Interior Sec. Deb Haaland for the eighth time refuses to meet with Alaska Native leaders from North Slope

Deb Haaland

Several Alaska Native leaders from the North Slope traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, but she once again has refused to meet with them.

As Haaland did when asked by North Slope Natives to meet with them during the Alaska Federation of Natives meeting in October in Anchorage, the secretary once again blew off the people of the North Slope, who want her to consult with them before making a final decision on oil development in ANWR.

This is the eighth time Haaland has turned down a meeting with these Alaska Natives, who are in favor of responsible oil development.

Among those traveling were representatives from Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, Voice of the Arctic Inupiat, the Inuit Community of Arctic Slope, and North Slope Borough Mayor Josiah Patkotak.

Haaland instead flew off to speak at the Western Governors Association about the importance of listening to Native Americans and Alaska Natives.

Monday was the deadline for comment on the Interior Department’s draft environmental impact statement, and the department refused to extend the deadline to hear from those Natives on the North Slope who are in favor of oil.

At a press conference with Alaska’s senators, Nagruk Harcharek, president of Voice of the Arctic Inupiat, said, “The federal government continues to make decisions about our ancestral homelands, now in the name of environmental justice, with little to no regard for the voices of our people.”

On Wednesday, the group was allowed to meet with Acting Deputy Secretary Laura Daniel-Davis, with Rep. Mary Peltola attending the meeting with them.

Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska even put in a plea to Haaland, sending her numerous text messages requesting a meeting with the Alaska Native leaders. He never heard back. Finally, after he send her a message saying, “I expect the courtesy of a response,” the secretary told him to coordinate with her staff, but made no commitment to meet.


  1. Wait, did i read that right? first there’s this, “This is the eighth time Haaland has turned down a meeting with these Alaska Natives, who are in favor of responsible oil development”.
    Then there’s this,”Haaland instead flew off to speak at the Western Governors Association about the importance of listening to Native Americans and Alaska Natives.
    So much for listening huh…….

    • Actually I bet the full title of the conference was:
      “Importance of listening to the Native Americans and Alaskan Native supporting our position and ignoring voices detrimental to our goals of climate change and federal dependence”

  2. If the conversation has to do anything with the furtherance of developing fossil fuels, Haaland’s office is closed. It’s that simple.

  3. Haaland is worthless much less show any business integrity.
    Isn’t she some kind of a tribal member? If so, she shows no respect for her own kind.

  4. Why would she want to meet with the North Slope people ? And hear their challenges and concerns living in the high Arctic ? She and the Biden administration have done everything they could to make life more expensive for all Alaskans . ASRC has huge investments on the Slope, both in infrastructure and oil development. Lisa was directly responsible for Haaland’s confirmation to the detriment of all Alaskans . Yes girl you were ! Some of these smaller villages ( 700 in fact ) are really feeling the impact of the policies out of DC .

    Maybe Josiah has set his sights higher for a DC job . I hope so , he was both well raised and has wonderful parents ! How Mary got in there was a sham. Thank Sarah , Begich and those folks at the AkGOP for that boondoggle and ad rank choice voting . Alaskans have very unique challenges living in the remote bush with no roads , no infrastructure . Basically other than the internet , health care , planes flying in or diesel power generation are living substandard and like they were 100 years ago . And if not careful , back to burning wood for cooking and eating .

    Alaskans have oil reserves and one of the largest gas reserves on the North Slope that rival Saudi Arabia . Yet , No piped in gas to Fbks . Trucking it up from Anchorage to keep the price of diesel up ( Biggest sham ever in my mind) .

    The state of Alaska should be building a road to Barrow , to Pt. Thomson and any other oil discoveries that are over a billion barrels that are untapped . If these conflicts overseas get going in the next six months like it appears , it’s going to have huge national security implications . Alaska should have stand alone refining capabilities for all petroleum products . And we don’t . Really , our 100LL AvGas comes from Texas thru the Panama Canal . Eielson AFB is the largest military base in the world . They need natural gas piped in .

    What you say Dunleavy ?

  5. Well Big Dan you voted for Her and she turned on you, just like the snake that President Trump tells the story about! You should have known!!

    • What does Sullivan care, all he’s interested in is delivering big contracts to the M.I.C so he can get his kickbacks….. I mean contributions to his campaigns

  6. Obama types don’t consider them ‘actual Eskimos’ unless they are angry at Whites and protesting something. Sort of like how you cease to become black when you vote the wrong way. Or how Obama found one flavor of Hispanic he didn’t like, and changed immigration law to to send back home – Cubans fleeing communism.

  7. More of the Hopey-Changey stuff. Rural Alaska was all in for getting rid of “Orange Man” because of the Pravda (MSM) in this country. Sad, but this is what you guys voted for. We cashed it in and left AK last year after 25 years. Never thought we’d move, but family issues, and just as importantly, what’s going to happen to Alaska, the state I’ve loved for over half of my life, forced my hand. At least we won’t be upside down on our mortgage in AK with no buyers to be found (it’s coming). Dopey Joe and the Cackler are well on their way to impaling the Alaskan economy and thus its people. The state’s going to run out of funds after they finish draining the PFD in a few years, but Bush Alaska will keep voting subsidies for itself up until the day the PFD is gone. Then panic will set in. The state will have to adopt income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, gas taxes, etcetera and at insanely high rates. Worker bees will start leaving Alaska for places where they don’t get robbed blind with taxation, That’ll leave the people in Bush Alaska huddling together in the dark, relying on federal aid only to pay their bills, all without the subsidies they’ve grown accustomed to, and without income from fisheries, canneries, oil & gas, timber, mining, etc. Tragic cascade of bad decisions by voters will lead to this sorry sequence of events. Expecting anything from politicians in DC is a pipe dream. Every single one of them is bought and paid for by the masters of their political party. Any one of them that accidentally gets elected and doesn’t bend the knee, gets slandered by the media, is charged with fictitious allegations, gets kangaroo court treatment, etc.

