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Anchorage Assembly to take testimony, then vote on restricting election observers from watching ballot counting

The Anchorage Assembly on Tuesday will take public testimony and will vote on a rewrite of Title 28 of Municipal code, putting severe restrictions on election observers for the all-mail-in ballot counting process.

The Assembly’s radical left majority describes the changes as “housekeeping.”

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Working in consort with Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones, the nine leftist members of the Assembly plan to significantly reduce the number of observers who can be in position to watch ballots being counted at the Municipality’s Election Center at 619 East Ship Creek Ave. They also have other requirements, such as not allowing election workers to answer the questions of observers, but to require all questions to be funneled through the Municipal Clerk.

Clerk Jones objected to several election observers from the Dave Bronson for Mayor campaign and got into disputes with several of them during the April election and May runoff election. Their presence visibly rattled her and she was recorded scolding and talking down to the Bronson observers on several occasions. Jones and her operation has never had such scrutiny as they had during the April-May election.

At the same time, Assemblyman Chris Constant was recorded delivering a lavish bouquet of flowers to Jones during the counting process. Constant was a top lieutenant of Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar campaign for mayor and, as a member of the Assembly, is one of Jones’ bosses. The Muni Clerk reports to the Assembly.

The new rules Jones has written will allow her to remove any observer by simply rewriting the election observer handbook on the spot. Observers will also be required to be signed up over three weeks in advance, which is a barrier to candidates who do not have support of unions. Unions are able to deploy people to campaign activities, while candidates without unions must rely on volunteers.

In addition, observers will be required to undergo training from Jones’ staff and will not be able to record what they are seeing using their phones or cameras.

Brice Wilbanks, who was the campaign manager of the Bronson campaign, called these the “Brice amendments,” because most of them appear a result of volunteer vigilance on behalf of the Bronson campaign. Another testifier during Dec. 14’s public hearing described the amendments to Title 28 as obvious “retaliation” against the Bronson campaign.

Others noted that the city is getting ready to have body cameras on police officers, and that the cameras installed in the counting rooms are at such a distance that it’s not easy to see what is going on in the Election Center.

The proposed restricting of observers comes at a time when many in America have doubts about the results of election results in the 2020 General Election.

“Many Republicans appear to have bought into Trump’s lies about nonexistent widespread fraud in an election he lost,” reported NPR in a November news story. “Seventy-two percent of whites with degrees said they had trust in elections, while less than half of non-college-educated whites said they did.” The NPR poll found that only 33 percent of Republicans trust that the 2024 elections will be fair.

The Assembly meets at 5 pm on the ground floor of the Loussac Library, 3600 Denali Street. Information about the meeting, including how to watch it live on YouTube, can be found at this link.

Public testimony will continue tonight on the revised rules. Supporting documents provided by the Assembly:

AO 2021-110_1 T28 REWRITE.DOCX.DOCX 


AO 2021-110_3 T28 REWRITE.AM.DOCX 

AO 2021-110_4 CROSSWALK FOR AO 2021-110 T28 REWRITE.DOCX 




AO 2021-110(S)_2_T28 REWRITE.AM 694-2021.DOCX 

AO 2021-110(S)_3_T28 REWRITE AM 824-2021.DOCX.DOCX 


Also included on the Tuesday agenda is a sole source contract with the Anchorage Daily News for advertising election notices.

Assembly Memorandum No. AM 805-2021, Sole Source Purchase from the Anchorage Daily News (ADN) for advertising of election notices for the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA), Office of the Municipal Clerk ($37,800.00).
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Oh. You mean our unConstitutional “rulers” that I believe should be arrested by our chief of police in Anchorage for writing unconstitutional ordinances? If one thousand people agreed with them on unconstitutional ordinance(s) it would still be unconstitutional. When ill

    Ruling classes are signing reprehensible, unconstitutional election practices they should be – what? Any checks and balances? Another denial of Constitutional right(s) to remove per duty of freemen defending the US Constitution in the guaranteed republic. What exactly is process due. Notice that due process is defined by US Constitution not juduciary or legislative. If this process is inaccessible in Alaska, we may have a Constitutional problem.

    • Just wondering, are those meetings for…us, the public to speak to:.. each other? Disturbingly? To come to an agreement among ourselves (sometimes disturbingly) to INSTRUCT our employees WHAT to do? The speaking disturbingly among ourselves (we have no rulers or ruling class) is the justification of expenditure of funds. And the kings men, the lawyers, are not the rulers.

