Alaska Supreme Court says Galvin is indeed the Democratic nominee


The Alaska Supreme Court will not stop the General Election or force the State of Alaska to reprint 800,000 ballots in advance of the General Election, which has begun with the mailing out of 11,000 overseas ballots.

The decision came down after an emergency hearing this afternoon that resulted from Galvin suing the State of Alaska. The high court confirmed the decision by Superior Court Judge Jennifer Henderson.

It means that those who run and win in the Democratic Party’s primary election will be listed on the General Election ballot as the Democratic nominee. They will not have a letter next to their name indicating that they are not really Democrats.

In 2018, the Walker-Mallott Administration allowed fake independents to have an “N” or “U” next to their name, even if they won the Democrat Party primary.

This year, the Division of Elections is under new leadership, and it says that if you win under a party banner, you proceed to the General Election under that banner. You don’t get to have a special letter by your name.

Galvin does not want to be identified as a Democrat. She only wanted to use the party’s resources, voter lists, funding, support, endorsement, and get-out-the-vote machine, but still appear to voters as an “independent.”

Galvin’s lawyer hinted that the entire election could be called into question, indicating that this lawsuit might not be the last for Galvin. She may sue after Nov. 3, if she does not win.



  1. When she does not win. Even with party cheating, lying, stuffing ballot boxes and all the other dirty tricks she will not win.

  2. If she doesn’t win? Isn’t that a given. I figure Congressman young has at least another 10 years as Dean of the House, the Congressman for all Alaskans and an all around great guy. My most enjoyable time, when visiting Washington D.C was the time me and my wife spent visiting with the Congressman and his lovely wife. Just great people.

  3. Well, I am surprised. I thought that both Judge Henderson and the Alaska Supreme Court would have ruled in favor of Galvin. Maybe there is a glimmer of hope for Alaska’s judiciary. But I won’t put much money on it.

  4. Stunning. I will have to read the decision to believe it. If anything, this is just a random favorable outcome; be prepared for the next ninety-nine to go the way the Left wants.

  5. Had they ruled against their own decision just a few short years ago, then what? This ruling backs up the idiom of the duck. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.
    Which begs the question, what kind of a duck sues to say they aren’t the duck they set out to be?

  6. Galvin is the biggest dunce running a political campaign this year. An abject fool. Don Young will pick her off in a landslide.

  7. If you run on the Dem primary ballot, you are a democrat.

    If an “independent” wants to run as an independent, they should be suing the State for a third primary ballot for undeclareds/independents/non-party. Not suing to get a letter added to the general election.

    • Today I received an envelope in the mail from the ‘Alaska Democratic Party’ – Anchorage address. Found this most curious as the last time I had anything to do with the Democratic Party was around 1969 when in High School I was snookered (16 at the time) into working for a local Democratic candidate by a teacher in order to earn extra points for a social studies class.

      Opening the letter I was surprised to find it was from Alyse Galvin (name prominently and boldly displayed at the header with her signature at the bottom). Footer indicated “Paid for by the Alaska Democratic Party’. One could assume that the letter would have needed to be in the mail by Wednesday or Thursday of this week in order to be delivered today, and prior to her tantrum and attempted goat roping of the Division of Elections to change her political designation for the General Election ballot. As noted above, If walking and talking like a duck…, well it’s a duck.

      • A big “DITTO” to your comments… my daughter just received a similar letter in the mail… she is a straight-up liar… not worthy of mine or my family’s votes…

  8. A life of low expectations and failure. I almost feel sorry for her except she has gone far out of her way in an attempt to make Alaska share her life experience with her. So sad…

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