Alaska joins 10 states in suing over controversial Biden vaccine mandate for private sector companies


Alaska and 10 other Republican-run states filed a lawsuit on Friday against the Biden Administration’s mandate for Covid-19 vaccinations at companies with more than 100 employees.

The lawsuit, filed in the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals, was brought Arizona, Arkansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming together, plus the office of the Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, a Democrat. Several nonprofits joined the lawsuit, along with five private employers.

The filing says “This mandate is unconstitutional, unlawful, and unwise.”

Earlier in the week, some of the same governors signed a letter warning President Biden from taking the final step of enacting the deadline he promised to set during his executive order in September. But the die was cast, and OSHA filed its ruling on Thursday, giving large employers until Jan. 4 to have their workforce fully vaccinated. The rule applies to over 80 million American workers.

On Thursday, attorneys general from Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee sued to stop the vaccine mandate for federal contractors. That mandate deadline is Dec. 8, but some sanctions are already going into effect.

Among the private companies who joined the lawsuit are: The Rabine Group of Companies, Lawrence Transportation Company, Guy Chemical Company, Terri Mitchell, Employee of Guy Chemical Company, Independent Bakers Association


    • As of yet, nobody has been fired because of this unconstitutional mandate. It was just announced and literally just became effective today.
      From the ETS:
      “OSHA anticipates that employers will be able to implement measures to comply with most provisions of the ETS well within 30 days, pursuant to paragraph (m)(2)(i).”
      But it goes on to say:
      “Paragraph (m)(2)(ii) of the ETS provides a longer period of time—60 days—for employers to comply with the requirements for COVID-19 testing in paragraph (g). Paragraph (g) requires employers to implement COVID-19 testing and reporting of results for employees who are not fully vaccinated. One reason for this extended period of time for testing is that employers may need additional time to develop policies and procedures regarding COVID-19 testing and associated recordkeeping.”

  1. And people called Trump a dictator. How is this different than having a number forcibly tattooed on your forearm? Someone explain how you get to inject something that’s proven harmful into American bodies.

    • Viking,

      There are numerous reason why people may not want this vaccine.
      You can take out the wording of “proven harmful” and your comment still holds up wonderfully. It, the mandate, makes no sense.

      To include EVERYONE in the discussion and setting politics aside, hypothetically, let suppose the vaccine is in fact inert.

      I still don’t understand were this administration derives its legal authority from the US Constitution to make this happen. Front to back, left to right it isn’t in there to support these measures for a virus that has a case fatality ratio of 1.6% as per John Hopkin University.

      Further more, morally, I don’t understand how one man can feel justified to forcibly inject a foreign matter into another mans body. Whether it be by brute force (like the Japanese of WW2) or, like what is going on now, passively threatening ones livelihood, financial well being and or retirement. They are both the same and equally reprehensible. Because like it or not, if allowed to stand, THEY WILL HAVE THE SAME OUTCOME. Quit your job, you can only hold off hunger for so long. With the Federal government injected (no pun intended) into every aspect of Americans lives there is no escape. SS, wellfare, unemployment all regulated by the Feds. Savings, investments and 401k, the IRS. Even those of us who have planned for a rainy day and saved will be hit with this. Only the top 3% have this option and possibly not even that if the Federal government leverages the IRS against them (fat chance).

      As a Federal employee, sadly my time has come. On the plate is termination, a “do no rehire” (think of a dishonorable discharge) for any Federal position to include contractor work (roughly 30 to 70% of the workforce at this point, depending on how calculated/ interpreted) and loss of all retirement to include my contributions and TSP/401k, and immediate denial of unemployment insurance. I have family to feed, 14 years on a mortgage 7 years until early retirement and 19 years until full retirement.

      Sadly, last Monday, with my deadline a week away, and no relief in sight, I gave up on my beliefs and submitted. I’m not proud of my decision, and am very disappointed in myself. To the point of starting to become depressed (sadly, I know this will make a lot of the country happy).

      Its too late for me, however, I hope and pray the rest of you have better luck with the courts.

      As Marcellus said “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”!

  2. Rules behaving as laws need the Congressional approval and action to take such effect in the fifty states. Where is it? It doesn’t exist. Ultra vires attempted presidental acting. Who has the personal and subject matter (and both are needed) authority to bequeath and bestiw upin dear little osha? Did it come down from the holy mountain bathed in gold light? Did you see it? It wasn’t on TV? Ipps the foreign puppet missed a couple of steps. The Constitution is in Americans hearts and minds. The Chinese don’t know that. They have littele factoids.

  3. Welcome to your second term, Mike. Now, go get us our full, statutory PFD and we’ll help you go after that corrupt, criminal Bill Walker.

    • Bill Walker is part of the corrupt Obama/Biden machine. Walker got what he deserves and he will get it again. A lawless man who thinks he’s above Alaskans. The ghost of Byron Mallott still lingers in Walker’s bedroom.

  4. Better late than never, I guess. Is Mike so concerned about his reelection that he is afraid of losing the RHINO vote?

  5. There should be no mandate from the federal government compelling covid vaccine injections into American citizens against their will. Such a mandate is tyranny. I am pro-vaccine, but at this time, I have not elected to get the covid vaccine. I would prefer to read about the studies and observe for a while. I may choose to get the vaccine in the future, or I may choose to hold off. I have never gotten the regular flu vaccine, but I’m glad that the regular flu vaccine is available year after year, for those who would like to have it. I have gotten the smallpox vaccine (many years ago).

  6. We went from 3 weeks to flatten the curve to 3 jabs or you don’t get to put food on your table. Yeah, ‘Murica.

    • Increments. That’s how freedoms are stolen. In increments. Nobody would have accepted the demand for mandated vaccines a year and a half ago but that has been what the government wanted all along. The vaccines have nothing to do with fighting the virus.

  7. We the People of Alaska still demand a full forensic audit of Nov 2020. We can’t fix anything if we can’t trust the voting system. Too much malfeasance took place. No more mail in ballots with terrible voter role maintenance, cyber attack, etc. Vote roles need to be vetted and secured. Dark money needs to be stopped from influencing campaigns. All of this must be fixed by every state, not by the feds!

  8. The covid jabs like the flu jabs don’t even work. It gives those recipients a false sense of security. Then they wonder why they contract covid so bad? What current covid poor patients need is a treatment plan and pharmaceutical drugs that work eradicating the ailments. When the covid jabbed people wake up from their false reality that their covid jabs protect them, then we all can start receiving better health care when we contract covid19 all over agian.

  9. Yeah, the revolt is on! Stop this demented puppet from destroying our country! Place the real President back in the Whitehouse. Decertify and place the true 2020 election winner back in the people’s house, TRUMP!

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