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Monday, August 2, 2021
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Ann Brown takes over as AK-GOP chair

Glenn Clary announced his resignation from the Alaska Republican Party earlier this year, and on May 15, 2021 he became immediate past chairman, as Ann Brown stepped up to lead the party. At this point, there is no vice chair of the Alaska Republican Party, as that person has to be chosen by the State Central Committee, which meets July 10 in Fairbanks.

Although he has no official role, Clary will retain a voting membership. The former immediate past chairman, Tuckerman Babcock, no longer has a vote on the State Central Committee.

Clary and his wife Debbie are moving to Lynchburg, Virginia, where Clary will work as the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Liberty University. He will run a group called “Standing for Freedom Center,” where he will build coalitions with pastors, churches, universities, conservative organizations, lawmakers at the state and federal level, and voters to influence political issues.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • Good Luck Ann!!! Alaska and Alaskans really need strong GOP leadership to help forge true conservative delegations at all levels, as well as, prepare for future replacements due to attrition.

  • Ann your first order of business is the organization of a team to successfully overturn Prop 2. If not, I will keep my checkbook in my pocket and consider you just another do nothing figurehead.

  • To Ann Brown, congratulations on your chairmanship.
    What’s the GOP really about?
    Voters need something far more encouraging than the tired old theme, “they bad, we good, send money”.
    The 150 Republicans who said they’d quit the GOP and form a third party because Liz Cheney got the sack, what should state GOP say to them, Ann?
    The Republican Estabishment who helped depose President Trump and disenfranchise 75 million Republican voters… how does state GOP react to that?
    Do you, Ann, have a clear vision of the state GOP taking a leadership role in reversing Alaska’s ranked-choice ballot scheme, abandoning Dominion vote-tabulating machinery, restoring traditional balloting at city and state levels?
    Did you read Clem Tillion’s essay in “Must Read”… the part where he said, “But nobody expected the judiciary to rule that the dividend was just another appropriation to be battled over by factions in our society.”
    or, “Back in the day, we really believed the Legislature would protect the Permanent Fund by protecting the dividend from being carved up and devoured by special interests and the lobbyists.”?
    Ann, do you have a vision of Alaska’s GOP being the prime mover in restoring the PFD to something Alaska’s politically prejudiced judiciary can’t pervert for the benefit of special interests and lobbyists?
    What percentage of state GOP’s funding comes from special interests and lobbyists?
    Do you get “Must Read Alaska” legislative updates, eye-opening reportage on the mob of special interests squabbling for spots at the public trough?
    Do you know, Ann, the Alaska Lobbyist Directory contains 388 line items of special interests… none of whom represent poor schlubs whose lives and livelihoods were wrecked by China flu hysteria.
    … but some of whom may be influential GOP donors?
    Will this be a problem for state GOP when the inevitable budget crisis surfaces which can be fixed only by forcing income and sales taxes on productive Alaskans who aren’t protected by special interests?
    Under your leadership, will the state GOP help lead an effort to reform Alaska’s overpriced, underperforming education industry?
    Under your leadership, will the state GOP support Alaska’s taxpayer-subsidized infanticide industry?
    Under your leadership, will Alaska’s GOP recruit and support conservative candidates?
    Under your leadership, will Alaska’s GOP support a 2024 Donald Trump nomination?
    Thanks, Ann. May we hear from you soon?

  • Thank you Glenn for the years of service you provided to Alaskans and the GOP of Alaska. As a past
    member of the State’s Central and Executive committee I watch as your worked to promote conservative values and elect Republicans around the state. You leave a legacy for others to see and strive to follow. I can’t say we aways agreed, but you were earnest in your efforts and that I always appreciated. Best wishes for your future endeavors. May God be ever with you and your family.

    I have no doubt that Ann will successfully lead the AKGOP on a positive path promoting conservative values and electing candidates that will support them.

  • MORRIGAN…bravo on your post.
    You hit the high points and I’m also eager to see what direction the state GOP heads under new leadership.
    Prop 2 needs to go and our last election must be audited.
    Our entire congressional delegation needs to be replaced with actual conservatives who understand that bipartisanship and compromise with Democrats is nothing more than losing by inches rather than by feet.

  • Thanks, PJ
    Like “losing by inches rather than by feet”, might even accidentally plagiarize it.

  • Morrigan, spot on. You have put into words what many of us real conservatives really believe/feel.

  • Thanks, David.

  • Morrigan great comment.
    Waiting to see what Ann’s leadership will do for many serious concerns of conservatives.

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