‘Alaska’s Right to Produce’ is introduced by Sullivan to battle against Biden’s war on Alaska


U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan led in the introduction of Alaska’s Right to Produce Act of 2023legislation to reverse the Biden Administration’s decision to stop oil and gas development on 13 million acres within the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, and to reinstate lawfully awarded leases that the Department of Interior cancelled within the non-wilderness Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Senate Bill 3289, which has been referred to the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, has Sen. Lisa Murkowski as a sponsor. Sen. Joe Manchin, an ally of Murkowski, is the chair of the committee, although he does not plan to serve after January 2025, when his current term ends. Manchin, a Democrat, has been pro-Alaska.

Rep. Pete Stauber, a Republican from Minnesota, led in the introduction of a companion bill in the U.S. House, which is supported by Rep. Mary Peltola of Alaska, Rep. August Pfluger of Texas, and Rep. Kevin Hern of Oklahoma.

The legislation addresses two of the most onerous of the 56 anti-Alaska actions taken by the Biden Administration that have been in direct violation of Alaska-specific federal laws, Sullivan and Murkowski said in a press release, “The Biden DOI’s decisions lack scientific backing or consultation with Alaska Native stakeholders who live in the region, and come at a critical geopolitical moment when energy security is more necessary than ever. 

“Just last week, I hosted leaders of the Voice of the Arctic Iñupiat, Iñupiat Community of the Arctic Slope, the North Slope Borough, and the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation here in D.C. to elevate their voices and bring attention to their communities’ strong opposition to the Biden administration’s illegal cancellation of lawfully-issued leases in ANWR, and the NPR-A rule that will lock up their lands,” Sen. Sullivan said. 

“There is palpable anger and frustration among Alaskans about the Biden administration’s unrelenting assault on our economy and our ability to lawfully access our lands. This is a grave injustice to the people who actually live on the North Slope. They have been disregarded entirely during this process and denied consultation as the Biden administration locks up their lands. Alaska has a right to produce our own energy for the sake of quality economic opportunities and good-paying jobs, and for the energy security of the entire nation.” “Alaskans are deeply frustrated with the Biden administration’s repeated pushback of responsible resource production in our state,” said Murkowski. “There is no better example than what we see happened on the North Slope now—illegally canceling valid leases in ANWR and pushing to foreclose future development in our petroleum reserve—while wholly neglecting the voices of the Alaska Natives who actually live there, all while loosening restrictions on the likes of Iran and Venezuela. Alaskans must be able to produce our vast resources for the good of the nation and our allies, and I’m pleased to be able to join Senator Sullivan and Congresswoman Peltola in this effort.”

As for Peltola, like Murkowski, she voiced frustration. She supports National Petroleum Reserve oil and gas development, but she was silent when it came to the 1002 Area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which was set aside by law for oil and gas development.

“I am deeply frustrated by the Administration’s recent actions restricting energy development on Alaska’s North Slope, including the National Petroleum Reserve. These actions are strongly opposed by the Inupiat North Slope communities of the region. I will continue to advocate for them and for Alaska’s ability to explore and develop our natural resources, from the critical minerals we need for our clean energy transition to the domestic oil and gas we need to get us there. This bill is an important step in protecting Alaska’s leasing ability, including limiting the ability of courts to continuously reset the process. I will continue to advocate for permitting reform to make sure we have predictable timelines and a stable jurisdiction for developing our resources.”


  1. Like Senator Dan Sullivan, I to am anti foreign owned pebble and so to are the vast majority of Alaskan’s and Alaska’s entire congressional delegation, also former Pro Tempore U.S. Senator Ted Stevens. 😉
    Oil and gas, a clear go.

  2. They refuse to meet with Tribal Leaders because they don’t give a DAMN. Biden and his green cult puppeteers want it this way. Just like they want an open border. They (everyone involved in the Biden Admin) are truly evil. It’s disgusting everytime Biden, KJP, Mayorkas, Wray, Garland, Harris, Blinken..(there are more, however I’m getting nauseous thinking about these pieces of human garbage) open their big, LYING, manipulative, heartless, treasonous mouths. LOOK AT WHATS HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY IN 3 YEARS!! WHATS HAPPENING IN EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EAST! Every American… wait let me rephrase this.. Every garbage human that supports these people, their policies in any way – Deserve to be kicked the hell out of this country. All you people supporting Hamas and Palestine.. Let’s buy you a one way ticket and you can go F*cking LIVE THERE! Pieces of garbage. When Trump gets re-elected. You’re all screwed. America needs to clean house. Once we get these evil, hating, self serving trash politicians, and the people that pretend to be American citizens when they hate America, out of our country, we can rebuild the foundation of our Constitution. Our faith. Our morals. Love for our neighbors.
    We are losing all of this.. we are losing our Country. We have to fight to keep it.

  3. Feds suck .
    Either we are a free state or we are in a state of subjugation.
    Lawsuits against the feds at every transgression.
    Feds should be sent packing. Decline airport and airspace access until they recognize states rights.

  4. There is no constitutional right given to the federal government regarding management of state resources.
    The feds are in full violation of the constitution.

  5. Do more than speak against the destruction enabled by Biden/regime; Constitutionally IMPEACH-the traitorous pro death culture president. Get the sob out of office. He has destroyed everything he has enforced except filling his & his family’s pockets with millions from anti-American countries out to destroy our nation.

  6. Lisa Murkowski will be silent again. She takes billions from Biden and pays those employed in resource utilization to not work, look at our fishing industry. Good to see Dan finally working on this but he should have started 2 years ago.

  7. The name of the bill is silly and misleading. NPR-A is federal land, so obviously the feds have the authority to approve or not approve of oil extraction there. If Sullivan is successful at overturning the decision to block development, it won’t be because Alaska had a “right to produce”.

  8. Dan Sullivan voted yes on deb Haaland….”so that we could have a seat at the table.” You should’ve known better marine, it seems sad and weak to try and stand now.

  9. Once again, Swampy makes a grandstanding performance with zero chance of going anywhere.

    He’s quite vocal when nothing comes of it. But when his position might actually matter….


    • Just as Princess Lisa, in her nepotistic throne, voted for the repeal of the odious Obamacare when there was zero chance of any those votes mattering. But then when the chance finally came to ACTUALLY repeal Obamacare, she was first in line to vote AGAINST the repeal.

      The average snake and rat has far more integrity than this.

  10. You can always tell who the swamp creatures are. The Constitution addresses this in Amendment 10. The Constitution does not give the government the power to lock up State resources. Article 10 states that, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Can someone tell Sullivan to stop creating new convoluted bills and just sue the Biden Administration on violating the 10th Amendment. Or the State of Alaska can just sue the government for abusing their authority. Our entire problem is that these so-called Representatives and Senators are not abiding in the Constitution of this Republic. No, not a democracy, a Republic! A Republic based on laws that they continually violate! Why, because they serve the U.S. Corporation established in 1871. We were sold out way back then. If we return to a Constitutional Republic honoring our oaths to the Constitution and abiding in it, all this corruption and political manipulation stops. Government will return to serving the people and the nation.


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