FAA warned by doctors in letter describing vaccine hazard, health, FAA violations


A group of doctors and others have penned a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration, explaining a problem that they’ve identified with the Covid-19 vaccine: Pilots are flying with unapproved medications in their bodies, in violation of FAA rules.

According to the letter signers, which include attorneys and medical doctors, the airline industry is operating in violation of Title 14 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, and related federal rules, which prohibit pilots from flying with non-FDA approved agents in their bodies, such as the Covid-10 vaccines, if those substances put the general public at risk for serious injury or death. The writers distinguish between FDA-approved vaccines and those that are actually being used to reduce the danger of Covid-19.

The authors of the letter are requesting the FAA medically flag all vaccinated pilots within four weeks of the Dec. 15 letter, until those pilots undergo thorough medical reexaminations to include D-Dimer tests; which check for blood clotting; Troponin tests, which reveal heart muscle damage; and EKG and MRI tests to determine cardiac health.

The signers of the letter are recommending that all pilots who fail the tests be immediately grounded until they can get a clean bill of health.

“From this point forward, only allowing commercial aircraft to be operated by pilots who can show D-Dimer and Troponin tests – as well as cardiac MRIs, ECGs and PULS tests – at aeromedically acceptable levels, and a clean medical examination undertaken a minimum of five (5) days after each COVID-19 vaccine and after each COVID ‘booster’ shot, as a review of reporting systems such as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (‘VAERS’) indicates that the current FAA wait time of two (2) days is insufficient to detect a significant number of blood clotting and myocarditis cases (which are manifesting more than 48 hours post-inoculation),” the group wrote.

“…the FDA has not approved any of the COVID-19 shots currently available in the United States. On August 23, the FDA granted BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH’s Biologics Licensing Application to distribute the Comirnaty vaccine in the United States once certain conditions are met; however, the Comirnaty vaccine is not currently available in the United States – and will not be until the supply of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is first exhausted. See https://www.fda.gov/media/151710/download. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is currently available only under an EUA, which the FDA extended on August 23, 2021. See https://www.fda.gov/media/150386/download. It is also important to note that the approved vaccine, Comirnaty, cannot be said to be interchangeable with unapproved inoculations,” the letter said.

The group said it knows of pilots who have died after getting the Covid vaccine, and others who continue to suffer side effects but are afraid to report them for fear of being grounded.

Some pilots have been forced to seek medical care, such as Cody Flint, whose story is included in the letter:

“I am a 33 year old husband and father of two young boys. I am an agricultural pilot by profession, with over 10,000 flight hours. I have been very healthy my whole life, with no underlying conditions. I received my first dose of the Pfizer Covid Vaccine on February 1. Within thirty minutes, I developed a severe stabbing headache, which later became a burning sensation in the back of my neck. Two days after vaccination, I got in my airplane to do a job that would only take a few hours.

“Immediately after taking off, I knew that something was not right with me. I was starting to develop tunnel vision, and my headache was getting worse. Approximately two hours into flying, I pulled my airplane up to turn around and felt an extreme burst of pressure in my ears.

Instantly, I was nearly blacked out, dizzy, disoriented, nauseous and shaking uncontrollably. By the grace of God, I was able to land my plane without incident – although I do not remember doing this.

“My initial diagnosis of vertigo and severe panic attacks – although I’ve never had a history of either of these – was later replaced with left and right peri-lymphatic fistulas, Eustachian tube dysfunction, and elevated intra-cranial pressure due to brain swelling. My condition continued to decline, and my doctors told me that only an adverse reaction to the vaccine or a major head trauma could have caused this much spontaneous damage.

“I’ve had six spinal taps over eight months to monitor my intra-cranial pressure, and two surgeries, eight weeks apart, to repair the fistulas. I have missed nearly an entire year of my life – and my children’s lives. Days of baseball games, playing in the backyard, and just picking up my kids to hug them have been replaced with living in a sick body, doctor’s visits, and more questions than answers. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fly again.