  2. It’s a very bad idea to have the people being elected in charge of elections. This is something we have to change. It’s ludicrous. (And yes that word is not spelled “Ludacris”)

      • That’s not what ‘representative democracy’ means, Mr. Rast.

        It should be clear enough that having representatives of those up for election, or re-election, in charge of counting ballots is a bad idea.

        Allowing shenanigans in the voting process is an even worse idea.

  3. In Juneau they have bought a remote building to do all the vote counting. I imagine access will be very restricted, nothing wrong here. It’s funny how the Democrats can never be honest in anything they do. Everything has to be on the sly. Without cheating they could never win anything.

    • Is that how Trump won in Alaska? The entire ballot counting process is on video, unless Dembowski has her way like with the Assembly

    • How terribly maritime! The overweight gentlemen in suspenders will bustle in authoritatively and take everything in to an unattended back room and have the numbers shortly after lunch. Keeping it maritime – eh gentlemen? Like the olden days of yesteryear…good luck all…

  4. The only way to prevent a complete coup d’état by the local Marxist Assembly Members and City Clerk is to return to in person voting with voter ID. Everyone should remember that the State of Alaska voter registration database was hacked last year and the State of Alaska has done nothing to clean up the voter rolls. The last two years of on-going stealing of power, wasteful spending of tax funds, grant funds and reserves by these rogue Assembly Members must end now. We all know the two unsuccessful recalls were NOT administered legally. Election cheating through ballot harvesting, ghost votes and other malfeasance must end NOW! Every lie has been revealed and we all now know that the City Clerk must now RESIGN! The unconstitutional changes to Anchorage Voter rules must not pass! We should demand a complete forensic audit of Zatel’s Recall.

  5. The explanation for the changes was either “to provide clarity”, or “make clear”. What is clear is that the changes will make the next election “less transparent”.

      • “‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

        ‘The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

        ‘The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.’

      • The “citizens”, the ones who are in an oath taken position to defend the the US Constitution, are tyranically causing this mindless havoc. Free men with no on oath on file to defend the US Constitutionally, no emolument nor stipend received from public trust funds are not demonstrating these public crimes against the public each chewsdee.

    • Do you honestly believe that the assembly considering public testimony on election code changes (which, in case you were asleep the last 25 years, it happens annually) is how we end up in communist Russia? The slippery slope argument is not what you think it is.

  6. We’ve had republican leaders several times, mail in ballots and all. All who’ve not questioned the results unless they lose. So why is it that only when losing do they question the legitimacy of our elections ?.

  7. So, let’s see if I have this right.
    Some 60%+ of the population think the election system in the US is not as transparent as they want it to be.
    And, this will somehow make the situation better???

  8. Makes sense. Democrats, Marxists, Totalitarians can’t win elections when Republican observers are able to watch and keep an honest eye on ballot dumps, signature fraud, double and triple voting, ballot harvesting, clipping timing marks on ballots, dead votes, and electronic fraud via tabulation. Seems THE BIG LIE is squarely in the province of Democrat controlled elections.

    • Oh for F’s sake. None of that is true. You have been FOOLED. The Big Load-Bearing Tumor has conned you. You believe stuff that is verifiably untrue.

  9. When a political body seeks to centralize control over a process that they rightfully should have no authority over, not only should their motives be called into question, but the rules instituted, be they just and righteous, should be the result of an equal and opposite reaction.

  10. If the assembly passes a rewrite of title 28 to restrict observers for the mail in ballot then the citizens of Alsaka and the United States of America need to wake up to the fact, that our elections in the city the state and our beloved country are a fraud! Let’s go Brandon!

  11. It’s not the vote that decides, it’s the one who counts the votes…
    The voter drop boxes and counting area should be camera’d up like a Vegas casino. Or a bank. Or the ticket counter at the airport. Or how about anywhere society as a whole recognizes this level of transparency. The stakes are literally higher than any of those places.
    One would think that Ms.Jones would appreciate the freedom that being fully transparent would give her. If she doesn’t agree, WHY???

  12. Elections are the bedrock of non violent change within a government. Your vote is your franchise, it is sacrosanct. Tampering with voting rules and obscuring the counting of votes clearly is intended to subvert the will of the people. The measures described in the article above will only lead to a disenfranchisement of the voting public.

    Funny how the Totalitarians always pull this stuff at the holidays, like the corrosive power of rust these sappers seeking to rob us of our freedoms never sleep.

