Anchorage reapportionment draft maps are posted, and have some big changes


The first draft set of maps for the Municipality of Anchorage’s reapportionment have been released by the Anchorage Assembly. It can be found at

The maps set forth the boundaries for each of the Assembly seats, including the new 12th seat that voters approved for downtown Anchorage.

The website has a comment portal, a fact sheet, and documents from the Reapportionment Committee meetings this fall.

In Anchorage, Assemblyman Chris Constant led the reapportionment process, with Assembly members Pete Petersen, Crystal Kennedy, and Austin Quinn-Davidson filling out the committee.

One of the five proposed maps, shown above, takes JBER and puts it all in the Assembly seat that Constant currently represents, robbing those voters from the Eagle River area, where they are currently linked. JBER voters are not typically engaged in the municipal elections, and have little in common with downtown Anchorage voters.

Two town halls will be held in late January, the Assembly announced.

Reapportionment takes places after the U.S. Census to ensure that all districts have roughly the same number of voters in them. It’s a political process that in Anchorage is controlled by the Democrats on the Anchorage Assembly.


  1. There are no public employees at work available to discuss maps with residents. That gives the public no rights to defend rights. Many do not zoom so there goes your “US Constitutional rights the nine don’t care about anyway.

  2. I challenge our majority left wing assembly members to convince soldiers at JBER that “what is up is down and what is down is up” .

  3. Are there some facts or figures you could cite that JBER voters aren’t engaged in local elections? I always share your articles with your friends to highlight good conservative news but they just say it’s one woman’s opinion, not news. Anything you could share in your articles to give some things i can cite to my friends to show why im right. Keep fighting the good fight.

  4. ONLY “ultra-loopy” Chris Constant would assert that JBER belongs with downtown Anchorage in this reapportionment. Everybody who is tuned into this community and the military (i.e. not Constant) knows that JBER actually belongs with Eagle River and/or East Anchorage.

    I am in East Anchorage. Everybody on my street wants to be done with “dishonorable discharge” Forrest Dunbar who claims to live on Rika Drive *or* “very sleepy and peptic” Pete Peterson who does live on Turf Court.

    • That leads into exactly what I came here to comment on. Since no one has pointed it out yet, I’m guessing no one has noticed that all five proposed maps take Reka Drive out of District 5 and place it in District 1. Seeing how buddy-buddy Constant and Dunbar are, this makes perfect sense, at least to them. I wonder how it’s going to fly with the “people of color” constituency, especially since this new seat represented an opportunity for Fairview and Mountain View residents to elect someone who resembled themselves.

  5. This is what Steve Bannon was just talking about on War Room. We have too many spineless Republicans that are not fighting for equitable redistricting areas and just giving the Communists their way with redrawing the maps. It’s a win-win for the commies as the Republican Jellyfish just sit quietly in the corner. We must fight for fair redistricting boundaries and give no ground to these people.

  6. As you say there are five maps. People who don’t like the first map should pick one of the other maps instead and be ready to testify as to why it is better in the January 6th online meeting. Map four splits JBER between Downtown and Eagle River. Map 5 puts JBER in District 5 (East Anchorage). Map two and three both leave all of JBER in District 2 (Eagle River).

    Eagle River matters, JBER matters, but so does the rest of the city.

  7. None of us matter to the commie nine. They will vote whatever is in the commie best interest, not ours, the citizens.

  8. We live in South Anchorage, inside the city, work downtown, shop in the city, pay taxes to the city, call APD for services. But we have been placed in a district that has nothing to do with City of Anchorage but includes the communities of Whittier and South! Who will provide representation for us in the Legislature? Should we expect a Representative whose constituency lives completely outside the city to vote against those people and in favor of the city of Anchorage because she was saddled with south Anchorage neighborhoods??

  9. I think conservatives in Anchorage aren’t very engaged in general. Even as slanted as the city might be, there really should be at least one non-left assembly member in the Anchorage Bowl. Especially in South Anchorage. I mean, Bronson didn’t win just because of Eagle River and Chugiak. We need to win seats elsewhere to take away the liberal supermajority. Then they won’t be able to act by themselves.

  10. The previous districts look gerrymandered, the proposed districts follow distinct rectangular boundaries. JBER personnel should vote in contiguous areas where they live. If only 259 JBER residents voted, it appears that culture wars more than contiguous boundaries and residency are at play.

  11. Anon, is this info in lieu of an available public service of speaking with the apportionment “public” employee?

  12. Map 3 is the only one I see as viable, JBER should not be with downtown although the Port probably should be. Map one is not even a contender.

  13. Oh wait I get it now, the assembly have not delegated the apportionment tasks to municipal employees the ones the public are allowed to have actual relationships and interactions with. The nine are unavailable in anyway to accept inputs from the public. this isn’t a city; it’s a travesty.

  14. I would argue that map 2 makes the most sense as it proposes the smallest changes from the existing district boundaries. Map 1 is absurd while map 3 places people on Huffman in the same district as Muldoon and map 5 includes a large part of Muldoon in the same district as Eagle River which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Map 4 seems objectively OK although their goal is clearly to dilute the power of conservative voters in Eagle River/Chugiak.

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