Anchorage police chief retires this month; Capt. Bianca Cross promoted


Mayor Dave Bronson announced that Anchorage Police Department Chief Michael Kerle will retire at the end of April after nearly three decades of dedicated service to the Anchorage community.

In his place, Mayor Bronson has appointed Police Captain Bianca Cross as the incoming Police Chief.

Bianca Cross, Anchorage Police Department chief of police designee.

Bronson expressed heartfelt gratitude for Chief Kerle’s commitment and exceptional leadership throughout his tenure. “Chief Kerle has been an outstanding leader and valuable asset to the Anchorage Police Department. His dedication to public safety and his tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on our community,” Bronson said.

Kerle was named chief in December, 2021 after the departure of Police Chief Kenneth McCoy. He had long planned to retire even before his promotion, which took effect in February of 2022, and his retirement is not a surprise at City Hall.

Cross has over 26 years of law enforcement experience and is captain at the Detective Division. She was the 2020 Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police Officer of the Year and was given a 2018 Anchorage Police Department Leadership Award.

In the coming weeks, Chief Kerle will work closely with Cross to ensure a smooth transition, culminating in the change of command on April 30. Cross will have to face confirmation from the Anchorage Assembly.


  1. Seems like a short life span on police chiefs in the Peoples Republic. Wonder if this is on average, or longer/shorter than most.

    • I agree TMA, sure seems like a short life span for the police chiefs during this current administration.

  2. Police Chief Moose died at his home in Palm Harbor, Florida, on November 25, 2021, at age 68 while watching a football game on TV.

  3. Was this the best, most qualified candidate?
    We all know the answer.
    Unlike Blue states, we have constitutional carry, stand your ground, and castle doctrine laws.
    So – when the “street crime” goes unpunished, the Progressives will have no one to blame when the feral bodies start stacking up.
    Bronson, no matter what you do, the ASSembly will still thwart all of your efforts – stop playing nice – they sure don’t…

  4. Cross is widely respected within the department. This was a great decision! Not a DEI hire as some suggest. Yes, people do still get hired based upon their performance, knowledge, skills, and abilities. She has done a great job as a police officer, and she will be a great Chief!

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