“This vaccine has taken my career from me, and the future I have worked so hard to build. I’ve used all of my savings just to pay my medical bills: my family and I are on the verge of losing everything we have. I was and still am pro-science and pro-vaccine. The main issue rests squarely on the fact that the FDA, CDC and NIH refuse to acknowledge that real lives are being absolutely destroyed by this vaccine….

The letter is signed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Mary Holland of the Children’s Health Defense, Dr. Ryan Cole, who was featured at the Alaska Early Treatment Summit in Anchorage; Lt. Col. Peter Chambers, M.D., Special Forces Flight Surgeon – Green Beret; Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D.;Lt. Col. Theresa Long, M.D., MPH Army Aerospace Medicine Specialist Aviation Officer Course & Mishap Training, and Leigh Taylor Dundas, Esq., Advocates for Citizens Rights.

The entire letter can be read at this link:


    • They sucked up the dangerous illegal drugs with the blessings and condonement of the left the last half century. Why is this any different? 100 times more dead and maimed than from the China bug. Far Out, man. It’s all good!

      • It amazes me how the pandemic has screwed up the minds of ordinarily rational, intelligent people. They are fearful, and feel a need to constantly shame the vaccinated. It’s PTSD is all it is. They are panicked to try to convince themselves and others that they made the correct decision not to vaccinate. At first, they said my body my choice. Now they have gone full circle into becoming the very vessel that they once argued against. A full on hypocrite. If people aren’t like they are, because misery loves company, they their fear turned hatred takes over. They need to realize that time is short on this planet, and fear and hate, the drivers that make them loose the flipping minds, has taken them over. They need to take a step back and reflect upon just how their lives got so screwed up. Happy New Year.

        • EXCUSE ME, but most ALL the “fear and hate” that MANY of us have observed is from the Left. We do not need to be lectured about our choices in life. But the Left, of which this is a good example, insist that they know better than the rest of us and that they hold the moral high ground. Sorry. But that does not fly.

        • Greg, you are sadly projecting here your own wild and irrational fears, as well as your intolerance and hatred of those who have much more spine and critical thinking ability than you do, EXACTLY as the radical leftist extremists do as well.
          It is not those who refuse to submit to an experimental and proven-deadly non-vaccine being coerced upon them by a sociopathic power elite, and who refuse to submit to freedom-destroying, unscientific and draconian mandates in the name of “public health”, who are full of fear and hysteria, that would be you intolerant, hate-filled and dogmatically irrational Covidian Cultists.
          It is sad to see you, and so many others, so consumed by self-serving establishment propaganda that is nothing but deceitful and fundamentally insane.

        • Corrected it for you Greg, happy new year:
          It amazes me how the pandemic has screwed up the minds of ordinarily rational, intelligent people. They are fearful, and feel a need to constantly shame the unvaccinated. It’s PTSD is all it is. They are panicked to try to convince themselves and others that they made the correct decision to vaccinate. At first, they said my body my choice. Now they have gone full circle into becoming the very vessel that they once argued against. A full on hypocrite. If people aren’t like they are, because misery loves company, they their fear turned hatred takes over. They need to realize that time is short on this planet, and fear and hate, the drivers that make them loose the flipping minds, has taken them over. They need to take a step back and reflect upon just how their lives got so screwed up. Happy New Year.

          • No, it was correct the first time around. I watched for a spell now and see which side is pushing back the hardest. Mostly it is the unvaccinated saying most of the country is dumb for getting a shot. In fact, most of the world
            The sling insults ad a way to belittle the readers. It accomplished nothing mind you but it continues lead by shallow ringleaders. It’s fine, and predictable. Just getting boring.

          • Bravo. Two sides to the same coin. It’s al about perspective, choice and God given FREE WILL. That’s the advantage of being Human. . Not Lab Rats!
            Love will help us overcome this nightmare!!

        • Absolutely correct Greg, the level of fear is palpable is so many of these posts. It’s easy to spot the most fearful, they strike out at those they disagree with, calling them names and insulting them without ever providing any information to support their own misguided beliefs.
          This pandemic is nearing it’s end and becoming endemic as many of us are aware. Some will cling to their fear and see shadows in everything around them. It’s sad. When people cling to outlandish and unprovable conspiracy theories it’s a response to the fear they hold within. That fear is all based upon ignorance, much of it willful ignorance. It’s sad.

