Anchorage is Exhibit A for an unfolding civil war



These are serious times. So serious, we’re at war. It’s a civil war. 155-years have passed since our last one. Our second civil war is well underway. 

We’re divided as a nation between freedom-loving Americans and those willing to trade liberty for safety. Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz described perfectly what those of us who cherish freedom are up against. 

“We can’t be free unless we are safe, “Berkowitz said recently in justifying his rigid, unflinching, and unforgiving lockdown of Anchorage businesses using COVID-19 as an excuse. 

This battle we’re in with the likes of Berkowitz is similar to the Civil War of the 1860s. In the 1860s, Leftist Democrats were so anti-freedom they were willing to die on the battlefield for the cause of slavery. They dehumanized Africans just as they currently dehumanize babies whose only sin is living comfortably and peacefully in their mother’s womb. 

Leftist Democrats like Berkowitz and most members of the Anchorage Assembly wholeheartedly endorse and support Planned Parenthood, a vile organization responsible for the slaughter of more babies than any other in America. Margret Sanger, the founder, openly talked about her desire to rid the nation of black babies. She even began what she described as “The Negro Project” designed to target black babies for abortion in poor neighborhoods.

Planned Parenthood clinics are today disproportionately placed in black neighborhoods. More black babies are killed in their mother’s womb than are born in New York City. Mission accomplished for Sanger and her Leftist Democrat enablers.  

There’s no greater freedom than the right to live. If Berkowitz and the radical Leftists on the Assembly are willing to deny so many the freedom to exist, why would we be surprised at all the other freedoms they so callously take away? What won’t they do if they support the genocide of 50-million American babies? Denying a business owner the ability to make a living and feed their family is the least of their sins.  

We also shouldn’t’ be shocked some Assembly members want to ban pastors and clergy the freedom to help teenagers desiring counseling for unwanted same-sex desires.  Or deny the freedom of the public to testify in person at Assembly meetings where they shove down our throats the most radical agenda in the history of Anchorage. 

History has gone out of her way to grab us and shake us and get right in our face and scream: Can’t you see what Leftist Democrats like Berkowitz and some assembly members are all about by now? They are rabidly anti-freedom! The only example of anything a typical Leftist promotes and stands for that promotes freedom is an abortionist’s right to slaughter an innocent, defenseless, vulnerable child while they’re living in their mother’s womb. That’s it. On every other issue they want to centralize power and limit personal liberty.  

But it’s not just history providing overwhelming evidence the Left will bring pain, destruction, tyranny, and death when given power. Look at present-day America and the disaster that is Democrat-run American cities. 

Streets infested and overrun with drug addicts and drunk vagrants. Democrat-run cities are lawless, have high property taxes, bloated government, and an explosion of crime. Anchorage hasn’t quite yet deteriorated to the point of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, or Chicago. But under Berkowitz, were catching up quickly. 

Most of the Democrat-run cities that are disasters have been under the rule of Leftists for generations. Berkowitz and the current hard-left Assembly has only been in charge for five and a half years. And look at the damage they’ve done in such a short period of time! Can you imagine what Anchorage would be like if this crowd ran things for another ten years? 

Anchorage has had Democrat mayors before. More recently Mark Begich. But Berkowitz and the crazies currently on the Assembly make Begich look like Mike Pence. Anchorage has never had such radical leadership as it does now. And the price for it has come with a heavy cost. The longer Berkowitz and his rubber stamp Assembly keep their boots on the neck of business owners, the greater the number that will remain closed forever.

Even if Anchorage wakes up and rejects Leftist ideologue candidates in the Spring of 2021, the damage has been done. It could take years before the economic carnage Berkowitz and the Assembly left behind can be repaired. Hopefully, the voters of Anchorage have learned their lesson.  

Dan Fagan hosts a radio show weekday mornings from 5:30 to 8 am on Newsradio 650 KENI. 


  1. This is where Anchorage is headed like a runaway train………

  2. Stay on topic Mr. Fagan. You had my interest when you wrote about the unfolding civil war in this country. You went off topic when you diverged to Planned Parenthood. That’s a subject for another article. Make your case. PP isn’t causing the craziness on our streets. Take on PP another time. The homeless population, drug infested hoards around us are.
    I was invited to a home of an acquaintance recently and was surprised to find the owners literally under lock and key. The are apparently intent on protecting what is theirs. The situation was like something out of “The Purge.” Is this what we’re becoming? I agree that we are heading for a civil war and would like very much to dialog on that, but lets take one topic at a time.

