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Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Alaska Municipal League asks Senate for apology for Senate Resolution 2


The Alaska Municipal League wants the Alaska Senate Majority to apologize for the wording in Senate Resolution 2, which requested Gov. Mike Dunleavy to issue a new disaster declaration, since the prior declaration was set to expire.

Dunleavy never issued that new disaster declaration and the resolution is effectively dead.

The league, which represents 165 local governments around Alaska, says that the Senate Majority “appears to blame school districts for depression, child abuse, and food insecurity. The Senate appears to blame local governments for thousands of job losses and massive economic harm. Both statements are grossly inaccurate, and surprising to come while recognizing that we remain in the midst of a pandemic.”

Read Senate Resolution 2 here

“We want to be clear – it was not local action that closed schools or reduced economic activity – it was COVID-19. It has been the threat and reality of a global pandemic reaching into our communities and disrupting the lives and livelihoods of Alaskans. Together we have done our best to weather this storm,” the organization wrote.

“The Senate’s resolution fails to recognize the necessary role for local action, with few statewide measures in place. The Governor has been clear throughout that the State depends on local control to take the necessary mitigation efforts that didn’t make sense at a statewide level.

“The Senate’s resolution fails to differentiate between how 165 cities and boroughs have acted, and how 54 school districts have all acted. It cannot be said – it is quite frankly wrong – that all acted the same, or even that the majority acted the same. Alaska has placed a priority on local control during its emergency response, and Alaska’s Senate appears to question the premise,” the organization said.

“We request that Senate leaders issue an apology and correction, to right this wrong,” according to the organization’s statement.

Earlier this week, Nils Andreassen, the executive director and lobbyist for the Alaska Municipal League, threatened to sue the state over the state not full funding education and also threatened a lawsuit over school debt reimbursement.

Many Alaskans have been under the impression that the State of Alaska closed down schools and businesses. The resolution clarifies that for those who may remain confused about it.

The report on the presentation to Senate Finance Committee by Andreassen can be found in Must Read Alaska’s Club MRAK edition of Feb. 18, 2021, linked here.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

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  • This Andreassen is worse than stupid. Going to lobby the Senate Finance Committee and then threatening to sue them in public no less is idiocy. Look at the people on that committee; can he believe he scared them? At the end of he hearing one of the committee members asked the committee why they allowed the guy in the Capitol Building, and no one had an answer. If you pay municipal property taxes, and only some Alaskans do, part of your taxes go to pay this guy’s salary!

  • Wow, am I reading a twisting of words? They are saying ‘yeah we did it’ but also ‘we didn’t do is so it’s not our fault’? Perfect picture. Oh, and I skipped work because ??? but I still want paid. There’s this little real world thing called CONSEQUENCES! I teach it to my kids; maybe these people need to learn it.

  • I am calling bullshit.

    They can blame COVID all they want, but in the end, the local leaders were the ones that decided on any restrictions within their jurisdictions.

    Typical Liberal Bullshit. Lie, deny, and counter accuse. Apparently, Democrats are a perfect 10 for 10 with their COVID responses.

    96% survival rate, yet the world is coming to an end. Biden has our backs now, and he’s going to beat this pandemic.

    Not only did the GOP screw the pooch over the past four years, they took turns beating it to death. All while the woke were shutting down the country in an effort to make Trump look bad, and steal the election.

    Call me crazy!

  • That picture is worth a thousand words
    Its you, the unions, the anchorage assembly and all other afraid people, look in the mirror
    Yes good for you governor! stopping the craziness yes open up Alaska

    • No, it was the night all the pussy hats lost to Trump.

    • agree 100%

  • The Alaska Municipal League is a cancer on local government in Alaska. They groom gullible local yocals to push through Big Government agendas through ordinances and regulations, all the while charging taxpayers big bucks to have their hoodwinked municipalities join their corrupt little cabal.

  • THEY ALL don’t care about the abuses affecting all ages, addictions, abortion, crime, depression, demonic warfare, and suicides rising. If The Alaska Municipal League and Alaska Legislatures cared they done something declining our state’s numbers not exasperate bringing on their own dysfunction exasperate others healing time. Most recent example of Alaska’s leaders dysfunction is Governor Dunleavy’s blame shame letter to Senator Reinbold. Hopefully she threw it away, and pay no attention to it, no one needs anyone else’s clutter than they already have among them when one is trying to move forward.

