All in a day’s work: Temporary state election worker by day, voter suppression troll by night, (a federal crime)


On Tuesday, the Division of Elections will open the voting polls at 7 am.

But one Donald Hennessey, a temporary poll worker at the Division of Elections, has been busy in his off hours giving out disinformation to voters, especially voters who might cast a ballot for House candidate Kathy Henslee, (District 13).

Hennessey’s disinformation campaign, to try to dissuade Henslee voters from heading to the polls early, was caught by a watchful volunteer, who reported it.

On candidate Henslee’s official Facebook campaign page, Hennessey argued with the campaign manager, a volunteer, and Henslee herself, called names, and gave out the wrong information for voting times on several occasions.

That is a federal crime listed on the FBI’s election security page, which describes numerous ways that bad actors can attempt to suppress the vote. The FBI lists “An election or polling place official abuses their office” as one of the crimes.

“Intentionally deceiving qualified voters to prevent them from voting is voter suppression—and it is a federal crime,” the FBI says.

“There are many reputable places you can find your polling location and registration information, including and However, not all publicly available voting information is accurate, and some is deliberately designed to deceive you to keep you from voting,” the FBI reports on its Election Crimes and Security page.

“Bad actors use various methods to spread disinformation about voting, such as social media platforms, texting, or peer-to-peer messaging applications on smartphones. They may provide misleading information about the time, manner, or place of voting. This can include inaccurate election dates or false claims about voting qualifications or methods, such as false information suggesting that one may vote by text, which is not allowed in any jurisdiction,” the FBI explains.

That is what Hennessey was attempting: He dissuaded people from voting by giving them inaccurate, false claims about voting hours, and casting a candidate in a bad light, accusing her of giving out bad information.

“Polls are not open at 7 am; we don’t let anyone in until 8 am. LMFAO,” Hennessey wrote on Henslee’s Facebook page. He was criticizing a Henslee campaign flyer, which let voters know that polls on Tuesday will open at 7 am.

“Nope instructions from the boss are such: We need to report to work about 7 AM Tuesday morning – to set up voting machines before polls open at 8 AM,” Henessey wrote, referring to his boss at the Division of Elections. This was Henessey speaking on an official capacity as an election worker, not in a citizen capacity.

His disinformation can be classified as voter suppression. Hennessey may have committed a federal crime.

Henslee responded politely to the man, saying, “Thanks Donald, but I’ll go with the information on the official Division of Election website. Polls have always been open early (7am) during general elections.” Henslee’s campaign manager also responded that she’ll go with the official website notice.

Must Read Alaska checked again and found that polling places will indeed be open at 7 am on Tuesday.

But that wasn’t the only offense made by the partisan election worker. After identifying himself as an election worker, he got nasty with the Henslee volunteers, and wrote on Henslee’s Facebook page that she was “blowing wind out of your buttocks.”

“I’m still LMFAO at Kathy Henslee she is quackery,” Hennessey also wrote on Henslee’s campaign page.

Not only was this election worker suppressing the vote by giving voters wrong information, he was then showing bias against a campaign for someone in his own district. Hennessey lives in House District 13, where Henslee is facing Democrat Rep. Andy Josephson, who Hennessey actively supports, according to his yard signs:

Election worker Hennessey used his position as an election worker to criticize a candidate and to spread disinformation
about election times. Above, he shows his yard signs in his Twitter account.

Two hours after Henslee volunteers sent the screen shots of the insults and voter suppression attempts to Division of Elections Director Gail Fenumiai, the social media posts suddenly disappeared. But Must Read Alaska has the screen shots. All of them. A couple of examples:

Hennessey is a repeat offender. A political activist when he is not employed as a teacher in the Anchorage School District, Hennessey was on social media during the municipal election in 2021 and insulted now-Mayor Dave Bronson and volunteers in several instances that were so notable that when he showed up again as a social media troll in in the District 13 race this year, Kathy Henslee volunteers spotted him immediately.

Photo above: Screen shot of Donald Hennessey’s Twitter profile photo.


  1. Someone needs taken out behind the wood shed. It obviously never happened to him before, but it’s never to late to learn.

  2. Prime Example of what’s been going on for at least the last 7 years I Know of, These people are Dangerous and Disgusting human beings. Many of these Mentally Disturbed individuals work in Public Sector jobs or Tech Jobs where they are not monitored properly or held accountable.

    This is a National problem, it’s happening all over the Country, the Common thread to these people seems to be their constant aggressive Socialist/Activist style of Propaganda and their loyalty to the Groups and Candidates who will adhere to their chaotic outlook on the world, these people are kinda like Drug Dealers, they like to indoctrinate people in any way possible , but they are usually very anti social in public, they love to hide behind a computer screen! So keep your head on a swivel Alaskans , their still few in numbers, but when their hiding behind a computer screen, they can pedal their toxic ideas and thoughts in numerous different ways, these people are actually Mentally Ill, but they don’t Know it!

    • This has been going on much longer than seven years, more like decades. They have reached a critical mass through infiltrating the educational systems well as other organizations like news media and big tech over many years. Now many are starting to wake(not woke) up to it. Remember Obama being proud of calling himself a community organizer?

  3. From the time I came to Alaska in 1959 at age 14, I had the most wonderful teachers, all the way through graduation from high school. They prepared me to do just about anything I wanted to do in life. This example of a “teacher” with the ASD makes me sick.

  4. Bet nothing happens to him. ASD should dump him, but the union will never allow that.
    Red Wave ….followed by ‘school vouchers’ ….please.