    • Schenker: It was your team who attempted a violent coup on the Democracy led by Trump. He is the one who is “Tampering with voting rules and obscuring the counting of votes clearly is intended to subvert the will of the people. ” Remember this quote from Trump “What I want to do is this. I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state.”

      • Evan, My Team? Geez kiddo, go get some help with your T.D.S, ok?
        What makes you think I am a slave to Trump? Is it because you have been programed to react to anyone who may hold an opinion that differs from what the collective has told you to hold dear?
        You obviously cannot trade in the realm of logic so you resort to innuendo and invective in every argument. Frankly it is tiresome and boring answering your infantile programed responses. As far as attempting a coup on Democracy it seems that it is you who has been co-opted into that cause. This is the real tragedy, a bright mind like yours without an original thought or the curiosity to even seek knowledge or truth.
        It’s Christmas Evan, the birth of our Savior, I wish you no ill but only Peace and Joy. May God richly Bless you and yours.

        • Oh gawd Shenker, you have that stench on obsequiousness about you. That holier-than-thou paper thin arrogance. You’ve been conned by Trump and you won’t admit it cuz it would undermine a bunch of you other conservative values. If you have any integrity, someday, maybe
          after Trump is indicted and convicted, maybe you’ll admit your error.

          And BS about wishing me peace and joy – that’s just a christian’s rote recitation to make you feel superior – virtue signaling at its most potent. Fortunately as an atheist, I am fully content to watch the sunlight.

  13. It’s easy to explain that NPR poll: 72% of whites with degrees are mind-numbed leftist robots, the remaining 28% are autodidacts or have STEM or other professional degrees.

      • Those National Propaganda Radio listeners are surely more propagandized, at any rate.
        It makes me laugh how the vast majority of you simplistic, gullible, conformist, arrogant and self-righteous yet childlike radical leftists think that the dogmatic and rigidly censored agitprop fed to you by your corporate and deep state masters somehow makes you “more informed”.

        • Jefferson: you sure do pack it in with listed adjectives. Helpful hint- rhetorically, action verbs are better at impressing your readers rather than a string of adjectives. Perceptive readers may ignore such strings and skip ahead to beefier words if there are any. Is that helpful?

          • Evan, you express your reprehensible, destructive, evil, intolerant, totalitarian, coercive, anti-freedom beliefs in your own way, and I will express my freedom-cherishing, pro-justice, rational, tolerant, traditional American political beliefs in mine.

      • Art’s complaint is classic anti-intellectualism. Someone in his past embarrassed his intellect and the bruise persists.

      • John, where ever did you come up with that poppycock?
        More informed, indeed. National Propagana Radio.

  14. The liberals are angry that Bronson volunteers stopped them from stealing the last election. This is their attempt to prevent that from ever happening again.

  15. Why does the Charter have public meetings on Chewsday except to provide a warm dining experiences for Anchorage rulers at the great Hall? Why? Because we are nice? obliged chumps for our rulerz on Chewsdee? Are we sending the correct message?

  16. I smell a court case.

    That won’t be decided until the election is stolen.

    And even then………

    Be Californian! Lower Your Expectations!

  17. “ Anchorage Assembly to take testimony, then vote on restricting election observers from watching ballot counting”
    Should read
    “ Anchorage Assembly to take testimony, then vote TO RESTRICT election observers from watching ballot counting”
    There, fixed it for you?

    To be clear, they have no intention of allowing the citizens to vote Bronson back in again. Or to allow any of their fellow Assembly members to lose and thus lose their ability to override vetos.

    This is as plain as it gets. No observation as they count fake votes for their radical leftist.

  18. I guess this means that I continue making my major purchases in Wasilla and Palmer. I’ve been driving all the way to Sutton Hilltop Tesoro, for over two years now, to buy gas. It costs me about 17 dollars extra, at today’s prices, to do that, vs buying gas at Anchorage’s Costco or Freddies. I bet none of the commuters from the valley buy gas in Anchorage either. They’d rather pay the sales tax than patronize the commie businesses in Anchorage. Commie businesses because too many of the owners support the city counsel’s, and school district mandates; to include the unions getting theirs.

  19. This article is written in a way to make reasonable things seem extreme. Can anyone point to one real issue here? Like where is the evidence of voter fraud? Why are people in America concerned with voter fraud? Because journalists like Suzanne continue to whip up the base, despite zero evidence of voter fraud. IF you keep claiming something exists, but refuse to present any evidence of it, then you are fake news. As Trump would say… btw, is he indicted yet?

