AOC gets trolled: ‘We have to start eating the babies


At a townhall meeting with Rep. Alexandria Octasio Cortez, a woman rose to her feet and implored the congresswoman to make eating babies a priority as a way to low down climate change.

“Because of a climate crisis, we only have a few months left. I love that you support the Green Deal, but getting rid of fossil fuel will not solve the problem fast enough,” the woman said, in all seriousness, as she wore a shirt that preached “EAT THE BABIES.”

“I think the next campaign slogan hast to be we have to start eating people,” the woman implored. “We have to stop having babies. …We have to get rid of the babies, that’s a big problem. … We need to eat the babies!”

Ocasio-Cortez attempted to calm the woman down, saying that humanity has more than a few months and “we all need to understand that there are a lot of solutions that we have” to slow climate change.”

After the CSPAN video clip went viral on Thursday, a pro-Trump group called the LaRouche movement announced on Twitter that it was behind the political theater.


  1. LOL. OMG!!!! First of all we can’t do anything about climate change. It’s a natural phenomena it has happened before time and time again long before we were walking around on this rock. It’s as natural as Extinction. 99.9% of everything that’s ever walked on this planet has become extinct. Either change or die. AOC and he’s up other leftist radical socialists need to stop politicizing everything. We’re smarter than that people!

  2. Washington Post reported that LaRouche is a far-Right group who supports Trump, but they are certainly far from the Right. In fact, they started off as an extreme uber-Marxist group that didn’t believe in free trade, but a global body that regulated all trade. The leader Lyndon LaRouche was a conspiracy theorist from way back in the ’60s, an anti-Semite, racist loon who was the leader of the Labor Party back in the 1970s and ’80s when he was convicted of fund-raising fraud and sentenced to 15 years. He ran for president eight separate times (I think a few of them while he was serving time). His wife took over the movement in his stead, but she’s just as strange as he was. He died this year, I think, but this group is anything but far-Right. They are as far-Left as they come. This was nothing more than an attempt to get some airtime. Love it how the Left attributes this garbage to the Right-wing.

  3. Do I understand from the last sentence that this was supposed to be a joke? Or worse a set up to get AOC to step into a trap? Or some really wacky person? I guess I’ll have to Google it.

    • I googled it. It was a setup. I didn’t even know that the LaRouche people were still around. It’s a proto-Marxist, Pro-Trump group. Twitter is @larouchepac
      The LaRouche people are so strange I don’t know if they believe their own conspiracy theories or not. The protester might have been both — a troll and someone who is deeply troubled.
      I think AOC handled it perfectly. Talking the person down and urging everyone to respond with compassion.

  4. Adam, I hate to tell you, but you can’t be pro-Marxist AND pro-Trump. They’re not pro-Trump at all. They’re the dregs of a group that’s headed by Lyndon LaRouche’s wife since his death this year. He was a certifiable nutjob, against free trade, for a global trade commission to set all rates, a world banking association, and leader of the Labor Party in the 1970s, for which he was convicted of fund-raising fraud and sentenced to 15 years. He even ran for president like eight times or something. The guy had all kinds of freaky weird conspiracy theories and was a Jew-hater and racist. This group is the remaining sludge at the bottom of his nearly dead society and they claim they have a whopping 100 members in the US. The Washington Post called them a pro-Trump group because they didn’t want to put down the truth that they’re a far-Left Progressive freak show designed to upset any debate or townhall. This group’s been active since the 1960s.

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