Alaska life hack: DNR land auction deadline is Oct. 3


The bidding period for State Land Auction #495, which started in June, closes Oct. 3. The bids will be opened Oct. 24.

Alaska Annual Land Auction #495 features approximately 209 parcels statewide, in a variety of areas from the Mat-Su Valley, Copper River area, with some on Baranof Island and Prince of Wales Island in Southeast. There are choices both on the road system and off.

Parcels on the list include some on the Kenai Peninsula that have minimum bids as low as $8,900.

Lands in this auction, which is one of three sales programs conducted annually by the Department of Natural Resources, are available to Alaska residents only. Bids are accepted online, in person, or by postal mail.

Visit the Auction page for more information or to view available parcels.


  1. I had checked some properties out by June Creek/Bear Creek. All except for one (and even that one) were basically swamp land to my eyes. There are very few good quality properties offered and many times they are over priced. Every year is a disappointment.

    • Chinese developers will spend infinity dollars through their immigrants living up here to buy anything and everything. Peltola will call it decolonization.

  2. I’m going to disagree with everyone here. I’m a conservative. I’m a hard worker. I pay taxes. Our family homeschools. I saw these lots and thought about all of the possibilities. I looked at the details for the majority of the parcels available and they are not all in swamp land as something else mentioned here. There are many on the road system and many off the road system. I think perspective is often altered by our life experiences or even our understated resentments. It may not be at the price alaska land auctions once were – but nothing is anymore. I think this a wonderful opportunity for any hard worker who isn’t being funded by government hand outs or living life on unemployment to afford a plot of land.

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