Anatomy of a joyless Leftist



Those who view America as a vile racist and oppressive nation are not interested in hearing otherwise. Challenge them. Go ahead and try. You’ll see what I mean.

They demand you see it their way. If you don’t? You become the problem. You become racist and oppressor.

It’s an arrogant posture. Agree or you’re evil. But that’s how the cultural Marxists roll. They’re opinion tyrants. And if they gain power, they become more than opinion tyrants, they become full-blown tyrants.

Kimberly Waller’s an opinion tyrant. She works in the nonprofit sector and is currently director of Sultana, the Foraker Group’s fiscal sponsorship program. According to Waller’s LinkedIn page, she’s also the CEO of an organization, Women’s Power League of Alaska.

She posted a 1,752 worded open angry letter to me on her Facebook page on Wednesday. Waller didn’t like my recent Must Read Alaska column: “Saying America is systemically racist is a destructive lie.”

My column challenged the take of most speakers at the “March on Anchorage” Labor Day rally at Townsquare. One after another made the case that Alaska is a deeply racist state. I disagree.

“Your claim that racism fundamentally doesn’t exist in our state is an area in which I simply must enlighten you,” wrote Waller.

The most common denominator among social justice warriors is the confidence they hold in their beliefs. They own the truth. If you’re lucky, they’ll enlighten you. But don’t ask questions or challenge their ideas in any way. Just listen, accept their truth. Otherwise, you’re a racist.  

“Your piece was so over the top that I had to take the time out of my night to share a few truths with you. Yes, truth! I know you are one who believes in the concept,” wrote Waller.

I do believe in truth and it’s my contention the truth is America is not the deeply racist country Waller and her fellow social justice warriors claim it is.

“You attacked the speakers, who – in your words “complained repeatedly about America’s embedded systematic and structural racism”. Sharing = complaining for you?”  wrote Waller.

She then goes onto complain about the widespread racism in Alaska.

“Racism lives on running trails, on playgrounds, in schools, in downtown Anchorage, in the MatSu, online, in our damn private driveways, on the job – right here in the beautiful state I call home,” wrote Waller.  

Waller also challenged my belief the only way to reach true equality where all have the same is to redistribute wealth, take away freedom, reward bad decisions and punish good ones.

“You show your true face, writing ‘equality for all…is impossible without stripping us of our freedoms.’ Who is ‘us’? Are you speaking in code? You should know, “we” (aka “other”) can read code,” wrote Waller.

And there it is. The accusation you knew was coming. Challenging Marxist wealth redistribution is a racist act in and of itself. But it’s undeniable different decisions produce different results leading to inequality. Good decisions – good consequences. Bad decisions – bad consequences.

“Are you saying only wealthy (do you really want to say white??) people make “good choices” – and have rightly acquired their fortune through all of their “good choices”?” wrote Waller.

And there’s the “racist under every bush” prism in full display that typically drives social justice warriors like Waller.

Waller received glowing reviews from her followers praising her for having the courage to write such a thing. The bubble Waller lives in was secure as she enjoyed accolades from her like-minded Leftists.

But then I shared her open letter Facebook post on my page with the caption: Thoughts..  Some took issue with Waller. Social justice warriors don’t cope well with resistance.

“Dan you’re soliciting thoughts in regard to this? Do you have your own thoughts, formulated on your own?” posted  Waller.   

As the day rolled on Waller grew increasingly impatient with my lack of response to her open letter.

“Dan Fagan you’re a coward – hiding behind your computer, from a land far far away, sending random folks from your page to mine to post hate / conspiracies. You need backup? Do you need a lifeline? Aren’t you a writer, a journalist? You have your First Amendment rights but your words don’t come without a consequence. How does someone like You, residing in New Orleans,  as I’m told, come to have a platform where you’re marginalizing the very feelings experiences of ALASKANS?! How do you feel it’s in any way conducive to the art of your craft (using “craft” loosely) to “report” so negatively and with such ease on an event in which you were not present, and target the peaceful people who were there – but leave out the fact that those same people were subject to intimidation for gatherings peacefully. WITH THEIR CHILDREN. Is this world we’re supposed to just swallow and accept. How can you justify? You cannot! And neither can your employer. You’re sharing “news” which is inaccurate, hurtful and wildly biased – about a place you don’t even live. Do you have children? Do you care?  Enjoy your paycheck hope it’s worth it,” wrote Waller.

Such is the life of an enlightened, joyless, angry leftist, full of rage, indignation, judgment, and utter contempt for anyone willing to challenge their view that America is a deeply racist nation.

The woke mob will settle for nothing less than silence, compliance, and obedience. It’s why they’re winning. People are afraid to stand up to them, challenge their rhetoric.

It’s time to stop being intimidated.

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated morning drive radio show, weekdays between 5:30 to 8 am on Newsradio 650 KENI. He splits his time between Anchorage and New Orleans.   


  1. Dan Fagan was right (correct), but that doesn’t matter. It’s about the money.
    I’m amazed at the Dems/Left’s ability to sell out completely when they try to take high ground.
    Can’t have both.
    But yelling while using a megaphone dosen’t make you right…

  2. Hey Dan,

    Saying America is systemically racist IS a destructive lie.

    Waller is just another Woke idiot, suckling at the teat of the Antifa/BLM mob for her virtue-signaled street cred. ( …she believes.).

    Women’s Power League, sounds like a roller derby team. We’ve managed to ignore these self important shrieking clubs until now. But now we have to deal with them and restore order.

  3. “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

    Joseph Goebbels.