    • They are directly related topics albeit inappropriately linked in the article.

      If you are not a fan of the BLM chaos and Antifa mayhem note that that contingent would be much larger if Planned Parenthood were disbanded. You may surmise that societal detritus use those services to a far greater degree than the rest. If you want a much thicker layer of societal trash and whatever else results from low investment parenting, the first step would be to defund Ms. Sanger’s “Negro Project”.

      • Anyone who would support the intentional killing of innocent human life in the womb is “societal trash” as far as I’m concerned. Your comment is disgusting.

  3. Anchorage and its silent majority will wake up, and hopefully not to late, and change out many of these out of control leftist. Next week lets hope the voters begin that journey to make some of those changes…

  4. This pretty much nails it. This is what happens when people don’t take their civic duty seriously??

  5. Trouser Bark, I disagree, turns out that the value of life, especially human life has been diminished since Sanger and her ilk have had their way. I recall reading a study some 40 plus years ago while in College that contained a description of a disturbing correlation coefficient between abortion and child abuse, neglect and yes child murder. Seems that once the cat is out of the bag things start happening. There is a case to be made that abortion and L.B.J’s Great Society Programs may have created the “much thicker layer” of societal trash as you say. I believe that respect for life is primal. It is an absolute , (yes there has to be absolutes in order to be civilized), accordingly I am so pro life that I am in opposition to the death penalty. I enjoy your comments T.B. , thanks for sharing your opinions.

  6. It’s been asked on several social media forums, but, where are the recall petitions?

  7. While I mostly agree with Mr. Fagan regarding we’re in the middle of a cultural war, the Planned Parenthood/abortion addition in this article totally disenchants many people. Honestly, I think one of the major reasons the Republicans can’t win younger people right now because of the continued abortion rants.
    If the Republicans are true and really want freedom, isn’t part of freedom is to allow individuals to make up their own minds and do what they want? While I don’t think the government should be subsidizing abortions, I don’t think the government should also make laws for or against abortion. To me, real freedom means the government doesn’t get involved with my health issues, including abortion.
    This constant anti-abortion stance (and anti-drug and pro-union stance) is why I walked away from the right and am now a true libertarian. Mr. Fagan’s civil war article would have been something I could have gotten behind and supported if he hadn’t had digressed to the Planned Parenthood same tiresome spew.

    • Unfortunately, the babies aren’t allowed to weigh in on the subject. Kind of like the two wolves and the lamb voting on what’s for lunch……

  8. Load of horse manure. Right wingers are all talk, but the reality is that so long as they are living comfortably, they will only continue to squawk like parrots. You people think you understand freedom, but vile chatter like this shows youre no better than the enemies of worldwide democracy.

  9. Dan, your sense of the Civil War is an old tapestry. The imagery is moth-ridden, threads fatigued, worn out. “A successful book cannot afford to be more than ten percent new” – Marshall McLuhan

  10. We are now victims of our government K12 education system. I have been saying this for years. If you think it’s bad now, just wait until more of the K12 socialist indoctrinated kids graduate. Did you ever notice that the majority of rioters aka “protestors” are white “kids” in their 20s and 30s? Thanks Dan Fagan for a great article. Folks, it’s past time to stand up for your Country or you will bear the fruits of government education.

  11. Can’t the mayor and assembly members be held personally liable for the economic damage their reckless policies have caused?

  12. If this crisis’ agent (SARS-CoV-2, virus, aided and abetted by humans carrying it around) were visible I’d hope these freedom seekers would sing a different tune. Maybe they wouldn’t be running around infecting themselves, their family members, friends, neighbors and random other victims in the stores, bars, on the streets, etc.

    And if there were a fleet of warships steaming toward the West coast of North America, they shot down every plane and missile we launched, when it appeared their army would be landing all along the W coast, Government declared a crisis and reinstated the draft, would the freedom seekers leave the country to those of us willing to fight for our country and real FREEDOM?

    This virus could be a temporary inconvenience and we could “bring it to its knees” if we’d all follow the science. – but No, some folks have to hide their heads in the sand, politicize the threat and make sure we all suffer as long and as much as possible. Hard to fathom!

    Gotta wonder just WHO is really behind this stuff and what their REAL motives are!