    • This latter-day Jeremiah is just as on-point as the Biblical Jeremiah was, and his blunt and truthful message will be just as mocked and ignored as was that of the Jeremiah of the Bible as well.

    • I hate to share in seeing the same reality as you are seeing. Cause I see it like I know Anchorage is going the same way Juneau finds itself today. Today the city experiences a sellers market, a decade later sellers will find difficulty finding buyers to afford the asking price even qualify. I am not scared of where Alaska is and continues heading. Despite being optimistic I still quietly recognize the reality. To fair you also need to recognize the people elected into serve the people give themselves over to other stronger leaders because if they demonstrated a stronger independent character would Alaskans support that leader going against the grain? Most recently at least 47 percent those who voted for either walker or gara of there are strong individuals and stronger groups in the state didn’t support Dunleavy and his Fmr budget director Auduin when they presented a more thoughtfully conservative budget savings 2019 budget proposal. They flexed their muscles and roasted those two over the coals while the helpless ignorant dumb Alaskans watched paralyzed by their own ignorance. If Dunleavy continued through with his 2019 budget proposal, will he still had maintained the support of his base? Or would his critics had eventually eroded his base who are also Alaskans weak in their own experiences and education and we be looking at another governor today? Cause I remember spring to November 2019, Dunleavy trying to start his term off a conservative I saw he didn’t have a lot of friends or supporters, they put their bear caps away and went mum. If I was in Sullivan, Murkowski, Dunleavy’s place and a non Christian leader I’d go against my own preferences becoming more liberal and moderate too since the people don’t know any difference nor care to improve themselves. Then like most leaders move away when retirement comes. A Christian leader can’t live that way because of the knowledge leaders will be held accountable and held to a higher standard after death. Leaders who let public opinion and stronger bad actors determine their direction at the expense of the most vulnerable will one day after death be judged and held accountable for how they led. There no excuse a leader can make to compromise to be fiscally irresponsible just because of fear and avoidance to bad media and unpopularity. With compassion and grace why the leaders here acted out the way they done and do is understandable when we look at ourselves (family members, neighbors, co workers, supervisors, managers)

  8. Postscirpt:
    As this all unfolds, the environmental groups who’ve convinced the people of Rural Alaska to join with them in destroying offshore and onshore oil & gas exploration & development, mining for minerals, mining for hard rock coal, timber, and any other resource extraction activities in Alaska, will say suddenly disappear. Oh, there’s a few of the local agitators, notably in Nuiqsuit and Point Hope who have been on the payroll of environmental groups all along. What they won’t understand is how that stream of revenue will dry up and go away to once they are of no ore use to those environmental groups. Good times for all. All will share in even greater poverty and depression. The term tragic doesn’t even come close.

    • I believe that ARSC and Doyon pulled out of the AFN and I think that this may have been because of the issues with Biden’s oil policies and the fact that the AFN is rubbing noses with big gov’t. Any Alaska Corporation that calls B.S. on big government is smart.

  9. Eight failures and still “leaders”?
    Says something not good about Alaska Native leadership that they let themselves and their constituents be humiliated one time, much less eight times.
    Rather like the Republican Party, this mob seems okay with their failures at promoting their brand in a society which lives by brands, as mainstream news media and social media regularly prove.
    Maybe Alaska Native leadership should be replaced with real leaders who understand populism and branding, who’ll buy enough media time and lobbyist influence to be taken seriously, gain national recognition, become household names as Americans perfectly willing and capable of going around, through, or over Auntie Deb to get what they need.
    They carry on like Important People who don’t take no for an answer, Auntie Deb’ll treat them like Important People.
    Works well for everyone else who wants Auntie Deb’s attention, no?
    Otherwise, BOHICA, Number 9’s a comin’.

  10. Haaland is an enemy to our country, an enemy to Native people who believe in resource production, and an enemy to Alaska’s right to develop our oil industry so that much of the money will be used to educate our children and get high paying jobs for us Democrats who work in the government.

  11. Seems to be just a page from a larger plan in the works. Just wait until this legislation passes next Friday(!!!) …
    What exactly do we think this will affect AK907?!?! Probably, I’m guessing, it will be disastrous.
    As for Dan & Lisa, you’d better wise-up, understand whom the real enemy is!

  12. I’m getting the impression that Native American leaders who advocate for responsible oil development are like Blacks who become Republicans. They go against the grain and lose all privileges. They’ll get the “Uncle Tom” status of free thinking, Republican Black people.

  13. What good would a meeting with Haaland do now? Last year, Haaland met with prominent north slope leaders in Utqiagvik. What good came from that? Even with all the state money the VOICE of the Arctic gets, they still can’t beat the environmental activist groups attempting to stop all development in Alaska.

  14. Her heart is far removed from Alaska. She is a Democrat disciple and footstep follower of the UN puppet in a strange way. Why dignify her by chatting?. Waste of time.


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