    • No, as far as ASD is concerned his political opinion was expressed on his own time and is his business. That being said the Division of Elections should fire him immediately. He presented himself as a poll worker (and therefore a person in authority and knowledge), in that role he is required to remain non-partisan. Poll workers sign documents to that effect. Considering he gave out false information he can not be trusted to influence the process in other ways while on the job.

  5. Why hasn’t this person been arrested? And why haven’t those who know about him exposed him to the press? Why hasn’t he been fired from his job?

  6. Is he a LGBTQ, or a freak? At least we now know what his neighbor’s home looks like and should be able to a very rapid fix on location. His white vehicle too.

  7. The organization responsible for correcting this kind of malfeasance is also corrupt. The FBI is infiltrated with an ever-growing infestation of communists who no longer uphold laws in America. Example: Peter Strzok.

  8. Short term: This guy and his buddies need to be barred from election work. Long term: bar him from any class room. Who, in their right mind thinks someone like this is qualified to ‘teach’.

    • He is a teacher at Whaley School, a school for the most physically/ mentally ill students in the district, so at least any damage he can do in the classroom is limited. Kind of a baby sitting job, teaching students who really can’t learn very much.

        • You know Ellen, comments like that really bring nothing to the discussion and only re-enforce the stereotype. Can’t you think of something productive to say instead of insinuations not relevant to the topic or in evidence?

      • Soooo, it’s OK to sic this guy on children who are already coping with a great deal of adversity? Stick him with the kids who “really can’t learn very much.” Since when are physically disabled children unable to learn? And your “mentally Ill” children? They don’t deserve a good teacher? Wow.

      • Soooo, it’s OK to sic this guy on children who are already coping with a great deal of adversity? Stick him with the kids who “really can’t learn very much.” Since when are physically disabled children unable to learn? And your “mentally Ill” children? They don’t deserve a good teacher? Wow.

  9. We are free to choose, some will grab a king James and school themselves on how to act right and help others. And some will be evil and cruel and some will be happy and kind and some will be like this clown. Free to choose. GOD is building his team and watching us all.

    • When you go to work for an employer you forfeit your right to choose. You thereby assume to role of servant (employee) to your master (employer) in exchange for compensation (wages/benefits).

  10. He should be fired from ASD. However, tenure will keep him teaching . All the more reason
    I will vote for Kathy Henslee. No left wing for life Andy Josephson here.

  11. Wait a second here…
    I was informed by the news media that only Republicans and right wing extremists spread misinformation and suppress voter turnout.
    I am so confused…. I do not know what to believe in anymore.

  12. This is the result of 70 years of Saul Alinsky and our failure to conquer the communists at the end of World War II. They are winning and we are losing our freedoms in increasing measure daily. I don’t have time to review history this morning, but our failure to understand the demonic drive for world domination coupled with our desire for peace assuming they want the same thing is costing us dearly. Lord help us! At this point hopefully we can see that is our only hope at this late date in history.

    • By not paying attention and pretending it wasn’t happening when it was right before our eyes. You might also ask how the Anchorage Assembly became a leftist cesspool. It’s because few people can be bothered to care until they are affected personally and by then it’s too late.

  13. I was listening to
    my radio -katb 89.3 fm- one evening i think this news first appeared on watchman or southern radio about more christians have been enlisting as poll workers much to the chagrin of some senior democrat poll workers who have quit in their states at seeing the new arrivals. You know it! Cause they can’t cheat.

  14. We trust this was reported to the new U.S. Attorney in Anchorage.
    Shelley Lane Tucker
    222 West 7th Avenue, Room 253, #9, Anchorage, Alaska 99513
    Telephone: (907) 271-5071
    Fax: (907) 271-3224

  15. Unions have become SO BIASED that it is time to take away their TAX EXEMPT STATUS By Law. I am not Anti-Union, but the Union Political Leadership needs to be replaced at every level. A non partisan union can be just as effective for the membership as a Socialist / Communist leadership Union. Don’t Throw the Baby out with the Bathwater, just the Dirty Water—The Commie Leadership. This will do a lot to solve our State Employee’s Problems that we Are Paying For with our Annual Reduced PFD.

    • Yes no public unions should be allowed. Private unions ok because we can elect not to do business with them. Public unions we are forced to accept them and pay for their Salaries

      • That is rarely true. Public sector unions, such as IBEW, largely control the training and supply of trained professionals. We currently have a shortage of skilled labor all across the country. This because of the unions pushing for situations where licensure is largely or exclusively done through them. This means that you end up hiring union electricians for all of the jobs in the state, including linemen for the power company and residential electricians doing new construction for major projects. So, when the large construction project for the state comes up, who does the electricians work? Do you see how easy this system is corrupted and why so many people talk about bribing the unions during contracts? That is an old joke that exists for a reason.

    • Yes no public unions should be allowed. Private unions ok because we can elect not to do business with them. Public unions we are forced to accept them and pay for their Salaries and every time an liberal gets elected they get a raise and more perks for voting .

  16. …at least NOW we know why the ASD declared Tuesday a holiday without school. Too many teachers are on leave working the poles…oops polls!

  17. He was in a unique position to inform voters of the changing hours of the early voting system, yet he didn’t. Not just a troll, but a Hippocratic. Smoked too much legal pot, by his looks and actions. Too bad.

    • Besieged by a Hippocratic, oh my! If only You Could Tell who’s smoking pot, legal or otherwise, by their looks and (wow) Actions!! That’d blow your little mind.

  18. I ran across him quite a few years ago in a Meetup group. He needed help back then, a real mental case.
    One sick Puppy…….

  19. This is the type fella most co-workers hope calls in sick. We all have had that co-worker. Everyone like ugh he didn’t call out. People in break room chatting drinking coffee this guy walks in everyone kind of wanders out looking at their watches, going look at the time…


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