          • Steve- O… the PLANDEMIC is nowhere near it’s end. It is not now or ever been about a public health. It is about manipulation of the public. Good grief, look at Australia, Austria or Germany. It is about compliance and jumping through their hoops and moving goal posts. Failure to do so lands one in the untermensch class.

          • Niccolo, you make the mistake of believing that Steve-O is here to discuss and argue honestly and truthfully, when in fact he is nothing more than a kneejerk pro-establishment troll, upholding the official narrative, and the establishment power structure, at every opportunity. But perhaps you do not have as much history as I do in reading and trying to respond truthfully to his consistent spewing of disingenuous disinformation here.

          • Jeff,
            The problem is you never try and have an honest or truthful discussion. Never.
            What you do is insult and call names. I know you’re not big on definitions but Merriam-Webster Dictionary has a definition that is fitting for you: a person who intentionally antagonizes others online by posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content.
            Happy New Year Jeff, I wish you nothing but well in the coming year. Hopefully you remain healthy and you are able to spend time with friends and family. Please be sure to take time for yourself for some introspection.

        • The opposite has been the case. The attempt to force and shame the us into taking a drug that has shown to have mass side effects and many deaths has caused rightful fear. Including a fear of statism.

          “Do you know what the difference between conspiracy theories and fact? 6 months.”
          This joke has taken on a whole new reality this past year. Any attempts to discuss this has been suppressed by Facebook, Twitter, and shamed by news outlets.
          Please read this…



          • Please please read and comprehend this…….we don’t care if you get the shot. We really don’t. There, I said it. We do care about you badmouthing our choice to get it.. think all you want, but because you said it don’t make it true. Go Chiefs!

        • I have not seen or heard anyone trying to shame the vaccinated, but I’ve damned sure heard the vaccinated try to shame the unvaccinated using parroted fear tactics void of any sound reasoning.

    • It is about time the folks like the ‘Forkner’s’- that their scales be lifted from their eyes of what the jab does to the body.
      WAKE UP!!!

  1. If you think we have flight delays now…

    Pilots can be prone to DVT, spending hours sitting and at cabin altitudes of 5 to 7 thousand feet. So–taking a genetic therapy drug (so called ‘vaccine’) that has clotting issues, is a recipe for disaster.

    Also–there are very few resources at the FAA for recertification, once a medical is lost. Pre-covid, it could months for one to re-gain their medical cert, once lost. With what is being talked about here, that could take years…

  2. Two pilots (pilot and a co-pilot) on two separate flights have died in-flight because of the vaccine. Both remaining pilot and co-pilot requested emergency landings and were denied by their airlines. What would happen if both pilot and co-pilot died on the same flight…? Dangerous times these are.

      • Thank for the suggestion DG. I recommend everyone do this. It is most convincing that things are not always as they are presented to be.

    • A pilot doesn’t ‘request’ an emergency–they ‘declare’ it and it is given ultimate priority. By ATC–not their company.

      • Just quoting the article. Either way, both planes flew to their destinations with a dead guy in the cock pit.

        • That’s the pilot’s choice, if they declared an emergency they are immediately given priority to wherever their choice of destination is.

    • Not sure what you mean by a pilot being “denied” an emergency landing by their company. First of all emergencies are declared, not requested. An emergency declaration is a statement to ATC that something is wrong and that you need to take certain actions in order to maintain the safety of the flight. There is an excelling video on Youtube of an AA crew declaring and performing an emergency landing at JFK, in that case due to low fuel supply. The pilot basically says “this is what we’re doing, get everyone out of our way.” An emergency declaration is not a “request” for anything. Second, such declarations are made to ATC, not the company. While a pilot can and should keep his company informed about what is happening it is ATC who has the most pressing need to know and who most communications will be with. Do you have any dates or flight numbers regarding the incidents you reference?