  13. As always, Fagan is a raving lunatic. For him, every thing is very simple. There are two groups of people. His group (the good people) is for freedom and against a woman’s right to choose. The other group are leftists who are ruining America, and Anchorage; they are evil racists. The absence of tourists in Alaska this summer and the low oil prices are the fault of the evil people. The evil people hate going to bars and restaurants, movies and football games, and their agenda is to prevent the good people from enjoying these activities. The evil people also hate schools and education, which explains why the kids of the good people are not going back to class. So all the bad stuff was caused by the evil people. Luckily we have Dan Fagan to explain this to the uninformed.

  14. Dan Fagan, Anchorage’s village idiot, seems to confuse the effort to control a viral pandemic with the freedom to do, well, whatever you please. This is not a commie plot to grab your guns or your choice of places to dine or your genitals, it is an attempt to keep the virus from running out of control. I’m really curious to see how this plays out. This is a minor test by Mother Nature. When a big virus comes, and it will, and mortality is 50% and higher, we will do well to see how we responded during the current pandemic. I suggest that Dan and his coterie, should they succeed, will be found wanting.

  15. Nothing civil about this war, Fagan… Representatives turn into rulers before our eyes, with nobody’s permission but their own, apparently nobody but voters to stop it.
    Mayor B.’s Downtown to Midtown looks like a failed state, a picture of public intoxication, fornication, vandalism, vagrancy, vacancy, unprosecuted crime rewarded by city officials intent on keeping it that way.
    Mayor B. enforces The Mandate against Kriners Diner but rewards Anchorage’s bums with free housing.
    Mayor B.’s okay with last year’s month-long tent city on the Park Strip because those lawbreakers didn’t like Governor Dunleavy, but Kriner.gets shut down right away… to set an example.
    Mayor B. talks to Black Lives Matter but not to productive citizens right outside Assembly Chambers.
    Mayor B,’s “lockdown” without end may well be the proverbial straw, convincing productive residents that China flu was never more than a variant of Regular Ole Flu blown into “pandemic” status to disrupt Americans’ lives, economy, and freedoms in this very, very important election year.
    Mayor B.’s mask hoax, the regime’s obsession with and misreporting of China flu numbers, where do we start?
    Assembly members forced their easily corruptible mail-in ballot scam on residents to make sure no bond, tax, or incumbent gets left behind… people are not okay with it, but can’t do a damned thing about it.
    Assemblymembers hold furtive, law-breaking, secret meetings to misappropriate CARES Act money.
    Yes, Fagan, it might well be time to take a serious look at the whole “When in the course of human events” instruction book… and follow instructions.
    Unfolding civil war even comes with secession. Remember Eaglexit?
    Want more unfolding? Watch Mayor B. decree if and when people can attend church. Imagine national news headlines: “Anchorage code enforcement officials, fresh off their Kriners Diner victory, close churches; religious leaders and congregations fined and jailed for contempt of court”.
    Unfolding or unraveling? Children can play school sports but can’t attend school. City officials save children from China flu, but pay Planned Parenthood to kill babies.
    Children don’t attend school, but parents do pay property taxes as if schools were in session.
    Not sure whether city officials morphed into a criminal enterprise with motive, means, and opportunity to misappropriate millions of CARES Act dollars for themselves
    … or a criminal enterprise with motive, means, and opportunity to enforce their whims selectively, for example letting bums do what bums do but using “code enforcement officials” to bankrupt businesses based on nothing more than a manufactured hoax.
    Or both.
    Either way, something has to change because Anchorage-Americans know their city –in which they invested their life savings– is not sustainable under this regime.
    So the aftermath of this civil war, Fagan, should make a most excellent Exhibit B, yes?

  16. Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    • Franklin wasn’t talking about war. In fact conscription WAS used during the Revolutionary War to populate the Continental Army.

      As said by GREG R above, when this c-virus meets the MERS c-virus in the middle east and a new one comes at us out of the mix having MERS like fatality or higher you folks with the “freedom fetish” will be slaughtered like flies. If that isn’t the way it comes about, it will by some other route – you can be on it, but not on when. Natural selection at its best!

  17. Whew. If I’m correctly following Dan’s argument, the anti-slavery “leftist democrats” were freedom haters. And the pro-slavery southerners were the ones who loved freedom? Is that it? (But not for the enslaved people, Right?) And oh, by the way, the freedom hating women are the ones that want the freedom to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. And the freedom lovers are the ones who don’t want someone else to have reproductive freedom, right? My head hurts trying to follow this tortured analogy.

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