United States of China? San Francisco flies China’s flag after cleaning up city’s filth in preparation for President Xi


Conservatives across America expressed shock at San Francisco, where the flag of communist China was festooning the streets and the president of the People’s Republic of China was given a heroes welcome by city and state leaders. In places where the American flag was still flying, the Chinese flag was flying higher.

Asian leaders have converged on San Francisco for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Week 2023 with the theme, “Creating a Resilient and Sustainable Future for All.”

Earlier in the week, the homeless drug addicts who occupy San Francisco streets were cleared out, and the streets were power washed in preparation for the visit by the communist dictator.

  • President Joe Biden is meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday ahead of the summit. The two are signing an agreement to limit artificial intelligence’s use in military applications, according to Business Insider.
  • The agreement limits AI use in the systems that control and deploy nuclear weapons, and also applies to autonomous weapon systems such as drones.

The Biden-Xi meeting took place at an historic estate south of San Francisco. The Filoli estate wrote on its website that the estate was closed to the public so it could decorate for the holidays, but in fact it was hosting the bilateral meeting that was held separate from the summit.

Earlier this year, China floated a spy balloon over North America, and it was allowed by the Biden Administration to cross the entire country, including Alaska, before being shot down over the Atlantic Ocean.


    • Wow, are you serious? We have Governor Newsom who has single handedly made a cesspool out of his State, deciding to cleanup his self-made cesspool for his overlord but not for the people of California who he supposedly represents. Are you really that stupid? We have an installed dictator, Biden-Obama (in the basement) in Washington, who has taken money from the CCP and they are rolling out the red carpet for a communist dictator who routinely abuses human rights in his country, including cutting out the internal organs of his political enemies and selling them for profit. What planet are you from anyway? This is an abuse of the American people and our Constitution. Our Forefathers are rolling over in their graves. What a joke and the joke is on us!

  1. Unbeknown to the general public at this time that our nation has already fallen. They won’t understand that fact until a foreign occupation take place, and their uniformed military personal come to your door, gather you and your family, and lead you to the nearest open field…

  2. I’m guessing this is what occurred between Biden & Xi …

    Xi agressively threatened Biden with exposure to being a Traitor as he is in possession of irrefutable and damming evidence, and Biden basically caved to Xi’s extortion and he will (plus his family) continue to get his (and the family) the requisite 10%, as well as his exclusive favored treatment, up to and including complete exoneration.

    Additionally, Xi probably demanded that Newsome will be the 2024 Candidate, based on the previous weeks meeting in China.

    • And you know Xi is in possession of this “damning evidence” (I spelled it correctly for you) how exactly? What information do you have that’s not available to me, or the GOP led impeachment inquiry who would give their first born children for the kind of “evidence” you claim exists?

  3. They appear to all be Chinese that are holding the flags. The flags and poles are all identical. Not staged by any chance? Curious minds would like to know who paid for it all. Including paying the flag holders. It better not be American taxpayers. Or someone should lose their job. Even if he’s the governor.

  4. Unrestricted Warfare.

    Learn it, and fight fire with fire.

    Unfortunately for us, Biden can’t manage to fight off the urge to soil his knickers.

  5. Disgraceful. Good thing it wasn’t D.C., or it would have been worse than the gay flag they chose to hang there. Hope they didn’t forget to thank him for COVID.

  6. Looks like someone (Biden) made it a major point to have the China flags bigger and flown higher than the US flag as seen in the posted photo. People need to realize the flag parade held in San Fran would never happen with US flags in Beijing, China. As a USAF 30-year veteran I’m screaming from the top of my lungs…what’s going on?

  7. Even the Chinese state media mocked California and San Fran for the clean up.
    They thought it was interesting that the streets could be cleaned up in less than 24 hours for politicians, but it is impossible to do anything for the citizens of the city.

  8. It’s past time to raise the actual American Civil Flag of Peace. It still stands higher than any military flag, and certainly higher than any Chinese flag in this country. Did you even know one existed?


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