  3. Somewhere Josef Mengele is smiling. Broadly.
    A part of the US government and a cabal of all to willing psycho physicians (Fauci leading the charge) are happily experimenting on the American people for giggles.
    Fauci should be charged with multiple crimes against humanity. If convicted, abandoned nude in ANWR in the middle of deep winter.

  4. Wow.
    Thank you for reporting on this!
    My sister was on a European flight that had an emergency landing when the vaxxed pilot died.

      • Per Pilot’s Union magazine, 1 active pilot died in 2019, 6 in 2020, and 109 in 2021. through September. Causes are not broken down, but is this all coincidental with mandates?
        And from 2001-2020 an average of 4.2 FIFA players died of sudden cardiac death, but 21 through November 2021; with total of 383 cardiac arrests in all athletes and 221 deaths. Coincidence?

      • Unfortunately it is no longer working. Due it being such a leaky drug and having mass vaccination, we now have omicron which is more inclined to infect vaccinated.
        If we had backed off of mass vaccination and stuck with just giving it to the most vulnerable (which consists of the vast majority of deaths) this might not have happened.
        I suspect that the reason for the vaccinated having a higher risk of infection is due to the natural immunity of the unvaccinated and not from the vaccines causing a “reduced immunity”. Just a guess.
        Oh, and yes the data out of Denmark, Canada, and Germany are showing higher rate of omicron infection among vaccinated.
        Just realized there is another possibility for this. The vaccinated harbor the most Branch Covidian Cultists who are clogging up the ER over mild cold symptoms while non vaccinated think nothing of it and go about their lives. This would create a bias towards vaccinated having higher rates of infection….because they are more likely to get tested.
        Fortunately, omicron is very mild and is showing to induce a very strong natural immunity that is canceling out delta variant. Hospitalization rates in South Africa plunged by about 91% with omicron. Observations and more data is pointing to this.

  5. But, the vaccines are safe and effective. Well… not effective enough to stop you from catching and spreading the virus. And not safe enough for pilots, athletes, or anyone who requires a strong heart and circulatory system to take.
    But, the Secretary of Transportation, who was selected because of what he is, not what he does, will tell the FAA to ignore the letter. Ignore the data, and not even consider waiving the requirement. Why? Because he is in his position because of what he is, not his skills, abilities, or knowledge.
    This is the equity the left wants. Fly at your own risk.

      • Like you Homo, deceived by your own irrational fear and anxiety. You would willingly be a little lab rat for your masters. Look, go get the chi-com flu, beat it like the vast majority does and tell Pfizer to shove it since natural immunity is exponentially better then all the jabs from now until doomsday will ever be. This gene therpy game is no wheresville. However, your body your choice, I respect that, why don’t you folks respect choices made by others?

  6. Imagine if the vaccines are later shown to be discouraged or recalled and cannot pass the scientific approval process. Those who pushed their use before the proper approval process was complete might be tried for crimes against humanity.

  7. I am normally loathe to refer others to videos, but this one that I just listened to this morning is utterly outstanding — an interview between Chris Martenson and a Belgian professor and psychologist Mattias Desmet, who brilliantly outlines and explains the dysfunctional psychology behind the mass psychosis surrounding, and the wildly overexaggerated and anti-scientific reactions to, the current mild pandemic:


    • Jeff, I ran across that sometime back too. It explains much. One can find the bones of the matter in print form too, look at Dr. Mercolla , he did a story on it.

  8. I applaud you for putting this story out but we are never going to fix anything if you are 6 months late on an important story. The so-called conspiracy theorist told you this 6 months ago. Davis fake pandemic happened I told everyone on Eddie Burks radio show and we could have fixed it then if all of y’all weren’t scared of being called a kooky conspiracy theorist. Now you getting rid of living hell. Thanks a lot. We’re watching a future destroyed right in front of my face. We don’t give a damn about your feelings. You could have stopped it

    • Dalton,

      I hate to call you a democrat without knowing you, but you sure are sounding like one. The blame game won’t fix anything. How many times have you seen this article in print? First time I have seen the FAA letter to doctors. How about you?

