Americans for Prosperity Foundation takes action over Biden’s illegal ANWR oil and gas lease cancellations


Americans for Prosperity Foundation filed three Freedom of Information Act requests seeking information on the Biden Administration’s unlawful cancellation of oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The lease sales had already been lawfully awarded through a process that is required by federal law. 

“The Biden administration’s unlawful decision to cancel all oil and gas leases will have a detrimental impact on Alaskan jobs and American energy security. This is just the latest deliberate attack on domestic energy production by the Biden administration. We can and should do better for Alaska and for our country,” said Bethany Marcum, Alaska state director for Americans of Prosperity Foundation.

A previous AFP Foundation investigation found the Biden Administration misled the public about its reason for canceling a separate lease sale in Alaska’s Cook Inlet.  

Over the past few years, the Biden administration has throttled American energy production while at the same time draining the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve and begging OPEC to delay production cuts.  

Meanwhile, oil prices are at a 10-month high, and Americans face rising prices on everything from gas to groceries to utility bills.  

Read the FOIA requests at these links: 

“Using the National Environmental Policy Act to cancel leases required by law is a clear abuse of executive power. If this decision stands, it effectively gives current and future Interior Secretaries veto power over any energy development on federal lands, regardless of congressional intent or federal law, said Americans for Prosperity Foundation Director of Investigations Kevin Schmidt. After misleading Americans about its cancellation of the lease sale in Alaska’s Cook Inlet, the Interior Department has no credibility on energy development in Alaska. AFP Foundation hopes these FOIAs will help shed light on the administration’s misguided decision.” 


  1. Good.

    I’ve said it before. More and more I’m beginning to favor taking a quasi Democrat approach to this. Tell the government to screw off and start drilling anyway.

    • Americans for billionaire tax cuts have republicans by the tongue and tail again. If one is interested in educating themselves about the mis-steps and fallacies regarding the latest ANWR failures, see Dermot Cole’s 15 September column, “Trump set stage for ANWR leasing flop”.

  2. My self and many others hope this will reverse the lying dictators anti American rules and orders. If the government was serious about fossil fuels and climate change then why don’t they stop all recreation and entertainment as these venues use large amounts of fuel. 1 sporting event brings out thousands of people and vehicle’s. The military uses millions of gallons of fuel every day. The government is out for power and control so why rules for ceiling fans but not for sporting events or concerts?

  3. Their goal is to create a situtation where no energy company would even think about doing business in Alaska due to the political uncertainty created by wild policy reversals every 2-4 years. Even if these cancellations are ultimately ruled unlawful, why would a company take the risk? The left will accomplish their goal without ever passing a law or winning a court case.

    • It takes roughly 10 years to start making money from an oil field.

      What sane business would lay out the extreme capital it takes to start, knowing the rug could/will be pulled at any second?

  4. America, through this present administration, is basically telling the world we will not keep our promises and you should go somewhere else if you would like to drill for oil or mine for minerals. We have now proven to all energy companies that we have hoops, regulations, and permitting that has to first all be gone through. And when you win, and you’re planning on making back all that money you spent to get approved, we will pull the rug out from under you. This really makes us not much better than Bolivia or other third world nations run by dictators who cannot be trusted.
    Surely, flat out dishonesty on the world stage, and intentionally castrating our own US economy would convince enough people on the Left to say enough is enough.

  5. High oil prices have zero to do with cancelling ANWR leases. Oil prices need to be much higher to make $ on ANWR development

  6. “ Americans for Prosperity Foundation filed three Freedom of Information Act requests seeking information on the Biden Administration’s unlawful cancellation of oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.”

    The government will stall these requests until after the next election. Nothing will come of this. Certainly not with the greenies salivating at the mouth to crush fossil fuels. And good paying jobs. And our economy. And our energy independence. And the cost of living. And the American dream.

  7. Don’t worry, the commentator who claims to be a third generation Alaskan will tell us that the Alaska Statehood Act prevents Alaskans from voicing their displeasure with these illegal actions by the Biden Administration…I know it doesn’t make sense, but this third generation Alaskan also claims Pebble mine will be about 20 times larger than the largest open pit mine in existence and that they will dredge this huge open pit mine.

    • It just goes to prove that spending multiple generations in a given location does not automatically confer wisdom or intelligence regarding that location, or in fact regarding anything at all.

  8. Contrary to the headline, in August, AIDEA LOST a legal fight over the leases when US District Judge Sharon Gleason ruled the Biden admin. after taking office in 2021, PROPERLY placed a moratorium on any activity related to the leases so another more thorough analysis of the environmental impacts of drilling in the refuge could be made. Legal experts say the Interior Dept. lease cancellations are on solid legal ground. But sadly, Dunleavy will waste more of the State’s funds trying to appease his Oil Corp. friends.

    The Interior Dept. does have “legal flexibility” to determine if the previous admin. properly reviewed environmental impacts of the lease sale and if it violated the National Environmental Policy Act and other laws. The Biden admin. cancellations are based on findings that the Trump admin’s environmental analysis of the 2021 lease sale was flawed and the leases never should have been issued, TWO WEEKS BEFORE Trump was kicked out of office. This was/is par for Trump, running the clock out until the last days.

    • Was it also Judge Gleason who ruled that we need not verify signatures on mail-in ballots as required by law? Are they not judges who validate infringements on rights that “….shall not be infringed”? Asking for a friend.

  9. The leases are lawful and in effect, despite LGB actions. The oil companies with the support of the State need to drill this this winter.

  10. This is what the plan was months ago when Kelly Tshibaka was running against Murkowski. Alaska will be a state park in 2030 if they have their way.

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