Candidate Suzanne LaFrance is supported by extreme anti-gun group in Washington State

Suzanne LaFrance

Candidate Suzanne LaFrance, running for mayor of Anchorage and in the current run-off election against Mayor Dave Bronson, is supported by Fuse Washington, which bills itself as Washington’s “largest progressive organization – people creating change online, on the ground, and on issues that matter most.”

One of the issues that matters most to Fuse Washington is gun control.

The Fuse group supports Bob Ferguson, attorney general of Washington state, for governor in that state’s next gubernatorial election. Ferguson has partnered with retiring Gov. Jay Inslee to pass dozens of laws and regulations to eliminate the right to own a firearm in Washington. Fuse Washington has the ban of “assault weapons” as one of its highest priorities.

On campaign finance paperwork with the Alaska Public Offices Commission, LaFrance support group “907 Action,” a side activity of the leftist pop-up group “907 Initiative,” has sent thousands of dollars to Fuse Washington for help with the campaign against Mayor Bronson.

907 Action’s executive director is Aubrey Wieber, who came to Alaska as a reporter for the Anchorage Daily News, and then became an Assembly aide to Assemblyman Chris Constant, before being hired by the newly launched 907 Initiative, whose supporters include all-female, all Democrat types:Debra Call, the group’s president; Eleanor Andrews, vice president; and Sydney Scout, treasurer.

Fuse’s criteria for endorsements include supporting those who are women, people of color, LGBTQ and young candidates.

The 907 Action group popped up as a subsidiary of the 907 Initiative, which does not report its funding sources to the public. In 2022, the 907 Initiative reported it had $341,000 in revenue during its initial start-up year, but it hid the source of all of its contributions.

Ballots for the runoff election go in the mail to qualified Anchorage voters on April 30, and they must be returned to the local drop boxes or mailed back to the Municipal election office by May 14.


  1. Do you realize just how hard left she’s gonna take you, Anchorage?

    You’re gonna miss Ethan really fast if you elect her.

    But if history is any guide, you know and still won’t turn out in decent numbers. Even with the ballot coming to your mailbox.

  2. “One of the issues that matters most to Fuse Washington is gun control.” (as does 907 Action, 907 Initiative by association with Fuse Washington) funded by “dark money”. Nice for them to point out this issue that makes it easier for people to consider who to vote fore when voting for Anchorage’s next mayor.

  3. LaFrance is likely to become a catalyst for making Anchorage a very unsafe place to be. As reported by William Kirk of Washington Gun Law: New ATF Rule 2022R-09, The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Conforming Regulations, “This final rule is effective on July 18, 2024, unless ATF receives any significant adverse comment by May 20, 2024.” Comment freely at your own personal risk.

    • Lucas: If LaFrance and others and the 907 initiative are successful in creating some teeny, commonsense laws, Anchorage will become a SAFER place. That seems obvious.

      • No it won’t it will become a dystopian hell hole that will make LA seem like a delightful place. I will not ever give any of rights for the out of touch lefts no matter who they are. Gun Laws do nothing because Criminals do not obey laws that is why they are criminals. The only safe community is everyday citizens conceal carrying because criminals do not know who has a gun and who does not.

      • Only obvious if you’re incapable of looking past the surface like your views on the population. . from which you exempt yourself from any personal responsibility.

      • Teeny little ‘common sense laws.’ ‘For the children.’ If everyone only drove 3MPH think of how many traffic deaths could be prevented. If we only mandated that people eat bean sprouts and tofu, think about how much heart disease we could prevent. If all thermostats were set to 48 degrees (F), think about how much energy we could save. Just get rid of that nasty Bill of Rights! Why it could be a progressive utopia!

        • SON: background checks for any purchase, public or private, particularly at gun shows and also red flag laws.

          • I think we should have mandatory background checks before allowing radical leftist extremist authoritarians like you to vote, which sadly and to this nation’s detriment is still your right.

      • PAEB- R. Reagan was right in your description as liberals ” know so much that just isn’t so”.

        P.S. There is nothing “teeny” or common sense about what you spew and saying it’s common sense does not make it so.