    • “You could have stopped it”. Don’t be silly. Truth has yet to stop anything regarding this big pharma, money making fiasco. We have no idea how many people have been killed by this “vaccine”. By design.

    • Which leads to this:


    • I knew this a long time ago too. Right when the first one (that was reported anyway) happened. It didn’t take long to become crystal clear what was happening.

  9. The “agencies” may be operating outside of bona fide, delegated authority to command experimental medical interventions for who to the agents are not their direct patients. The agencies may actually be foreign agents, a fact unknown by trusting, uninformed by their government and news agents who know these facts. The agents may literally be directly owned by the royal king or queen of England and that vital information not disclosed to you by your disloyal senators and congressmen though absolutely known to them because of disloyal and illegal contracts made by treasonous people against liberty rights of trusting uninformed Americans in decades past. WHY IS THERE NO CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION ON THIS?

  10. It’s possible one may serve a few years in ignorance and then it becomes an integrity issue. No one person except for President Donald Trump may be able to “solve” this issue. The Senators who did not vote to ruin President Trump’s reputation have shown their loyalty to the US Constitution and ideals we trust. Perhaps they can call for an investigation. The problem may be solved in the second quarter as recognition of financial limits is felt by the agents no matter who owns them. The financial problems exist in England and the US. When their checks aren’t forthcoming the problem solves itself.

  11. The number of medical calls for individuals passing out or complaining of heart trouble at airports is going unreported. Especially airline employees or airport staff.

  12. Herman Nelson (LOL) any relation to the Army Heater? On a serious note I too wonder what will happen if both a pilot and co-pilot were to succumb on a flight from Anchorage to Seattle since the majority of us in Alaska inevitability will climb aboard a flight to the lower 48 and with the knowledge that this scenario could possibly happen. The safety of the public that climb on board one of these flight should be of the utmost of the FAA. Sadly, I feel that politically they will not adhere to this request and unfortunately it will take a plane going down killing many for this to be changed.

    • I do not recall hearing of anything like this happening worldwide in the past, say, ten years. The odds of both flight deck officers succumbing on the same flight are infinitesimally small.
      The odds of having life threatening reactions to the vaccines are also infinitesimally small. Possible, but not likely. I’m reminded of the emergency in the movie “Airplane.” Don’t let the flight crew eat the fish.

      • These vaccines are the most deadly, with more adverse effects than all 70+ previous vaccines in history combined. This is statistical fact. Furthermore, testing results that were overlooked from trial statitics for children, when compared to virus statistics regarding chances of death for children, show that the vaccine is more likely to kill 15 children for every child saved from the virus. A child’s chances of surviving the virus over the vaccine is 15 to 1.

  13. This cracks me up.. FDA never approved these vaxxs, although airlines required pilots to get them or don’t fly.. The airlines are going to be paying for this monster of a mistake, though they are innocent, meaning they were following orders of obnoxious doctors. Watch the fares skyrocket.. BLAME IT ON THE DOCTORS ” Dr.(?)FAUCI -“Know it all”..I think he needs to be committed and fired from his job.

      • Some more of Greg’s “accurate information “. Congratulations homo on being admitted to the Forkner’s circle of trust.

        • What’s accurate is that most people being hospitalized have not been vaccinated. Also the vaccine doesn’t stop the illness. It does make it less severe. A complication from the vaccine is extremely rate. These are the things that are accurate. But please feel free to not get the shots. I could care less either way.

          • Once again you spew blatant misinformation.
            Fact Check: In UK, Fully Vaccinated ARE 82% Of COVID-19 Deaths, 66% Of Hospitalizations.
            Sadly, in the US, accurate numbers are harder to come by since profits are attached to the diagnosis.
            And vaccine reactions are far more common than reported. I personally observed a life threatening reaction, and the contortions that the HCP went through to call it anything else.
            You are free to express your Covidiot opinions, but please try to get at least some facts straight. Vaccination is a choice. My body, my choice. And I do advocate it for the at risk, but for no one else.