  4. Anchorage is one of the most diverse places on the planet. Just look at the stats from ASD. There are so many mixed race marriages too. If Anchorage and Alaska in general were as racist as they claim, there would be fights, and rioting, and obvious injustices all over the place, it would be impossible to hide them. Are people being refused service in a restaurant or a store like Freddies, Walmart? Can any person regardless of color get a job at any of these places, or ConocoPhillips, or in the government? My mailperson is a person of color, the waitress I just tipped generously was non-white, the guy at the counter at the DMV was non-white, there are different races in my church, many are mixed marriages, I could go on. Where is this racism taking place? One of the quotes above is that racism is taking place in their private driveways! Really? On running trails? Really? If there are a few rubes out there calling someone names or other types of stupidity, that does NOT make this a racists city or state. I suspect she finds what she is looking for. She should look in the mirror.

  5. Accusing someone of being a racist because you cannot win the argument reminds me of something Lenin once reportedly said, “we will not defeat our enemy with our arguments, we will defeat him through the use of invective”. Funny how these groups use the same tactics. What comes next? Re-education camp round up? Cultural Revolution?

    • It is a technique called “closing the argument.”

      Basically, if you refute the claim of racist, you have allowed the argument to veer away from the topic. IF you accept the claim of racist, than the person you are debating can choose to stop the debate.

      Instead, when called a racist, you need to point out that doing so is an attempt to avoid continuing the conversation, and the discussion should remain on topic.

  6. The only systemic racism that I’ve seen going on is the racism against white people. That’s been increasing for the last twenty years.

    • Totally true Karen. There are plenty of isolated cases of racism against people of color. But they are few and not”systemic”. The only systemic and organized racism anywhere in the U. S. is that against whites by organizations trying to be woke! That systemic racism is increasing.

  7. There is an old observation that to man with a hammer, the entire world looks like a nail. To a woman who traffics in, rolls around in, does everything engulfed in a racialist worldview, the world is indeed all race, all the time. Tough way to live, though. She almost deserves more pity than ridicule, though both would be appropriate. Nice piece, Dan. Cheers –

  8. Dan is so brave to not be silenced or intimidated by the mob. There are two major league teams in America. One team wears a black jersey and the other wears a white jersey. The white team loves America, freedom, prosperity and God. They care about people and are pro life. They don’t need or want government to be involved in their life absent their consent. The right to bear arms has no restrictions. No special rights based on skin color or sex or gender. Law and order. Respect the flag and stand for the anthem. Marriage is between a man and a woman. The black team hates America and wants it destroyed. They want the people wearing white jerseys to give up their freedom, money, values and rights. They want to abolish the police and let criminals control the streets. Free love and free abortions, but no guns. Anyone who says a positive word about American heritage or values is viciously attacked and scorned. They are lazy and want everything given to them. They encourage drug use and pedophilies. They are bullies. We need Dan to lead the resistance against the mob before they take everything we cherish.

  9. Keep writing and speaking up Dan…you are making a difference and the left knows it perhaps more than we do….

  10. “Your claim that racism fundamentally doesn’t exist in our state is an area in which I simply must enlighten you,” wrote Waller.

    And, therein lies the problem. You did not say racism does not exist. You said institutionalized/systemic racism does not exist. The average leftist is not capable of understanding the distinction.

    Can an individual be a racist? Absolutely. Humans have prejudices and biases, and only an idiot would claim people have no bias based on skin color. However, the leftists argue that because an individual can be racist, that means the entire system must be racist. And, that is a fallacy.

    Instead of arguing against Waller’s points, instead point out how your column did not in fact say what she is claiming. Where did she actually point out an example of systemic racism? To my knowledge, there was not a single instance pointed out. Yet, she needs to educate you about racism across Alaska. A task she failed miserably at. There is racism under every bush is a far cry from quoting stats.

  11. All true Dan. The best we can do is not be silenced even though they try to attack our first amendment rights. Those rights are a two-way street but they want it running one direction straight back to them. And it’s not slander or liable if it’s true. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I don’t know a single black person or a person of any race that isn’t just a little bit racist by definition. It’s a natural phenomena brought on by the various cultures that we were raised in. I give less than a crap about black lives matter. They don’t matter any more than my life does. The fact that they try to intimidate people and scare people and burn people out makes me believe that they don’t matter at all and the world might be better off without them if that’s what they’re going to do.

  12. I think Linda Kimball explained this very well when she wrote this piece last year about the left. Sad to see these people so consumed in their own self loathing, hate and rage. They have become totally godless, and lawless. There are here to destroy us, our country, and our state.

    “These hierarchies are based on the malicious premise that whites, heterosexuals and males are oppressors and – in the words of the Democratic platform – America is a society governed by “systemic racism,” which needs to be fundamentally transformed.” (The War Against Trump, David Horowitz, FrontPage Magazine, March 8, 2017)

  13. Waller seems so bitter and miserable, I’ll bet her dog/cat doesn’t even like her. On second thought, people like her probably do not like animals either, unless they are the ‘antifa/blm’ crowd. She probably doesn’t have a pet. If it got out the door, it would never come back to her. Leftist/socialist/communist to the max. If she could use a megaphone on line, she would be screaming through it. Most mammal diseases, like distemper, rabies, many organism/parasite maladies, and leftism are fatal to most all mammalian species, given time. She will fade away into spinsterhood, never having known true joy, never to have been called darling, sweetie, honey, etc. I’ll bet love is racist to her too. In any case, consider the source.

  14. The most hateful, spiteful people that I’ve come across over the years have all been Democrats/leftists/socialists/etc. Birds of a feather….

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