    • The fact is, John, that mail-in voting is inherently prone to a significantly greater degree of corruption and tampering, simply due to the increased number of intermediary steps, and the increased number of human intermediaries, between the casting of the ballot and its counting. And these measures being proposed by the partisan hack Bab Jones demonstrably reduce the transparency of the voting process, as they are designed to do. Because we all know that for unprincipled radical leftists (but I repeat myself), such as yourself, ANYTHING is justified if it leads to increased power for “your side” — any lie, any cheat, any bending or breaking of the rules, anything at all.

      • No it’s not. Mail-in voting works great. There is no evidence of corruption, tampering, or any other scare tactics you can think of. Mail-in voting is the future. If you don’t like it, lump it. Making up lies and calling them facts is not an option.

        • John, again, all you have is falling back on rote repetition of radical and authoritarian leftist talking points, with no semblance of the exercise of logic.
          Yes, mail-in voting IS more inherently prone to fraud and abuse, due to the increased number of intermediaries and to the greatly extended chain of custody, compared to in-person voting. It cannot be otherwise. Your attempts to deny the obvious are simply reflective of the fundamental dishonesty and lack of principles, not to mention the lack of intelligence, that all you radical leftists share.
          But you are narrowly correct in one aspect: mail-in voting does “work great”, at least at ensuring that the more corrupt, more willing to lie and cheat, and more sociopathic side will always win. That would be your side, just to be clear.

          • Jefferson: I have to admit; I like trolling you. One, you are articulate, educated and expressive. Two, you are SO arrogant and fossilized that you HAVE to respond and I like getting a handle on the anti-reason mindset, which, admittedly, I haven’t had much exposure to.

          • And you, Evan, are very skilled at trolling and mindlessly parroting the talking points of the radical authoritarian left. To say that I despise you, and everyone like you, is a gross understatement. Society would be vastly better off without conformists and sycophants to those in power like you.

          • PS: Evan, if one finds himself constantly and consistently posting comments simply to attempt to deny or negate the comments of others, not really adding to the conversation, and doing little or nothing but naysaying in the process — such as you and Bill Yankee do here — that person is by definition a troll.

          • You are simply projecting your own faults, sins and failings, John. I have yet to read any sort of logical argument from you, instead of your usual rote parroting of corporate media and power establishment shallow talking points and misinformation.

      • Observers are not restricted. Period. That’s the beauty of it. Show me the language that restricts observers. Every side is allowed an observer at all times. No part of the counts are restricted. You’ll notice that if you read the actual assembly rules.

  20. We need more observers, not less! Where the heck is our Lt. Governor? Or for that matter his Boss, Dunleavy. Do your jobs & protect Alaskan voting integrity!

  21. If your bank was account was getting smaller each week through some ingenious system, but all of your evidence was denied by the bank, would you continue to do your banking there? If there were even a small few who questioned the election process, why would measures be taken away that might give them a piece of confidence in the system. For me, it was evident enough to see what appeared to be several hundred ballots in the trash can at the Post Office. This is not evidence of a good system of voting. And why does it mean so much to continue a system that costs far more than a real election? I would like to see the evidence of how voting in person disenfranchised any minority in any way. We are not living in the South in the 50’s. All I hear is how everything should be transparent. Why does this not apply to our most sacred right to have a fair election? It creates suspicion and everyone, regardless of belief, should be concerned. And not so much as a comment from our Lt Governor, whose job it is to ensure election integrity. I am beginning to question his.

  22. It’s so simple. Mayor Bronson needs to dispatch the police to make sure
    the observers can gain access to the vote count, if he won’t do it then perhaps
    the Gov should deploy the state troupers to do it.

  23. From the article:

    “Many Republicans appear to have bought into Trump’s lies about nonexistent widespread fraud in an election he lost,” reported NPR in a November news story. “Seventy-two percent of whites with degrees said they had trust in elections, while less than half of non-college-educated whites said they did.” The NPR poll found that only 33 percent of Republicans trust that the 2024 elections will be fair.

    First, NPR is nothing but a liberal progressive mouthpiece. Second, notice how they always go to denial while ignoring the facts that have already been discovered concerning voter fraud. The mountains of evidence that has already been unearthed in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin is staggering. There is also a common pattern of fraud in all these states. Their system of stealing elections is being exposed and all they can do is deny, deny, deny. Now apparently the Anchorage Assembly wants to get in on this racket and model the 2020 fraud that stole an election from the American people. Anchorage must step up and rid itself of these communists who refuse to protect your Constitutional rights and are actively undercutting them.

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