Anchorage public library hosts yet another Drag Queen Story Hour for kids


The normalization of cross-dressing, and the teaching of “gender-fluidity” is returning to the Loussac Public Library on Saturday, Oct. 19, when drag queens will greet children and help them get comfortable with men dressed as burlesque women, reading books to them about princess boys. All sponsored by Anchorage taxpayers, of course.

“Come dressed in your fanciest and most fabulous clothes! Or your scariest and spookiest costume. Join fabulous drag queens and kings for stories and songs. Come celebrate reading, creativity, and being the best you! Co -sponsored by Identity, Inc.” the notice for the event reads.

Drag Queen Story Hour is a national organization and movement to teach children about gender fluidity, or the concept that you can be whatever gender you want to be. At events in other parts of the country, the drag queens help children choose their own drag names, circle their “pronouns,” and other “dragtivities.”

Later on Saturday, there will be a separate drag queen story hour event for teens 13 and older and adults of all ages, who can party together in gender-bending costumes. And while costumes are encouraged, the library asks that they be “public appropriate.”

“By popular request we’ve added a second Drag Storytime to our schedule! This time we welcome TEENS AND ADULTS to come listen to a great story read by our local drag kings and queens. Content will be geared to this more mature audience. Costumes and dress up encouraged – please be public appropriate.”

(Photo from Drag Queen Story Hour)


    • When you realize that you’re the problem. But, like most conservatives, you will look at society as it passes you by lamenting how disgusting it is these days. You’ll remember how simple the world used to be. Obviously, you’ll step over the fact that in your younger days minorities couldn’t hold living wage jobs, women were either homemakers or secretaries, healthcare science was akin to civil war tech, gas shortage, Vietnam, the list goes on.

      But you being the old white man, you know better. But we both know that you are a racist, angry, hateful bigot.

      You are the problem. It’s also funny how y’all get so bent out of shape over drag queens reading to children.

      You probably prefer rich white men paying thousands of dollars to molest children and pay husk money to everyone that knows instead.

      Idiots….especially you Ross.

      • I don’t know Mr. Bieling, but as a conservative I felt the need to respond to your comment. I understand you feel the need to defend this activity, and that is your right, but you are the one perpetuating the racist, angry and hateful bigotry by putting all conservatives into a box and labeling them as racist, angry and bigoted. I’m sure you don’t like it when people assume and generalize their thoughts about you based on your race, religion, gender, sexual preference, political preference, etc. so why do you feel that it is okay for you to do it? Do you personally know Mr. Bieling? Do you know that he is in fact old, white, and all the other things you accused him of? Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t, but that is not the point. The point is that you are the person promoting hate, bigotry and prejudice of an entire group of people that you don’t even know by assuming that all conservatives are this or that. Rather than making an assumption, why don’t you try judging each person on their own merit? Doing anything less than that is hypocritical, counterproductive and quite frankly immature.

    • Are you kidding me ? The police should be outside the building arresting parents for child abuse .

      What the …. Is going on .

    • If I May,
      Has this city lost its collective mind?
      What do you think these same people would say if you wanted to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or say a prayer in that same public library. We all know the answer, it would be no. This is what we get when only 23 percent of the people vote.

      • You might be on to something!
        Can you imagine what would happen if… drag queens were requested, nicely of course, to offer the Pledge of Allegiance or a prayer in that same public library and they consented to do so?
        Respectfully disagree with the inference about voting.
        Until productive residents figure out how to force the return of Anchorage’s mail-in voting to traditional polling, for example-in November, the voting process seems far too vulnerable to corruption and mismanagement, which leads to a reasonable question: has voting in municipal elections been rendered largely irrelevant, an exercise in futility?
        The Great Alaska LeDoux Vote Experiment shows the intent to corrupt the voting process exists.
        The ease with which mail-in ballots may be corrupted, altered, or discarded shows the means to corrupt the voting process exists.
        The huge amount of tax money potentially available for redistribution and the potential opportunity for municipal charter changes to immunize municipal officials, elected and unelected, from voters’ wrath suggests the motive to corrupt the voting process exists.
        Open to suggestions on that one…

  1. If we had County Sheriff’s as Officers elected by We The People this could be stopped. Instead we have State Troopers as Employees of the State Of Alaska. This is another example of why we need to return to a Constitutional Republic instead of a Mob Rule Democracy. A Borough is only a Fortified Town in English Law. Seymour Marvin Mills Jr. sui juris

  2. Normally I believe in live and let live, but this has no place being forced upon and confusing children! It is now made disgusting, and my philosophy of live and let live is rapidly being eroded away. These people are doing more to hurt their cause than help. It must STOP!