      • Not “anti-vax”, Greg — that is just another bit of establishment agitprop.
        What we who have open minds and critical thinking ability, unlike you, are is actually “anti-MANDATED-experimental vax”.
        I could ask you to stop pushing misinformation and pro-establishment lies, but knowing that you fully embrace the authoritarian and insane Covidian Cult, my request will fall on deaf ears.

          • “What’s accurate” There you have it straight outta Greg’s mouth, so accurate there’s absolutely no need for citations it would just be a waste of time!

          • Greg, I don’t know who you are referring to by your use of the word “we”, but to judge from all the badgering, bullying, propagandizing and outright coercion surrounding the Wuhan Virus (non)vaccines, it is more than obvious that many of you do “care” a great deal what those of us who refuse to be guinea pigs and blind servile conformists do in regards to taking the clot shots.

    • Finally! Someone in the local media gets it! (thank you MRA) for reporting what I’ve been reading in alternative media for a long long time that those asshats in the major news mafia will never tell you the truth. They are compromised and owned by those who want to undo us all..
      I fly a lot.
      …have licensed family flyers that choose freedom over tyranny.. Stand up or lose it all.
      It’s laughable (sadly) in that we’ve gotten to this point.
      Conspiracy? Yep.

    • Um, yeah, the FDA did approve them. It’s called an emergency approval because the vaccines were found to be highly effective and safe but hadn’t been out long enough to have been tested for long term effects. Testing for long term effects takes, well, time. Other than that, these vaccines have been stellar in their effectiveness and safety.
      As far as long term effects go, we’ll know in 10 or 20 years. I’ll take my chances, since right now the odds of getting struck by lightening, or winning the lottery, are better than getting a lethal reaction to the vaccines. Who knows if there’s a bus out there with your name on it, yet we still cross the street.

      • Homo, you are merely engaging in desperate wish projection, as well as lies, as the FACTS are already out on the experimental gene therapies masquerading as “vaccines”, and they are demonstrably NOT safe and NOT effective. They can NEVER stop the spread of the Wuhan Virus, even if every person on earth was jabbed. And your willful denial of the tens of thousands of deaths caused by them, and the many millions of adverse reactions to them, only makes you complicit in the largest crime in human history, the mass Covidian Hysteria which will be a prominent chapter in future history books covering mass psychosis incidents.

          • The (non-)vaccines may reduce Wuhan Virus symptoms and deaths, in the short term, but even that is very debateable. But what about the significant and demonstrated side effects, Greg, that vastly outweigh their putative benefits? In the end, it would not surprise me a bit to see that the so-called “vaccines’ (which are not actually vaccines) end up killing orders of magnitudes more people than they supposedly save.

  14. Once an Ambassador always an Ambassador. Ambassadors often know or know where to find info and intel. A former ambassador to Russia Dr William Mount has said many agencies that Americans think of as “federal” agencies may be corporations owned and registered surprisingly to a foreign monarch. He is most often correct.

  15. Omnicron flight #7734 is now boarding at Gate 16. All aboard. Have a pleasant stay ……
    either at the hospital or locked in your hotel room.

  16. They are doing their best to bury this story as fast as they can because it exposes the fact that no vaccines are FDA approved despite the radio and TV adds blatantly lying and twisting information to make it seem as though they are.
    They will do anything to get as many as they can injected with this mRNA depopulation serum including the recent abolishment of alternatives such as taking Pfizer out of the equation and shutting down the production and distribution of Ivermectin through the USPS (FDA is working with usps to stop shipments of Ivermectin).
    As every single “conspiracy theory” comes to fruition, It amazes me as to how people with any common sense (even the most stubborn) cant see the writing on the wall.

  17. I guess my wages will go up considerably when those ignorant enough to take the clot shot die off and the already huge pilot shortage multiplies by a factor of 100. Or maybe they just won’t need that many airplanes flying since it’s not just the pilots taking the shot. UN 2030 maybe? “You will own nothing and like it”.

