Polling from District 15: LeDoux is in deep trouble


A new poll released by an independent expenditure group out of Ketchikan shows that Rep. Gabrielle Ledoux is in trouble in District 15, Muldoon-JBER.

LeDoux has only 19 percent support in her district. Her challenger, David Nelson, has 49 percent and undecided are 32 percent in the Republican primary.

LeDoux is facing criminal charges for voter fraud and has a court date for a pre-indictment hearing on Aug. 20, two days after the primary.

The poll was commissioned by a group called Alaska Free Market Coalition and was conducted by Remington Research Group out of Missouri. Between Aug. 11-13, the pollsters reached 121 registered Republicans who voted in the last two elections.

While 121 may seem like a small sample, only 795 voters in District 15 voted in the Republican Primary in 2018.



  1. Wonder how they polled the dead voters…
    More worrisome is: “…undecided are 32 percent in the Republican primary”.
    Seems like far fewer voters would be “undecided” and David Nelson would be a District 15 household name if Alaska’s Republican Party were determined to make it that way.
    Maybe it’s a work in progress… your thoughts, Mr. GOP Chair?

  2. I heard Gabby’s radio slot this morning. Her ad disparages her opponents age. I wonder how much outrage we would have heard from her, and possibly others, if the tables were turned and his ad disparaged HER age? Stooping a bit low Gabby. I guess that is all she has left in the trunk.

  3. Getting rid of this back stabber is a good start, still lots of work to do with Giesell, Kopp, and the rest of these phonies.

  4. Maybe if the republican party spent as much money against LeDoux and actually fielded a candidate against Stutes and then spent as much money against them as they are against conservative David Eastman we would have a republican legislature right now.

  5. I heard a radio ad of hers today saying we have to stop judging people by whether they’re good Republicans or not.

    LMAO! Running as a Republican and joining the Democrats after you get elected is way beyond being a bad Republican. Even Lisa Murkowski doesn’t go that far, and Lisa Murkowsi doesn’t rig absentee ballots like LeDoux did.

  6. Personally, I like Suzanne, she is beautiful and intelligent, I don’t agree with her politics at times.

  7. A long time ago, my friend Claude said, “All politicians should serve two terms, one in office and one in prison”. I tend to agree…….

    • Welll, I suppose that’s ONE way to get rid of women from Trump Kingdom and the Party Formerly Known as the GOP.. Sarah Palin was thrust into the spotlight much too soon without preparatiion as the Token female byindesperation by Repubs.. McCain was criticized & likely McCain had absolutely no say. In the choice.

      • Operative word “All” is not sexist………

        McCain is another matter. Look up how he treated the relatives of POWs who never returned. They wanted an investigation and he scuttled it. Why?

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