Alaska GOP unanimous on need for special prosecutor to investigate abuses by FBI, Justice Department


The Alaska Republican Party officers meeting in Soldotna on Saturday were unanimous in passing a resolution in favor of a special prosecutor being appointed to investigate political abuses by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department, and the White House.

Some of the instances of weaponization of the justice system that are highlighted by the resolution include:

  • After a private meeting between former President Bill Clinton and Department of
    Justice (DOJ) US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General asked FBI
    Director James Comey to downplay an investigation into then presidential
    candidate Hillary Clinton’s improper storage of classified documents on her private
    email server,
  • The FBI allegedly subsequently attempted to influence the 2016 presidential
    election by concluding that candidate Hillary Clinton had not violated federal law
    when, in actuality, the FBI had found nearly 100 emails on her private email server
    that were, or should have been, classified as “Secret” or “Top Secret,”
  • The FBI allegedly conducted illegal surveillance of Republican political candidates
    and campaigns under Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court warrants
    based on false, misleading, unverified, or incomplete information,
  • The FBI allegedly suppressed freedom of speech by conservatives on social
  • The FBI allegedly withheld information from congress and suppressed information
    and evidence of potential influence peddling by members of the executive branch,
  • FBI leadership reportedly retaliated against whistleblowers within the agency,
  • The FBI Director refused to cooperate with congress by attempting to withhold
    unclassified information pertaining to potential money-laundering activities by
    member(s) of the executive branch and family members,
  • The DOJ allegedly removed an IRS Criminal Supervisory Special Agent and his
  • entire team from a “high profile, controversial on-going investigation” concerning Hunter Biden,
  • The FBI “violated federal whistleblower protection laws and abused it’s own security clearance review process to hamstring the brave agents who exercised their right to make protected disclosures to Congress or who dared to question agency leadership,”
  • Special Counsel Durham’s May 23, 2023 Report concluded the FBI should neve have initiated an investigation over “Russian Collusion” and stated that the FBI “failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law in connection with certain events and activities described in this report,”
  • The Durham report further concluded by stating that the DOJ and FBI acted without “appropriate objectivity or restraint in pursuing allegations of collusion or conspiracy between a U.S. political campaign and a foreign power.”

In each instance cited, the FBI systematically failed to pursue criminal investigations and prosecutions against Democrat candidates while pursuing investigations against Republican candidates, and it appears the FBI is being politically weaponized in favor of Democrats and
against Republicans, thereby undermining trust by the American people that the federal
government performs its law enforcement duties with fairness and political neutrality, the resolution said.

The meeting was a quarterly gathering of the officers of the Alaska Republican Party’s State Central Committee.


  1. The problems at the FBI will continue, regardless of leadership, until the counter-intelligence function is separated from the criminal investigative function. Two separate agencies are necessary. The criminal investigative function must respect due process of law and the rights of citizens. The counter-intelligence function has fewer restrictions.

  2. Can’t wait for them to get a majority in both houses and a president in the white house and do… absolutely nothing. Again. Like they’ve done every time they’ve had the ability to do something.
    If you’re voting for a conservative you want everything that’s going on right now, but 5 years down the road.

    • The learned helplessness and moral cowardice of the cuck-cons (cuckolded conservatives) will only allow them, at best, to write semi-strong letters of protest, but do NOTHING in the way of actual pushback.

      Where does all this learned helplessness in our society nowadays come from?

  3. The list of perceived grievances as complaints makes one wonder if there was any question these folks got together with the intention to solidify the basis of justifications in continuing the appearance of a charade.

      • Just because those so aggrieved did not mention a person’s name, doesn’t mean all the listed items do not have anything to do with attempting to twist facts, and their lightly veiled justifications to support the treasonous activity of the ex-President. Eons from now, say, perhaps twenty years even, it makes me wonder what the students of American history will presented in the mandatory American political science college classes. Political science was still required where I attended in the late 70s at UAA/ACC and UW.

  4. Are they gonna drop it if Trump is convicted the same way the lifted the censure of Princess after she won re election?

    While at it, investigate yourselves. See if you can find where your common sense went.

    • I worked her election in 2010 and was chairman for my voting area. Because she was a write-in and complaints about the spelling of her name, I had to keep monitoring my email for new updates from the court. The morning of the election, we were told that we could provide correct spellings for write-in candidates if voters asked. I heard some voters joke that they were going to write “Murcowski” as a joke for their vote, knowing that the law stated her name had to be spelled correctly to count. (Whether they actually did this or not, I cannot say, of course.) Much later in the day, word came from the court that any write-in for Murkowski that was spelled incorrectly would be counted as a vote for Murkowski. The judge changed the law on the day of election.

  5. And everyone knows how much sway the Alaska Republican Party officers hold in DC…

    Keep tilting at those windmills, folks.

  6. I am not holding my breath. Until the federal Bureau of incompetence is disbanded and thrown away. Nothing will change. It has been shown that they will lie and cheat to put someone in jail. The little guy has no recourse against big government and their jackbooted law.