  18. Man, of all the medevac missions I’ve been on all over this State, under extreme flying conditions, I am more apprehensive about flying commercial now more than ever. Between crazy passengers blowing gaskets, or pilots throwing clots, I think I’m just gonna lay low around home for awhile…

  19. EXCUSE ME, but most ALL the “fear and hate” that MANY of us have observed is from the Left. We do not need to be lectured about our choices in life. But the Left, of which this is a good example, insist that they know better than the rest of us and that they hold the moral high ground. Sorry. But that does not fly.

  20. Well, you know after the Civil War sneaky agreements with foreign monarchs were made giving unconscionable agreements selling Americans essentially back into slavery to the same tyrant masters as were interested in this before but under the guises of more palatable corporate entities in Christmas sessions – shouldn’t be too difficult to prove happened. Our history may yet be publicly announced over some public broadcast or something out of my control. I believe this to be true.

  21. “I have in times past wondered how leftists could reason that something like the issue above had any validity whatsoever.
    It wasn’t until I came across a statement by Theodore Dalrymple, … Dalrymple explains that in his study of Communist Propaganda he came to the conclusion that its aim was not to persuade, convince or to inform. Its purpose was to humiliate and that the further it was from reality, the better.
    When you can force someone to remain silent in the face of such lies and even better for the Leftist, get them to repeat these obvious lies, they tend lose their sense of probity.
    To assent to such a lie is to cooperate with evil, and perhaps for some to become evil themselves. Having swallowed the lies above one becomes emasculated and unable to resist the next round of lies and therefore is easier to control.” Robert A Schenker

  22. Our country had it right during the civil rights movement. It turns out letting S. Vietnam fall to the Communist was the right move for them and us. We can’t let ourselves be so quick to judge that we close our eyes and minds to progress.

  23. What did Trump say about the vaccine? Didn’t he say take it. Dunleavy? Same right. Are they the boogeyman “Leftists” now? Good to see you all getting in bed with Robert Kennedy Jr. now. He is a grifter profiting off this BS. Dowling same.

    • Trump said it works. Extreme right wing antivaxers would and do call them the boogie men. I don’t have an issue with Suzanne being able to pay the bills while reporting the news.

    • Mark why are leftists always so infantile in their thinking process? Trump was for the jab, Biden and Harris WERE OPPOSED to Trumps jab, (see numerous 2020 news interviews). Now Biden wants everyone to take the clot shot via an unsupportable illegal mandate.
      Robert Kennedy Jr has always been opposed to the clot shot and has good evidence to back up his claim. I suggest that you grow up, take down that photo, learn to think and rewrite your 4th grade paper to reflect who the grifters really are…

  24. Fact being! we have a choice what we want too do with our bodies? (We still America)
    It’s not the Federal or State governments choice of our bodies and what we do with them!
    or how we destroy the temple of a body! that a higher power gave us! We still constitional law.

    Drugs, Alcohol,food, vaxes, enviromental, mental


  25. “We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object and go mad in its pursuit; that millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion, and run after it, till their attention is caught by some new folly more captivating than the first.”

    “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

    Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness Of Crowds, Charles McKay, 1841

  26. The danger of a pilot becoming incapacitated is greater, but mitigated on the two pilot crews. The probability of both becoming incapacitated is there, but greater than just one. However, the probability of a major crash due to adverse reactions is high enough to warrant a thorough review of pilot’s health on a monthly basis, if they were vaxxed.
    Given the rules about EUA and flying, there is a real reckoning coming.
    The latest I read regarding the estimated number of dead from the vaccines in the U.S. is 136K-187K. Remember, VAERS is voluntary and less than 10% of the adverse reactions are being reported.
    We are being lied to, this is no longer anything to do with health, but with control and an absolute profit motive.
    Dr. Anthony Fauci is a criminal and should be removed, charged and investigated for crimes against humanity.

  27. Someone please ask the Editorial Board of the Anchorage Daily News their opinion of the credibility of the signatories of this letter… they’ll tell ya!!!! No one, no matter their professional qualifications or role in life is allowed to have an opinion that contradicts the narrative set by major mainstream media. Therefore, all these people (including military physicians) are QUACKS!

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