take more of a “offensive” approach to China rather than constantly playing defense???
    Maybe, the US should send Nukes to Taiwan? (Hmmm … Didn’t the Ruskies something similar, sending offensive weapons directly to Cuba in the 60’s).
    Maybe, the US should flood China with opiates?
    Maybe, the US should propagate and spread biotech warfare throughout China?
    Maybe, the US should undermine the CCP with psychological means – methods to create division and chaos within their society?
    Maybe, the US should de-couple from Chinese manufacturing?
    Maybe(???), as a country, we should seriously study the “Chinese Master Plan – UNRESTRICTED WARFARE” to completely understand what’s occurring geo-politically with respect to what the Chinese goals – aspirations and, the potential outcome?
    Unfortunately, a majority of elected leaders are predisposed with their own narcissistic distractions and completely ignorant to the greatest threat to Liberty & Freedom.

  4. One of the few constituents he has left in his base is the military. He thinks he is throwing them a bone here.

    But then I noticed the other day who is a co-sponser of the Restrict Bill- which is the Patriot Act Part Two. Alaska’s Dan Sullivan.

    He needs to be primaried hard and sent home. He is unreliable. At best.

  5. I think Swampy Dan has had someone point something out to him.

    China has us by the privates. We are in debt to them, and upwards of 80% of our pharmaceuticals are manufactured there. Including puberty blockers (the current holy grail of the left)

    Taiwan has us by the privates, too. About 90% of the worlds microchips are made there.

    If China and Taiwan mix it up, Biden’s war on energy becomes the least of our concerns.

  6. The Japanese wanted our gas, they even had financing and interest rate for the various stages of construction all arraigned. Sean Parnell blew them off.

  7. Once again little dan is late to the party. Hey dan! The idea is to PREVENT china from invading Taiwan. If you can’t scare them and then impose sanctions on them afterwards, it’s kinda to late, isn’t it?

  8. What is needed is tariffs on Chinese products. When the previous administration started this, they were so upset that they decided to use biological warfare to reverse it. Tariffs would benefit our economy greatly.

  9. Has it occurred to anyone that they would reciprocate, and it would hurt us a lot more than them?

  10. A history lesson from the future:
    “…and it was then, that heroic communist legislation, which was graciously co-sponsored by a Senator Dan Sullivan “of” Alaska, that a knife was put into the heart of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, and, the Constitution itself. If it had not been for Senators like him, who turned their backs on their oath to UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION, it was unlikely that we would have overcome the latent and burning desire for LIBERTY that stilled burned within a large segment of the American population that had not succumbed to our propaganda efforts. Today, for his efforts to promote the RESTRICT (Americans liberty) Act, we dedicated this monument to Insurgent Communist Achievement to Senator Dan Sullivan.”

  11. Y’know, much as I’d prefer not to drag his family into discussion of Swampy Dan’s swampy behavior in office, we’d be remiss if we didn’t take note of the fact that his sister in law Jennifer is on the board of Doyon Limited and we can presume that his wife and kids are also Doyon shareholders.

    Doyon Government Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Doyon Limited based in Federal Way WA, has benefitted immensely from federal and military contracting and perhaps someone with more time and insight than I might be able to weigh in on whether or not taxpayers have been getting the best value for our payouts to Doyon as well as how many awards have been or stand to be made on a no-bid basis but it certainly looks like there could be potential for a bit of self-dealing from this ineffectual goof as he wraps himself in the flag and tries to strike the pose of some kind of patriotic hawk…

    • Oh my. Surely you must be joshing. Think this could be cured by taking an ethics class? Shame, really.

  12. “The RESTRICT Act is not limited to just TikTok. It gives the government authority over all forms of communication domestic or abroad and grants powers to “enforce any mitigation measure to address any risk” to national security now and in any “potential future transaction”. ~anon

    So think about what you write on this forum. This new bill will basically have the teeth to take you to prison and fine you an ungodly amount by of money just for voicing your opinion here. And Dan Sullivan was a co-sponsor.

    • yep tiktok is just the smoke screen for Big Gov to be able to censor speech they dont like. bi-partisan bills are always the worst

  13. Any chance of China taking us seriously just went to zero after yesterday.

    Right now they could invade Hawaii and we’d do nothing.

  14. Here is the list of Senators in favor of Restrict Act
    In addition to Sens. Warner and Thune, the legislation is co-sponsored by Sens. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), Deb Fischer (R-NE), Joe Manchin (D-WV), Jerry Moran (R-KS), Michael Bennet (D-CO), Dan Sullivan (R-AK), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), Susan Collins (R-ME), Martin Heinrich (D-NM), and Mitt Romney (R-
    This bill leaves it open for wide reaching restrictions on web usage in this country and leaves a large hole govenment monitoring (spying). a lot of it has to do with them making it illegal and ban any app or program that could be used to communicate with countries on the list which is open to be expanded and the worst part would be the 20 year prison sentence and $250,000 fine you’d be facing for knowingly using a vpn to access a banned app. there’s more to it like an attack on our FREE SPEECH! VOTE NO ON THIS BILL.It is unconstitutional and Tik Tok is only being use as the cover.WRITE

    • With regard to their Oath of Office, they are exhibiting moral turpitude.

      With regard to their war on some of the main documents that define the United States (the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights), and the rights of the citizens that they were elected to serve: 18 U.S.C. 2381

  15. Man these politicos sure do love Tiawan and Ukraine while they couldnt care anyless about whats going on right here in their own country. These “leaders” are a complete waste of life. D.S. always hard at work for the M.I.C

  16. Since Dan’s family business, RPM Corp, has and still does lots of business in and with China, I wonder if he’s ready to hit them where it will really count, by putting on the table a proposition to immediately take away China’s coveted Most Favored Nation status if an invasion of Taiwan takes place.

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