  7. And Never Mind how the FBI treated that couple from out on the Peninsula who were alleged to have stolen the laptop from the Speakers office….

    Say, what ever happened to them anyway? it’s been so silent on that front I am starting to wonder if they got ‘disappeared’?

  8. The list of offenses that were instigated by DOJ and FBI working hand in hand to effectively corrupt the election process by overlooking important criminal activity by a former presidents spouse seeking election for POTUS most definitely need to be thoroughly investigated AND prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law due to their gross behavior and abuse of their power. That is just the tip of the iceberg being mentioned above. The deep state illegal activities being conducted at high levels of government are a disgrace to our nation. Nothing short of extended prison sentences for ALL involved will ever change any of this disgusting attitude by those self serving Morons. We no longer have elections. They are ALL selections dictated by dark foreign money!

  9. The DOJ and FBI are 100% weaponized by the left. This has been building for a long time and its layers are deep. Good luck.

  10. The FBI needs to provide every piece of documentation that is requested by Jim Jordan in the weaponization of government investigation. If not produced within 30 days, cut off their funding and arrest Chris Wray. The FBI needs to be dismantled and rebuilt with direct oversight by congress and built in safeguard measures to prevent this from ever happening again.

    • Jim Jordan couldn’t appear when asked and you think he is gonna get anything from anyone else?

      • Sorry cman, nice try.
        Law & Order are the top priority, especially now when the selective application of said laws by certain law enforcement agencies is again blatantly obvious. Choosing to charge a candidate of the opposition, but not the ones from your own, is selective prosecution and can and should be construed as politically motivated harassment and an attempt to illegally influence an election.
        Some argue that the mishandling of documents by both VPs and a secretary of state are not applicable and different. That is correct, as they are more egregious. None of these individuals had the right to even have these documents outside a controlled secure setting, yet some were found in a garage, or deleted from a server etc. They ALL should have been charged and tried, yet Mr. Comey absolved and the national archives never pressed a legal case before now.

        • Look at what Comey actually said about Clinton and her email server:

          With regard to previous investigations involving improper handling of classified information, he said “clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information; or vast quantities of materials exposed in such a way as to support an inference of intentional misconduct; or indications of disloyalty to the United States; or efforts to obstruct justice.” Comey stated he did not see these things when looking at Clinton’s case.

          No way the same thing can be said of Trump because the indictment states he willfully tried to conceal. hide, or otherwise remove classified documents when they were demanded to be handed over by the FBI. If you don’t see the difference then I guess you never will.

          The charges were the result of a grand jury of Trumps peers and ultimately his guilt of innocence will be decided by a jury as well, not be a supposed “weaponized” FBI or DOJ.

          • Clinton’s email server containing classified documents was completely unprotected and available to anyone with the desire and skill to access it. Enabling their ability to do so undetected was one of the main reasons to have the information stored that way.

            Anything that Trump had in his possession, which he as President had the ability to declassify, whether it had been or not, was under Secret Service protection from physical access as it was on the premises of his primary residence.

    • Gym Jordan, who allowed young athletes at Ohio State to be molested, is a moron. Bill Barr on Fox news on Sunday June 11th asked about the infamous Form 1023, stated that the recent revelations are ridiculous. As Attorney General in 2020, he referred this form to the US Attorney for Western Pennsylvania, Scott Brady (appointed by fat Trumpy) , who vetted the allegations contained in it and then forwarded the form to the US Attorney for Delaware (appointed by fat Trumpy) who is in charge of the Hunter Biden investigation. His investigation is still ongoing (remember he was appointed by fat Trumpy). So why is Gym Jordan or James Comer making such a fuss about this? Detract from fat Trumpy’s issues of course.

      • Sure Trump it, much to do about nothing, right? And those Bank Transfers from the Chi- Com’$ to Hunter and Jim Biden are easily explained too. Yeah, Republicans are just trying to protect Trump by stirring up the water here. I mean elected officials and their children and siblings have a right to get payola from Foreign sources, right? I mean where is the harm in all this?
        Damn Republicans, why don’t they just STHU!

  11. Obviously the Alaskan Republican Party and their officers did not exist prior to statehood. However if they did they undoubtedly would have came out in support of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg!

  12. What exactly is a special prosecutor? We have a process for appointing a Special Counsel, never heard of a special prosecutor at the federal level. Let me guess, Gym Jordan or James Comer appoint the special prosecutor? Well that is not an option. As far as Clinton related matters, was Big Mac Trumpy somehow prevented from appointing a Special Counsel to investigate those matters during his term? Comey was not the final arbiter on the matter, he just didn’t believe intent could have been proven. Trumpy just didn’t care because the whole matter contributed to his election. Nothing to say about the Biden stuff until someone actually produces or manufactures evidence. The Durham related stuff is just nothing. Subjectively determining objectivity is something special.

    • Bureaucratic inertia has been and still is the issue. In the end it is really not about left or right, republican or democrat. If there is no truth, and there is no blind justice, the collapse of society will accelerate. Your partisanship is recognized, and the lack of balance in your judgement is of detriment not only to us, but to you as well.

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