    Whoever caves, its not going to stop that next neighbor and relative suddenly dying unexpectedly because of what they were going thru before 2019 exasperated by what unfolded in 2020. Like i said, do these leaders of Alaska Municipal League and Alaska Legislature care? Mmhm!? If they REALLY do care these leaders will had done something. By now, I think Alaska leaders dont know how to improve families situations when its leaders are just as dysfunctional and not receiving the right help they and their spouse and children need too.

  • To Alaska Municipal League officials, particularly Nils Andreassen, its executive director and lobbyist, may we politely, not unkindly, offer an enthusiastic “Go to hell”.
    You, Nils Andreassen, executive director and lobbyist, represent the worst of the sh*tshow that’s Alaskan politics, you’re the varsity quarterback of the parasites who make up the lobbyist half of Alaska’s lobbyist-legislator team!
    You, Nils Andreassen, executive director and lobbyist, represent the quintessential parasite, securely attached, comfortably exempt from anything remotely resembling checks and balances applicable to constitutional American government!
    The sole purpose of the Alaska Municipal League’s barnacle-like attachment to the state teat is to “strengthen local governments”… not people, not taxpayers… local governments.
    The Alaska Municipal League “Investment Pool” has, as of Thursday, February 18,
    $558,524,122.42 stashed safely out of taxpayers’ reach, while the legislative half of Alaska’s lobbyist-legislator team squabbles over a fictional “budget”.
    Of course the Alaska Municipal League represents the very same “members”, government officials whose best efforts combined to shatter lives and livelihoods of productive Alaskans during the so-called China flu pandemic.
    Now Nils Andreassen, executive director and lobbyist, is about to sue “the State” because the Alaska Municipal League wants more money for some damned thing, and whatever the outcome, productive Alaskans will pay more for something which means nothing to them on a good day!
    To Mr. Alaska Municipal League Executive Director and Lobbyist, may we offer, along with heartfelt contempt, a jury pool of vast proportions, replete with productive Alaskans who despise you, the Alaska Municpal League and everything it and you represent!
    Apology our a**, brother Nils! You think Senate Resolution 2 was bad… wait’ll Senate Resolution 3 hits: “The Alaska Municipal League is hereby abolished, all employees shall be terminated and all assets including the Alaska Municipal League Investment Pool shall be liquidated immediately and returned to the State Treasury.”
    Surely the Alaska Municipal League bought enough politicians to prevent such a thing from ever happening, yes?

  • Senator Wilson asked why Andreasson was permitted before the committee when no other lobbyists were allowed. Good question.

  • I love this picture of a communist liberal loosing their mind.

  • Well, actually it WAS local action that kept the schools closed far longer than necessary, along with the refusal of the AEA to return to the classroom in August. The private schools have been open for 8 months. What do they know that the AEA doesn’t?

    And don’t get me started about the wanton destruction of small business, restaurants and bars by the Anchorage Assembly and Mayor over the last year. Add to that the outright theft of COVID funds intended for those businesses by the Assembly and Mayor and you have a real ugly problem.

    The Municipal League has their fingers firmly in their ears singing la la la la la as loud as they can. Cheers –

  • Good lord. Let’s see the mat Su schools have stayed open except for a few short term closures. With nary a problem I might add. Mat Su restaurants & bars have stayed open and all seems well. Yet the lunatics in anchorage are closed down tight. Hmm. Interesting. City council psychos anyone. I still don’t personally know anyone who has died of this flu bug. Which I find interesting. One change for my family we no longer shop in anchorage, very rarely does my business buy products in there. All over the Anchorage city council.

  • ““We want to be clear – it was not local action that closed schools or reduced economic activity – it was COVID-19. It has been the threat and reality of a global pandemic reaching into our communities and disrupting the lives and livelihoods of Alaskans. Together we have done our best to weather this storm,” the organization wrote.”

    I can do this, too. We want to be clear after all. It was China.

  • It wasn’t Covid, it was government’s response to the alleged “Covid Pandemic” stoked by the Fake Media’s Fear Porn. So, no don’t change a word.

  • Looters include Big Education / Pub service unions / Community planners/ & the Welfare Blackhole.
    Getting it right starts with “school vouchers”. End of pubserv unions
    Respect for taxpayers & fiscal responsibility as a trust.

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