        • Karen: liberals are not the liars in America. Trump enflamed Republicans are the best at lying and hypocrisy; they are to blame for the division among the parties.

          Here’s a nugget of thought to consider. One of the children murdered at Uvalde with an AK 47 was so mutilated that she couldn’t be recognized. Her face was removed. She was identified by her shoes. Would you be willing to support a red flag law that could have prevented that massacre? Or are you so blinkered by you rifle protected insecurity and wispy grasp of reality that no amount of grief can move you?

          • Blaine.. You’re wrong.. It was an AR style rifle not an AK!!. Bought legally despite the cops knowing the nutbar was out there. The same cops who sat on their doughnut boxes outside when they weren’t blocking people who were trying to help. The local chief didn’t want the Border agents showing him up

          • Here it is, folks! Behold the complete triumph of emotionalism over reason that is the defining feature of the radical leftist extremist!

            Blaine, your pandering to unthinking emotionalism utterly disgusts me.

          • Blaine, You are wrong and projecting about the liars and hypocrisy. The red flag laws are your fascist, rabid anti Second Amendment wet dream foot in the door to report everyone who owns a gun as dangerous and take away their guns. Look at everything being proposed as “health emergencies” to implement what the left wants as an emergency power grab.

    • Anchorage already is an unsafe place, and Anchorage voters can thank themselves for that. And those voters will elect another low-down, stinking commie.

  4. Can’t wait for Lefty to be our Mayor.
    The best solution might be to rent the house out to a non-profit/Gov employee & live in a tent to receive “services” from our fully formed Politburo.

  5. I’m just so perplexed that our candidates get out of state donations. I thought there were laws limiting campaign donations.

  6. From all I’ve heard about Ms. LaFrance (from trusted sources), I doubt that she even knows who funds her or what their political positions are. She’s our local Joe Biden. One could insert her into the Tropic Thunder movie when the Simple Jack clip is played: “I got a g-g-good brain.” Except that she probably doesn’t.

  7. Anchorage is one half the state’s population losing their form of government, capitalist republic and US Constitution. Very unbelievable.

    • I have managed to live all my life without Lafrance butting in and interfering, telling me what I can think, say, and do based on her “expert” opinion. I can live a LOT longer without her butting into and interfering in my business.

      I do not need her and the Assembly taking my income through taxes and spending it on everything and everyone else, especially on the people who think they should get everything free and everyone else should pay. I don’t need them to treat us like we are just an ATM for them to suck money out of and spend.
      I do not need Lafrance and the Assembly spending my money on tearing down the Eklutna
      Dam so we can have power and water shortages like the lower 48 or more expensive power and water costs.

  8. I’m quite surprised that Suzanne Downing managed to dredge up a photo of this bitter and arrogant radical leftist harpy in which she is smiling and actually appears human. I completely did not recognize her without her trademark radical leftist extremist scowl.

  9. But! But! But I thought Ranked Choice Voting was going to eliminate dark money from outside. That’s what Jason Grenn and Alaskans for Better Elections promised. I had to sit through an hour-long briefing in my now-socialist controlled company to hear the company founder support this crap. Conflating the two? No! The dark money has not stopped. It only seems to have intensified. And Suzanne will only be happy to do the bidding of her now masters from Washington State. All the while, the lapdogs in our socialist assembly will go with whatever commonsense gun control she proposed. I’ll be she even does it “for the children in the name of public safety and good public policy.”

  10. This person is a subvert to America and the constitution she is another liberal idiot that is bad for Alaska and the constitution. No way on this communist scum. If there was a no f ing way choice on the ballot she would get that checkmark. Keep on walking Lacommunist.

  11. When will we get down to the business of what accomplishing what must ultimately be done?  I keep hearing about pistol braces, bump stocks, silencers, ghost guns, gun show loopholes, and on, and on, and on.  The solution is not battling and winning the fight against each of these specific transgressions individually.   The solution is extinguishing the unconstitutional law and agency that enforces it.  When will the NFA be repealed and the ATF terminated once and for all?  


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