Alien psych: New study calls for humans to prepare for extraterrestrial encounters


A new study out of Germany is calling for humanity to get ready for an encounter with extraterrestrial life.

The study comes at a time when Congress last week passed legislation directing the government to tell the public some of the data it has about about UFOs and unidentified aerial phenomena and extraterrestrial activity. But the government may sit on the information for 25 years, according to the legislation. That may be superseded by events, according to many scientists.

The research paper comes out of the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health in Freiburg, Germany. Its authors say that the way humanity responds to “first contact” will depend on what happens when it takes place.

Some of the scenarios offered, as summarized in by author Leonard David, include:

  • The signal scenario is the basis of SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) programs, in which radio astronomers search for signs of alien civilizations. It assumes that radio telescopes can pick up artificial signals from the far reaches of space.
  • The technosignature scenario envisions that future powerful telescopes will find evidence of past or present extraterrestrial technology.
  • The artifact scenario assumes that one day, somewhere in our solar system (or even on Earth itself), we will come across the material remains — such as a space probe — of an extraterrestrial civilization.
  • The encounter scenario involves the appearance of an alien spacecraft in near-Earth space that can be assumed, based on its flight maneuvers or other actions, to be controlled by intelligence, either biological or artificial.

There is a strong possibility, the authors say, that the first encounter will not even be recognized as such by humans.

The U.S. government has all but acknowledges that extraterrestrial life exists and contact is likely, and discussions about unidentified aerial phenomena, also known as unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, are now happening continuously in classified settings.

In a National Security Administration document declassified in 2004, an NSA cryptologist wrote, “We are not alone in the universe. A few years ago, this notion seemed farfetched; today, the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence is taken for granted by most scientists. Even the staid National Academy of Sciences has gone on record that contact with other civilizations ‘is no longer something beyond our dreams but a natural event in the history of mankind that will perhaps occur in the lifetime of many of us.’

Read the declassified paper by Lambros D. Callimahos at the NSA at: Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence


  1. It’s already happened. We’re *decades* behind on this.

    I’ve been studying this since the mid-70s, when we encountered them in Great Falls, MT while my dad was in charge of the Minutemen missiles at Malmstrom.

    Plenty of Alaskans see craft as well. In the fall of 2018 and 2019, we watched them dancing around north of our house, so Hatcher Pass area.

    Still waiting on Murkowski to tell us what was up w/that Chinese spy balloon as well.

  2. Notice that most of the extra-terrestrial journalisms are now inspired directly by the government? The government ‘whistleblower’ Area 51 testimony last year was hilarious, and notably fell completely flat.

    The question is why?
    Theory is that there are always citizens/cranks/autists out there that do not trust the government and will spend time and energy digging into perceived wrongdoing, cover-ups, etc. At some point our federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies realized that they MUCH preferred it when these types people were talking about aliens, Elvis and faked moon landings. These are safe, harmless topics that don’t really threaten the government and also make the ‘theorist’ look crazy.

    Now, these people are talking about stolen elections, deadly COVID shots and Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex ring. If true, or even just widely believed – it could lead to serious consequences for those in power, up to and including violent political upheaval.

    Is it really a surprise the deep state and their media/big tech partners would do everything they can to get people back to talking about ‘E.T.’ and Area 51?

    • Or maybe it’s because there were so many unknown craft in the areas of military exercises, or unknown craft literally shutting down our Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (Malmstrom AFB, 1967 and several bases in the 70s), or we had radar, infrared, and visual confirmation of unknown craft in the middle of our military exercises (Atlantic Ocean, 2004 and Pacific Ocean, 2014), or we had unknown craft in the way of commercial aircraft (Chicago O’Hare Airport).

  3. Are there other life forms in the universe, of
    course there is, any thinking person knows that.

    But it sounds like the “new world order” is laying the
    ground work to have “ aliens” from outer space
    tell us we better adhere to the “climate change” BS
    or else we will get zapped.

  4. “Even the staid National Academy of Sciences has gone on record that contact with other civilizations ‘is no longer something beyond our dreams but a natural event in the history of mankind that will perhaps occur in the lifetime of many of us.’ ”

    Well, no kidding, Sherlock!

    Has the author never met a radical leftist extremist?
    They are definitely from another universe.

  5. Well that explains the guy that I was reading about a few days ago, you know the one that wears a colander on his head…..

  6. That this column is written by an anonymous “senior contributor”, who does not name reliable sources that are verifiable and who does the magical “most scientists ___” to try to establish some belief in a story that is clearly nonsense should tell us all we need to know. The content and the writing style are straight from the National Enquirer. MRAK, you degrade your reputation by publishing fantasy (I’m trying really hard not to say bull____). The sarc in the above comments is appropriate.

  7. As the “pandemic” crisis narrative continues to unravel and the “climate change” crisis narrative is being ramped up (which will also eventually unravel) as a means of the continuous ratcheting (see below) of ever tighter and tighter social control (read creeping authoritarian control), the groundwork must start to be lain for the NEXT crisis narrative based upon the ultimate “other” threat: extraterrestrial aliens.
    The ratchet effect theory, as popularized by Robert Higgs in his book Crisis and Leviathan, refers to the tendency of governments to respond to crises by implementing new policies, regulations, and laws that significantly enhance their powers. These measures are typically presented as temporary solutions to address specific problems. However, in history, these measures often outlast their intended purpose and become a permanent part of the legal landscape. For example, USA Patriot Act in response to 9/11; imposition of rigorous regulatory frameworks in response to 2008 global financial crisis; Covid-19 responses. AI and “climate change” are next, then what? ALIENS!!!

  8. There’s always an Arquillian Battle Cruiser, or a Corillian Death Ray, or an intergalactic plague that is about to wipe out all life on this miserable little planet, and the only way these people can get on with their happy lives is that they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT!

  9. Over the past few years, I remember seeing a video interview taped in the 1970s where this Russian guy (scientist?) said that the last card that would be played would be the alien invasion. Well, looks like the globalists are about to use that last trick that they have.

  10. Hmmm(?) … Could these ‘extraterrestrial’ already exist within our community, possibly sitting within the MOA Assembly, State Capital, US House & Senate, Presidential Administration, Washington DC “K-Street” Lobbyists?
    If so, that would certainly explain the crazy, off-the-leash, unhinged, brain-dead liberal Democrat!

  11. It’s unfortunate that some people equate UFOs with left or right leaning politics instead of looking at the evidence. Reminds me of how lefties refused to look at the evidence presented in the Twitter Files and just wrote them all off as a conspiracy theory.

  12. UFO encounters presented by the same government heroes who brought us Covid-19
    … what could possibly go wrong?

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