  3. Yes. Letting burlesque performers interact with children. Next is a fieldtrip to a strip club. Good lord what is wrong with these people.

  4. Liberal Indoctrination 101! If you are not supporting this you must be (all the liberal names). Why are decent people not protesting at the library? Better yet WHO takes their kids to these programs?

  5. Nice *hidden* messaging: “…yet another drag queen story hour…” and “All sponsored by Anchorage taxpayers, of course.” Great stuff for getting people all worked up, Suzanne. Have you attended this event? As in, done real reporting?

  6. These people have a right to be here and we don’t have to like that but that’s the law. We don’t however have to let our kids to be exposed to them. That’s our right as parents. These people have always been around throughout history and nothing’s going to stop that. The radical change in our society is something that hasn’t been around forever. To openly accept this as The New normal is a mistake.

    • It’s NOT the law that the library who is funded by public funds to have a greeter at the door. There should be nobody greeting our kids at the “door” or approaching them anywhere.

      What needs to be done is the election of a new Mayor.

  7. “public appropriate.”
    Oxymoron at its best.
    Look boys and girls…. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.
    This is just a warm-up act to “how to share that special moment with your pet” 20 years from now.
    Don’t doubt me…….

  8. So public money going for personal agenda’s, sounds like we need a new Mayor in Anchorage. And head librarian.

  9. Has this city lost it’s collective f-ing mind?
    What do you think these same people would say if you wanted to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or say a Prayer in that same public library. We all know the answer, it would be HELL NO. This is what we get when only 23% of the people vote.

  10. Getting your money’s worth yet, Anchorage voters? Don’t worry. It’s getting worse on almost a daily basis. Things are probably pretty good now, compared to what they will be. Be a determined voter. Fix this mess once and for all. Vote. Until the opportunity to vote, stay determined. Talk to your friends and acquaintances. Make a list of issues. Leave nothing to chance when we’re up against leftist/socialist/satanists like the ones currently calling the political’ shots, on behalf of “Alaskan citizens”. Voting is mandatory if you want to save our communities, cities, boroughs, State, and Country. If you don’t vote and try to make a difference, no matter how insignificant you may think that vote is, and hold those elected responsible, you have no right to complain. In the Kenai Borough, 17 percent of the voters voted this time. That’s a disgrace. At stake was the entire governing system of the borough. Fortunately, the left couldn’t convince those that did vote with their power grab tactics. The attempt failed. The leftists will simply keep bringing it back, in one version or another, until they get their way, by nefarious means, no doubt, including persecution of disagreeing voices and intimidation, even violence, if necessary. Same percentage of voters, more or less, in most issue driven elections. That poor voter turnout is not going to fix the problem. You are. With your vote.

  11. What a great program to teach kids about how to be kind to each other through reading books. We need more events like this to counter the hate in the world. I applaud the people who put this on.

  12. Looks like parents need to call the library to check on any “activities” before letting their kids go. This is totally out of line. If parents choose to expose their kids to this it’s their choice; but not for the library to expose all the other kids. So glad I live in the Valley.

  13. The confused and mentally ill older people have no right and or business spreading this particular ailment to young shapable minds. Children are supposed to be protected from abuse. All forms. This is mental abuse in a place where this has no place.

  14. They do it so we must do it . There needs to be an onsite vocal obnoxious protest – period! just sitting back and crying “ain’t gonna gitit!!!

  15. We had our granddaughters over this weekend (ages 6 & 7), and my wife took them to the library Saturday. My wife isn’t really political, and had not been reading about this nationwide program to promote deviant adult sexual behavior to children. Needless to say, she was confused about what the heck was going on when they approached her and invited her & the kids to their show. She declined to expose the kids to this garbage.

    We need to drive this craziness out of our public schools and libraries, and back into private homes, where the adults can be arrested for child abuse if they invite young children to join them.

  16. Librarians should teach kids to learn to love to read good books: not to learn to love the many sick forms of perversion. Libraries are for reading: not socialization. All this has nothing to do with books, reading, & librarues, but all to do with warping children & preying upon innocence by perverts & their librarian procurers.

  17. Teach YOUR children YOUR values and to be strong in the face of this craziness. Grow your community of like-minded individuals. Have to vote, but know that at this point, TINVOWOOT – There Is No Voting Our Way Out of This. Be prepared.

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