Another punk, another three cop cars trashed



Just before 1 am on Memorial Day, Michael R. A. Pope was said to be standing with a group of men in the Russian Jack neighborhood of Anchorage, when a disturbance broke out. That’s when he shot off several rounds before leaving in a red Dodge Ram pickup.

Police received calls from neighbors who were hunkered down on San Fernando Street, a neighborhood of stick-built apartment complexes.

A police officer spotted the truck driving through the Costco parking lot on Debarr Road, which is only couple of blocks away, and attempted to stop it in the Northway Mall parking lot, but the driver, 34-year-old Pope, was having none of it. He attempted to evade, ramming several police cars and a civilian Subaru in the process.

He then jumped from his truck and ran, with officers in pursuit. Eventually they used the taser on him, but it had no effect, and he continued running toward the 3200 block of Penland Parkway, where he ran into a patrol car. He fought the officers trying to contain him and they took him to the ground as he resisted arrest. Eventually they used handcuffs and leg irons on him to get him to stop resisting. The police took him to the hospital to be evaluated before being taken to jail.

Three patrol cars and the Subaru were damaged. As officers looked inside the truck, they saw a rifle in plain view. As a convicted felon, Pope is not allowed to possess a firearm.

He was also found to have absconded from probation/parole from an earlier violation.

Pope was issued citations for No Insurance and Driving on a Revoked License.  He was remanded at the Anchorage Jail on charges of Assault III, Fail to Stop, Reckless Driving, Resist by Force, Misconduct Involving a Weapon I, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Misconduct Involving a Weapon III, Operating Under the Influence, and Criminal Mischief IV.  He also had an outstanding felony warrant for Operating Under the Influence.

Pope has a string of prior encounters with the law. In 2003, he pled guilty to eluding a police officer, driving without a license, underage consuming. In 2004, it was car theft in Wasilla, and then violating probation conditions. By 2008, it was misdemeanor harassment. He was in and out of jail in 2012 on various charges, and continued to have run-ins with the law.

Then there were charges and court proceedings over sexual abuse of a minor, indecent exposure, and related charges whereby he became a felon. Life has definitely been going in the wrong direction for Pope.


Just last week, another incident occurred where a suspect rammed three police cars in an effort to escape, and also wrecked the Suburban he was driving, which was reportedly stolen.

Torey Tuttle, who has a long history with police, is in custody after this mayhem broke out on the 600 block of East 16th Avenue. His next court date is June 12.


  1. Let them live next door to the politicians. I will be willing to take some of the PFD to but houses next door to the ones who created this mess and see how they like it. They don’t care or it would have been solved by now. More talk and little action from our elected elites. It is real simple you steal a car and it is 10 years no parole. You strike another vehicle it is 10 more years no parole. Pay for it with the mega projects that wont be built. This is more important that someones pocket book.

    • Thats right Mark, no need to raise taxes to pay for crime fighting/punishment. Just prioritise the funds that exist. Its a basic need, maintaining civil order. Because if the state doesn’t do it people will take care of it themselves especially when it gets this bad.

  2. I agree Mark. Until the politicians feel the pain nothing will be done. Taxpayers are getting screwed six ways to Sunday.

  3. As a tax paying citizen, thus having to pay to have these cars fixed, I am fed up. There should be some way these “people” should be held financially responsible. Now I understand “they” have no or little money. But always enough money for cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol. I also agree that these “people” should be neighbors next door to to our POLITICIANS. Get a good taste of what we are having to put up with!

  4. Thank you Sean Parnell. Thank you Dan Sullivan. Thank you George Vakalis. Thank you Mark Mew.

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